Our Daily Spread for Jan. 25, 2011

Jan 25, 2011 by

Tarot reading 1-25-11

Lucky day for love and money, better times ahead

Six of Swords
Wheel of Fortune, Six of Pentacles, Ace of Cups

This is your lucky day, you get paid, you get loved, and hard times are over.
It’s easy to go where there’s a bargain – it just happens.
Deserved good fortune, feeling good, no more problems.
A good chance to get favorable attention where you haven’t, before.
Loving attention is happening like it never has.
Fantastic good feeling: something you take makes all the bad feeling go away.
Gambling pays off, life is easier from now on.
Love life improves, wonderful attention.
The odds are favorable for you to cash in like you never have.
A chance to get away and take it easy for a fair price.
It happens so easily, your pay improves.
Going away to gamble with your love, you make money.
A trip you can afford – money for the trip – happens so naturally.
Lottery pays off (lucky money), life will be easier.

Wheel of Fortune refers to (obviously) gambling, taking a chance, luck or lucky, lottery, and ‘a chance,’ odds, etc. The illustration suggests a roulette wheel.  It means to happen (usually a good happening), an optimum result, even a miracle. Fate or destiny is expressed in the critters surrounding the wheel, some of which are ominous.

Six of Pentacles is the payoff when put next to the Wheel of Fortune. Duh, we can see that. It refers to getting paid for labor fairly, therefore ‘a fair exchange,’ and getting what you (or another) deserve(s). True to the Tarot rule that action applies either way (and to any character in the Tarot card’s illustration), the Six of Pentacles also means to pay, as in paying the bills. See the scales of justice? – that, too.

Ace of Cups is all good: good health, good feeling, good anything. It means a a flow (or leak) and hence the idea of ‘easy.’ It actually refers to the five senses and the Holy Spirit, but those questions are rare, so it doesn’t often get used that way.

Six of Swords is getting away from bad times, better times ahead, life (or whatever) improves, and bad stuff is put behind. Escaping a bad scene. Depression sometimes, because the reason there are better times ahead is the past was so bad that leaving means improvement.

So here we have yet another manic ‘happy-happy-happy’ message for y’all. If you didn’t buy that lottery ticket yesterday, get one today. This should be an ‘up’ day, one of those mornings you wake up ready for something good, and, by golly, it’s ALL good.

Wishing Well

Go Ahead, Toss in a Quarter or Two. Good Luck!



  1. brittney

    Thanks so much for that information Emily!!

  2. Tina G

    I have been busy since my new job I started 2 weeks ago so unfortunately I didn’t see this post until today. But it coincides with my job and how I am feeling along with the easier ability to pay my bills.
    Thanks again Emily, always true, but I’ll make a better effort to read the spreads the same day.

  3. I’ve been watching this relationship trend unfolding with interest. Not only does much of it apply to my KittyKat Kingdom here but a close friend told me the other day that she and her guy were talking about finding a house and she’s been trying on the idea of maybe becoming a Mrs. This is contagious!

  4. debi k

    I agree today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Brittney

    Interesting… I’ll be getting a Powerball tonight. I hope this luck proves true.

    • Hi Brittney and the rest of you. A fellow who used to “go to the dogs” told me about psychic interference. He only bet the last two races, by then most were either broke or bored and in the clubhouse. He was able to win 90% of the time. Powerball does have a lot of competing vibes, so you might want to hedge your bet with some of smaller prizes, like the scratch offs. Another strategy might be to pick a separate set of numbers on a lucky day and play them along with your regular ones each week. Good luck!

  6. Patty K

    I’m claiming this ‘in the real world’. TODAY, is the DAY!

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