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Well, this marriage theme has me puzzled. So I decide to do TWO four-card spreads, to see how similar they are – whether they are both on the theme. I was hoping the first would satisfy the marriage subject, and the second would be directed toward people who aren’t in the throes of marital union. Look at these spreads card by card:  The first card in each (Ace of Swords/Five of Swords) means aggression or asserting oneself vigorously. The second in each (Ten of Cups/4 of Wands) is astounding:  Those are the two positive ‘marriage’ cards in the entire 78-card Tarot deck! The third card in each are a kind of father-son duo (Knight of Pentacles/King of Pentacles). Both are assertive men who are gonna get their way no matter what: the first by force and the second by stealth. The fourth Tarot card in each is SUN/JUDGMENT. Both  refer to a new lease on life, a new phase, a getting-out-from-under. I could not do this kind of card-by-card parallel deliberately for the life of me!

Tarot Reading 1-10-11 pt1

One main thought: Get free, I must marry


Ace of Swords, Ten of Cups, Knight of Pentacles

One thing on his mind:  to be happy, he must marry (her).
One thing he must do:  get free and have a happy home life/marriage.
Now that he is out of this home and its restrictions, he has one thing on his mind:  He’s got to be happy at home.
I’ve got to be happy, I’ve got to be free:  This is the one important thing.
He feels he must make everybody happy to be happy himself.
Marriage is the one thing on the man’s mind:  He has to be happy.
He is out from under the drive to be the macho strongman, he is part of a happy marriage.

Is this about being happy, or what?  The dude is out from under a former life and is settling into a new life of bliss, he has to.

Tarot Reading 1-10-11 pt 2

He pulls off a new life: married head of household


Five of  Swords, Four of Wands, King of Pentacles

He pulls off being married, a new phase of being a powerful studly man.
His chip-on-the-shoulder snarly personality changes when being married gives him a feeling of being important and powerful.
There’s being the smart alec who intimidates, and there’s being the smooth dude who manipulates:  This marriage makes the change in him.
He feels being married means he has arrived, he is the head of household – a big change from having to show people who’s boss.
He asks her to marry him and goes from being taken advantage of to being the man who has money.
Going from being taken advantage of (or abused) to marrying a man who is a leader and makes things happen is a big change.

This emphasizes how much better he feels about himself as a married man.  Marriage is, again, a new life.



  1. Marie

    Oh my, Now that fits the him for sure.

  2. Mena


  3. Tina G

    still wows me each day, thanks for given the gist of each spread at the bottom; it helps to get a 1-2 phrase on what it means in a nutshell.
    waiting for tomorrow’s

  4. Brittney

    These post are so weird, neat, unique, taking into consideration our past conversations about the ‘Him” and you said that he wants to be married, he wants his wife. He keeps wanting it, but he’s not doing anything about it, it’s like he stuck in his mind just at that thought, and he cant move from it, or to put it into action. Hmmmm guess we’ll have to wait and see Emily; I look forward to these post they make me wonder, figure it out and question it, all at the same time! I like it!!

  5. Patty K

    Very Nice……….In keeping with everything that is going on around us.
    It/we have arrived!

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