Our Daily Spread for Jan. 28, 2011

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Rider-Waite Tarot 1-28-11

He drives over there in a hurry to express his affection

Knight of Swords
Chariot, Knight of Cups, Eight of Wands

He changes his intention and agrees to everything on the list..
He changes his intention and offers a list of suggestions.
He drives back there in a hurry with many suggestions.
All of a sudden he decides to be more and more affectionate.
A suggestion to turn the vehicle around quickly.
Changes back and forth a number of times and decides to accept.
He makes many offers on the vehicle and takes them back.
He talks sweet and drives fast.
A lot of sweet talk but when it comes to doing it, he is running away.
A number of things can be done – that he initiates – to reverse this immediately.
A number of suggestions offered to turn this bus around quickly.
If he accepts more and more responsibility, it happens so fast.
He aims to get out quickly and be your boyfriend quickly.
Quickly decides to get out, politely.
Polite words change the situation: He succeeds.
Quickly decides to agree to leave immediately.

Illustrations and Meanings:

Chariot: He masters his situation, he gets ahead, by skill, will power and decisive action, like a skilled race car driver who knows when a pit stop gets you ahead by saving you time in the long run. The illustration here shows a chariot driver whose steeds each want to go different directions and not forward. It is his accomplishment to get that vehicle forward under those circumstances. The phrases this card produces in our spread today are:

his intention; drives; the vehicle; vehicle; drives; when it comes to doing it, things can be done by him; this bus; responsibility, it happens; aims; decides; He succeeds; Decides.

Knight of Cups: He is polite, diplomatic, friendly, warmhearted and sweet natured. He suggests, accepts and cuddles. He extends his hand as he is shown doing in the illustration. He offers and accepts offers. The phrases for him today are:

agrees; offers; suggestions; affectionate; suggestion; accept offers; sweet; things that he initiates; suggestions offered; accepts; boyfriend; politely; polite; agree.

Eight of Wands: Sticks flying in the wind one after another suggest words, messages, sequential events or items. Lines on a document, written material, letters. The phrases for this card are:

everything on the list; a list; quickly; many; more and more; a number of times; talks; talk; A number of things; A number of; words; Quickly.

Knight of Swords: He is turning around in a hurry. There is often some emergency. He is running there, running back, and running back and forth. (His direction will be suggested by surrounding Tarot cards.) A reversal which can be in the nick of time. A narrow escape. Fleeing. This card does not usually mean pursuit, although you would think that, from the illustration; the Knight of Wands does. Today’s phrases for this Rider Waite Tarot card are:

changes his; back there in a hurry; all of a sudden; turn the vehicle around quickly; Changes back and forth; takes them back; drives fast; he is running away; to reverse this immediately; turn this bus around quickly; it happens so fast; get out quickly; Quickly … to get out; change the situation; leave immediately.

Today’s Rider Waite message has two Tarot cards which mean ‘quickly,’ the Eight of Wands and the Knight of Swords. Both the Chariot and the Knight of Cups have initiative in common. Tarot cards equal one another piecemeal like this. An experienced Tarotist will sense these commonalities before consciously realizing them.

Hope you are enjoying this experiment. I am, even though it is a lot of work. I love it.



  1. debi k

    I think my guy is going to be all in now. He is going to fully commit and be 300% more affectionate. He is going to stop all if this indecision and commit wholeheartedly.

  2. Tina G

    Emily, I appreciate this daily blog because it helps clarify any doubts to what is going on in my ‘world’. Always true!!

  3. Anna

    This is what was happening last night in my house about the time you were laying out the cards for today’s posting. It seems Tarot works in the moment

  4. Mena

    For the record, there was a “list” presented this week. It wasn’t a list so much as a letter outlining everything I am hoping and wishing for our future. Interesting that the list shows up in this reading!

  5. brittney

    LOL I second Mena’s question. Its like he’s in and he’s out and the cycle repeates. I do enjoy this process Emily.

  6. Mena

    Ok I have to read over this again. Is he coming or going? Is he agreeing to be with me, or is he fleeing?

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