Our Daily Spread for Jan. 11, 2011

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Well, once again I put down two spreads trying for variety when Tarot is talking only about romance.  Once again, they are similar and mostly about romance.  I  contemplate limiting a spread soon, in the questions, to non-romantic topics such as business.

Tarot reading 1-11-11

She knows, she has it all, he meets with her

High Priestess

Three of Pentacles, Empress, Page of Pentacles

She has deep knowledge of being in a relationship that is mutual, each of us doing our part.
She is such a feminine sexy lady he gets the idea to have a relationship with her.
Her expertise is the asset in this deal – what she knows.
He knows these two women are going to meet and put their heads together.
Sexy lady knows the other woman in the relationship.
He is in a relationship with the Goddess who Knows All.
Beautiful woman is the expert in charming him into seeing this deal her way.
He knows she knows all about his meeting with the slut.
He attends this meeting as a student of her rich spiritual knowledge.
He knows she has plenty of wealth to make this deal as a silent participant.

Here we have a relationship, meeting or deal (Three of Pentacles) involving ‘knowing’ and an attractive woman or a woman who is a resource.  The cards go together in  various ways.  The question is what determines the meaning of the Tarot cards.  Since we always ask this vague question that does not supply subject or characters, we derive a variety of answers.

Tarot reading 1-11-11 pt2

She is going to be comfortable in the next phase with him


Three of Wands, Queen of Cups, Judgment

She knows things are going back to normal.
She knows her man is coming to her to make a formal declaration of commitment.
A new life with her man is coming; things are going to be as they should be.
She is coming to the realization it’s okay.
She is going back to being a nice respectable lady.
A big change – a new life – is coming to her in the real physical world.
She knows her man is coming back:  He said so!
The next phase of her life is coming, and it’s her idea of just how it oughta be.

She, the good woman, knows her future is going to be traditional, normal.



  1. Emily

    Brittney, yes, the information that doesn’t apply to you will apply to others – assuming of course that this system works, which, yes, it seems to be. Tarot has an amazing ability to get the idea across. Removing the obvious ‘love cards’ would promote the remaining cards to expressing love relationships. This can even be expressed by the ‘negating’ cards coming out and making the sentence say something like ‘He has never been indifferent to her.’ The way to read Tarot is by the group of cards, not card by card. When you hear a reader go “Well that card means such and such, and this other card means so and so,” that person is not proficient but is a beginner. That is the way you will start when you begin to read Tarot.

  2. Marie

    Now this is interesting. Great stuff Emily

  3. Tina G

    this hits the nail on the head. i was not able to go on the site on this exact day but the spread still ‘rings in’ what is going on

  4. Anna


    I’ve been checking this website for the past few days. In my personal readings I always get the marriage cards and here it appears to be no different. So, I think I am the reason the romance cards are always showing up! There is usually only a couple sentences that don’t apply to me, otherwise the sentences are clarifying what is going on in my emotional life.


  5. Brittney

    Emily you said that the spread reads the question of “People who visit the blog today?” Well I see that some of the information applies to my life but not all of it, does the information that does not apply to me apply to others that visit the blog? I find it interesting that it’s stuck on love. If you remove the cards associated with love, then it can only predict from the cards it has to work with right? I’ve been waiting all day for your post!! Love it!!

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