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In my continuing effort to reach people who aren’t about to get the dude to marry them, I did two spreads.  Both are on the same groove.  Not that I am against the groove, I just want to reach everyone!   Sooo, I asked the specific question:  “Tarot, damn it, will you pleeeease talk to the people who aren’t marrying; will you pleeease say something about a non-romance subject?  By golly, Tarot complied!  Thank you, Tarot!   And let’s do those first! – although they were really third and fourth.

Tarot reading 01-14-11

Enjoy your life, why let others’ agenda hold you back?

Three of Cups

Eight of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, Six of Wands

Share the good life and your resources with people whose company you enjoy, why let a mooch prevent that?
Why serve the interests of someone who is using you and limiting you when you can share with people who support you?
I doubt he is going to divert you away from the good life:  He can’t.
The girls stick together and have a good time.  He tries to figure out how to prevent that and get them to help him instead.
He thinks his ploy fixes it so she can’t have a good time with her friends.
Isn’t THIS his sneaky way of preventing girls’ night out?
If uses this excuse, will it keep her from dating?
He thinks his woman can’t cheat on him.

What holds her back is letting others bullshit her:  She is ‘in the chips’ when she figures it out.

Tarot reading 01-14-11

She envisions getting the money she deserves and gets it

Hanged Man

Queen of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Nine of Cups

She envisions getting all the money she deserves and hasn’t been getting, and gets it ALL.
She is deprived of the attention she wants and deserves:  NOW she sees that and it is all hers.
Knowing you are getting the riches you have earned and have not been paid.
She has not been paid what she is worth, but this idea will bring it into her hands.
She can name her price and be paid that, she realizes.

Here we have a woman deprived of income she deserves, who gets it all when she is inspired by realizing that.

Tarot reading 01-14-11c

She gets rich man to marry her, has security

Two of Wands

Strength, King of Cups, King of Wands

This is one studly dude, with money too, and she has financial security when she induces him to be her husband.
She gets her husband to put his money into solid investments.
Her husband will have money because of her influence.
Her influence on the impulsive manipulative man makes him wealthy through solid investing.
She will always make him behave in spite of his redneck flamboyant ways.
The gambling man is not going to be impulsive:  She keeps him financially solid.

The woman’s influence on the influential wealthy impulsive and manipulative man is to make a solid financial future for him.

Tarot reading 01-14-11

She knows he formally asks her to be his wife


Queen of Wands, Queen of Cups, Judgement

She knows there’s a formal commitment for her to be his wife.
‘His wife on paper’ just like he told the lady who loves him.
This is the second time around and it’s the way it’s supposed to be now:  She feels like his wife.
A new life for her, nice and normal, she knows she will have a home to run.
Remind her she is going to be his wife in ‘the real world.’

The lady decent who understands and loves her man has a new life as his wife.



  1. t twofeathers

    Limitations are physical only.
    There are no limits to the spiritual mind.

  2. Marie

    This relates to my life right now, It’s amazing how Tarot really works in my daily life.

  3. Patty K

    It’s so close I can feel and smell it. :O)

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