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Tarot reading 01-15-11

Don’t fight it, just go along with the agreement

Five of Wands

Fool, Four of Swords, Three of Pentacles

Cease all activity:  Don’t do another thing in this relationship.
Doesn’t even know he is not an active participant.
Just let them get together and fight:  don’t you do it.
Just let them meet with the competition:  Don’t be there.
Just let those guys fight with each other, you keep out of it.
Feeling free after a good rest, throw yourself into the project.
Put our heads together and not compete with one another – it’s that easy.
Wasn’t there at the meeting, did not play an active part in it.
No way are they going to desist:  They meet and fight.
Agree to forget about the fight, give it a rest.
Agree to forget about sleep and give it all you got.

There is a major contrast here between not doing anything (Four of Swords) and working up a sweat to fight or compete.  This is about some meeting, agreement, relationship or project/contract.  Then to further widen the possibilities, the other Tarot card involved means to just forget it, be free of it.  Hence, all the variety here.

Tarot Reading 01-15-11b

She knows she will eventually marry the man she cares for

Hanged Man

Queen of Pentacles, Ten of Wands, Ten of Cups

She is inspired to make a happy family and she has more than enough ability to do that.
It will take a while before she has enough money for the house she has in her head.
She DOES have the ability to wait until for the happy marriage … she knows this!
Strongly feels that is too much for her to pay for the house.
A very strong feeling she is capable of being very happy together with her man in this house.
Realizes she will eventually have the money for the dream house.
Knows she is making him too happy.
Slowly realizes she manages their joint money.
Aware that eventually she will manage all the money in her marriage.

Well, here we go with the marriage thing again.  A woman who takes care of her man, a card that means eventually, slowly, and too much, then one of the positive marriage Tarot cards, then a card that means to know or realize.



  1. marie

    The second set works well in my life. It just fits me. Strange due to the first set applies to someone very close to me. And maybe the whole thing really implies on what is going on with me and him vs. just him or just me.

  2. Marie

    When I do a reading with you, all has been tied together. Thank you so much Emily

  3. Jody

    OK thanks for explaining this.

    So now I think I can use it.

  4. Tina G

    the first set of cards would relate to me and what i need to do or not do for that matter. thanks

  5. brittney

    Hey Emily I’ve been reading your post and the marriage/money thing really applies. Everday that I read i’m seeing something about it, and when I did my last reading with you that was the head line of the conversation. Well I look forward to the future post..:)

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