Our Daily Spread for Jan. 13, 2011

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Tarot Reading 1-13-11

She loves & cares for him: He must behave!

Ace of Cups

Hierophant, Ace of Swords, Queen of Pentacles

This is true love and his commitment is absolute to the woman who cares for him.
She possesses what is most precious to her: true love openly declared.
Everything is absolutely all right here – is healthy and clean – and is hers!
She has official and undisputed absolute possession of the money.
God’s will and the church’s give her abilities.
Her being in charge of his affairs brings no harm – brings absolutely no harm.
An absolutely decent godly woman.
She will do no harm, will do absolute good.
Her abilities are from God; she is absolutely a decent person who does no harm.
She is in love with him and has the ability to make him behave.
Her love is all good, no harm; and she has the ability to make him harmless to her.
Her love is true love, which gives her the ability to make him be a decent person.

Her civilizing influence on him is overwhelmingly strong because she loves and cares for him.



  1. I can see where you *can* take this out of the romance flavor. We have here a person being let know that they need to “behave.” The behavior is intrinsic to a relationship. So, a friend and I were talking and here the relationships are employer and family, and the behavior is affecting both. She’s been told in a very *nice* way that she needs to do something. It really does fit if looking from another perspective.

  2. Joanna

    This is totaly me!

  3. Joanna

    This sounds like my love life.

  4. Patty K

    Another observation – the word absolute is used 7 times.
    I like it…….total, complete, unconditional.

    Decent, caring, precious, no harm ~ ~ love is true and good and all that mushy stuff.
    I love it.

  5. This whole romance thing has been playing out in the cat community here. Up ’till now Princess Bella Grumpy Beast has been like the “Church Lady.” After a long absence Pork Chop, a big grizzled tomcat has come back, upsetting the whole bunch. Normally Bella rebuffs any male approach with a swat and a hiss, but Pork Chop has been the perfect gentleman (making him behave!). This past week Bella is becoming interested, she’s acting like a kitten – Beastie’s at least 13-14 – she’s rolling around and she has this twinkle in her eyes I’ve never seen before and she’s letting him get close by. The little temptress is seducing him! What a little tease, rolling around, legs in the air, and as soon as he goes to make a move, she hisses, swats, and takes off! Of course the big doof follows and it goes on again. Well, this morning the big guy is finally getting close to scoring, he’s on top of her, but still it’s all a big come-on. Poor ole Pork Chop, all that testosterone and all he gets is just a little bitty taste. LOL! I’ve had to separate the two love birds, and Pork Chop will be seeing the vet ASAP.
    I’m listening to Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” Oh yeah! ROFL

    • Patty K

      Now that takes the cake. You have your own little Peyton Place going on right under your nose. Please keep us informed if she gets her guy!!

      • Ya’know that there is much to be learned for females here. The male always loves the chase and the way to get him is to let him catch you but you never let him ever think the chase is over. The great courtesans of history had the male psychology down pat. LOL

  6. Marie

    This sounds wonderful. Peaceful.

  7. Patty K

    Sounds good to me~ ~ ~ I certainly hope so :O)

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