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Tarot reading 1-26-11

No basis for anxiety about paying her bills

Queen of Cups
Six of Pentacles, World, Page of Swords

She thinks anxious thoughts about paying the bills but there’s nothing to worry about.
She is anxious about her salary but she has no problem there.
She is afraid he will get what he deserves but she has no part in that.
The court case or litigation will do her no harm but she still feels threatened by it.
She is excited about getting the money – will have no problems after that.


Six of Pentacles is a money exchange. The employer is paying workers very carefully what he owes them. So the main meaning of this Rider Waite Tarot card is to pay or to receive payment. It also means fair, fairly, justice, process of lawsuit or court action because of the scales of justice illustrated.

World is a complex card with nuances galore. Its main applied concept is to be safe from whatever threat is ‘out there.’ It also means mastery, expertise, no problem or trouble. She is in ‘a world of her own,’ dissociated and unconcerned at times and at times ‘her beautiful body’ is the part that is emphasized. Here, it’s all ‘no problem, no harm, nothing to worry about,’ as well has ‘having no part in that.’

Page of Swords: Well there he is all riled up, anxious, upset, perhaps pissed off, paranoid, and touchy. He feels threatened and is on the alert. He also can be guarding. Turf is likely involved in any of this. Here it is all  ‘anxious, afraid, threatened,’ until you get too  ‘excited.’

Queen of Cups: Here it is just ‘she’ and ‘she thinks.’ The Queen of Cups is a nice lady, She thinks about her man usually. Not so much here. She is the stereotype of what black slang calls ‘vanilla,’ meaning a mild tempered woman.

Well, again I did a second spread. I didn’t feel this said much. And, here we go again, the second spread is very parallel.

Tarot reading 1-26-11b

Anxious about the problem but she has enough money to run her house

Nine of Wands
Queen of Wands, Devil, Queen of Pentacles

She has the money to run the house but is anxious that it’s a big problem.
He is anxious about his wife getting her hands on so much of his money that he would have a big problem.
She is capable of managing her own affairs and living in her house in spite of a disability or disabling anxiety.
A disabled woman is anxious about money to take care of herself, her home.


Queen of Wands: She runs her place, whether home or business, in a practical down to earth way. She may have a pet: See the cat. She is capable.

Devil: This is an ‘up pops the devil’ kind of thing usually. It means attachment; it means physical – has lots of meanings that are not as ugly as this illustration! (In the Marseilles deck, the devil is more like the playful prankster Loki of Norse mythology.) Often it means, as it does here, a problem. A big problem, real or imagined. It can mean sickness, disability. It can mean an ugly or crass person. Definitely ill tempered, rude and so on. The loose chains suggest a problem of your own making that
you can undo. And of course this card includes black magic, dark occult, dark side subjects.

Queen of Pentacles: She is capable. She has the money. She takes care of her man, her household. She can be possessive. She can be greedy. Right now, she just has the money to run the household, since she is appearing with the Queen of Wands, who is also capable and connected to running a household.

Nine of Wands: He is anxious. He is on guard, the border guard, and he has already been injured. The head wound is sometimes the emphasis.

See the parallels. The Page of Swords in the first spread and the Nine of Wands in the second both mean anxiety. A (big) problem is expressed in the World card in the first (which means the problem does not get to her) and the Devil in the second. The Six of Pentacles and the Queen of Pentacles involve having money to pay household bills – a little different slant on each but they both are in that slot. The Queen of Cups and the Queen of Wands are both good citizen women, domestically inclined women.



  1. Marie

    Fits the person I am thinking of perfectly. Amazing how Tarot works for not just my life but for the persons involved in my life.

  2. Tina G

    fits the person i’m thinking of

  3. Christina Erickson

    This reading is so accurate!!! It’s scary… I feel as though is was meant for me specifically…. This morning I had an overwhelming urge to call my Biological fathers'”i never knew” sister; Emily Sandstorm “i have never spoken to” hoping to get some family history. Emily starts telling me about my long lost family, and then mentions that she has this blog I should check out. I then go to this page and see theses cards and immediately got shivers down my spine. It explains everything “in detail” that I am personally going through and gave me a sence of relirf…. I am so glad I decided to make that call… Thanks Aunt Emily you have really enlightened me. I will be telling everyone I know about this…

  4. Brittney

    Does it mean anything when the spreads are that similar to each other Emily?

    • Emily

      You bet, Brittney. It means that that is what the message is today, and Tarot is saying YEAH and not going on to something else. These messages are not general to-the-world ones; they are directed to just what my question directs them to: the people who are visiting the blog that day.

      Today, from Christina, I conclude that people who are ‘just happening to drop in’ will find meaning in the sentences! Somehow the process I am doing is reaching WHOEVER reads these things.

  5. Patty K

    The first could be me – the second could be her. ????

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