Our Daily Spread for Jan. 4, 2011

Jan 4, 2011 by

Tarot Reading 1-04-11

Love, Marriage and Money: A Good Future

Three of Wands
Four of Wands. Lovers, Ace of Pentacles

Will succeed at marrying the one you love.
This is a perfect union in marriage.
The best is yet to come, a loving marriage.
This couple makes a lot of money in or for the company.
Good income from the family partnership.
LLC’s (group partnerships’) finances continue to be excellent.
Family will give the couple money. or  Family continues to give the couple money.
Loving family will succeed.
Marriage is coming with perfect love.
The perfect couple, they will marry.
Lovers continue to have a good marriage.
Couple continues to pay the family.
The couple is making their house payments.
Money comes in from the couple’s family.
Money comes in to the family from the couple.



  1. Marie

    Wands they mean green correct? Or is there a deeper meaning to Wands?

  2. Naz

    Well this is promising but I’m on Jan 5th so wonder what my actions (done ) will result in!

    • Hi Naz, Emily draws the cards around midnight Mountain time for the coming day. Her question is: For the people who visit the blog, what *is* happening? Since it is a 24 hour world, the trends will gradually “melt” together from one day to the next, not withstanding the day’s calendar number. Many times things will make sense a day or two later. Since comments for each day will remain open, you can go back to any day you want and let us know what has had relevance for you. Stef

  3. siew

    A sweet future.

  4. debi k

    This is what I believe is to happen for me and the one I speak of often. It has really been on my mind so it is amazing that I see it here. I look forward to the daily spreads.

  5. Brittney

    Emily I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I’m laughing with Tina G.

    • Tina G

      u like that comment, huh?? we’ll see what happens tomorrow. i’m excited to see each day.

      • Patty K

        I believe Em has a successful blog here – a real winner!
        Please share it with all you know.

  6. Tina G

    there is alot of money moving around, unfortunately its out of our pocket to the car mechanic!! lol (seriously)

  7. brittney

    Alot of this applies again today Emily. 🙂

  8. Patty K

    PS: I love the summary written underneath the cards.
    Thanks Em – You’re the best!

  9. Patty K

    OH!!!!!!! HIT ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it!

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