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Rider Waite Tarot-3-01-11a

He figures he will do what the nice girl thinks so she will love him

Queen of Cups
Ace of Cups, Magician, Seven of Pentacles

Romance Perspectives:
Goes ahead and makes the move:  She loves him, and he is in love too.
So how did he get the blond lady to be in love with him?
Her opinion is, he seems to doing some good.
She has faith, but also doubts, about him actually acting lovingly.
It seems he is cooperating like she knew he would:  He is doing it.

She knows he is in love with her:  Will he do something about it?
Is what he is doing really harmless to the woman who has faith in him?
How can she be in love with a guy who acts like that?
Is he doing that to get her to love him?
Can he get her to approve of him – can he do that?

Business and Other Perspectives:
There’s some doubt about his health, and she knows what he should do.
She thinks he is the one who did this, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.
Who does his actions benefit:  That is what she wants to know.
She thinks whatever he does is acceptable, but we wonder about that.
Does she really believe what he is doing benefits her?

She believes she will be safe if she does this, but will she?
She thinks it’s acceptable to do what’s questionable.
I guess she is a harmless nice lady, and what he does is harmless too.
She seems to think there’s some good in what he does.
He idea is, if we do this, it will be beneficial.

We have the nice lady/good woman/woman who has faith in her man, the blonde Queen of Cups here – she who contemplates, dreams of her man and thinks.  We have love, cooperation, benefit and no harm, in the Ace of Cups.  Then we have a question mark … I wonder, maybe, could it be, in the Seven of Pentacles.  Put that all together, and you get the sentences above and no doubt some more.

Today’s advice is he is probably a nice fella who is doing some good … if he will do it.  There’s a wait-and-see atmosphere to this spread.  So let’s wait and see if the nice man makes the move as she believes he will.  (That’s another sentence, hee hee.)

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Cups: That’s love, true love, cooperation, benefit with no harm, harmless and healthy, today anyway.  This is the symbols that represent the idea that the presence of God in a person invigorates not only the person but the surroundings, making for a good safe environment.

Magician: He acts, takes initiative, does, brings about, gets something to happen, etc.  He is all action, nothing about thinking.  He is doing a ritual.  The trappings of a magic ceremony are on his table.

Seven of Pentacles: Hmmmm, he is thinking, will this really produce?  Doubt about the outcome is written all over his face as he surveys his crop, hoping he has both genders of his cucumbers so that there will be little cucumbers.  Speculation, wondering, any kind of question mark.

Queen of Cups:
Here is the nice girl, the good wife who has faith in her man, or at least is thinking of him.  Surrounding cards reveal what she is thinking about him.  She is emotional, a dreamer, and is harmless.

Rider Waite Tarot-3-01-11b

Are these people spinning their wheels, or will they connect up and do the deal?

Three of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles, Page of Cups, Lovers

Romantic Perspective:
Is he/she going to do his/her part as my lover … or not?
Do you call what they are in a love affair?
Will they get on the same page together sometime and connect?
The goofball is in love but how is he/she going to be in a fair mutual relationship?
Two clowns in a love relationship.

Sometimes this person does his/her part in a love relationship – What the f*ck?
Part of the time he/she contacts me:  Is this a relationship???
If this is a love relationship, why is it off and on?
We meet as lovers, but you can’t seem to make up your mind, can you?
The timing of our liaisons (sexual meetings) is questionable.

Business Perspective:
Are these people spinning their wheels, or will they connect up and do the deal?
He may be a partner in some strange kind of business.
Can we finalize this contract, or is the contact going to be inconsistent with us?
Our side has done its part in the agreement but the other side seems to be fumbling around.
Only two parties to the contract, and it seems to be going nowhere.

Whatever else is going on, we are getting together and agreeing on terms to the contract.
We met and come to an agreement to be in together on this:  Why are you flip-flopping now?
We mutually agreed upon our parts as partners, but you seem to be pretty iffy about it now.
Are you going to do your side of this business deal or not?
The timing makes it doubtful I can do my part in the meeting/agreement/contract/relationship.

Sooo, will this person sh*t or get off the pot?  Which shall it be.  It seems as if Person is doing Person’s part contacting and being a party to the contract, but … we wonder, maybe not.  It’s on-again off-again when it comes to one side of our mutual agreement/contract/relationship performing.

Not one but two ‘duh’ cards in this, the first two yet:  Two of Pentacles and Page of Cups.  Obviously, things are up in the air.  Then we have two parties, the Lovers card; and the Three of Pentacles that in the Rider Waite Tarot pantheon means a relationship, deal, contract, meeting, meeting of the minds/agreement, and so on.

Advice here is that you can’t really rely on an unstable party to do its/his/her part in what you two mutually agreed upon.  There is no resolution offered for the day:  You are dealing with an idiot, what can you do?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Two of Pentacles: Round and round, on and off, up and down, back and forth, flip-flopping around, fumbling and juggling, timing and cycles.  You see the juggler, and ships tossed in the water behind the seawall.

Page of Cups: Here’s that goofball again, casting doubt all over, calling into question and being an idiot.  This card suggests the sentence be a question.  Illustration shows a fellow dressed as a girl maybe, carrying a fish in a cup, being a clown.

Lovers: Together, in this together, to contact or connect with, to be on a person’s side, be a partner or be half of something with another person, as in parties to an agreement when the Three of Pentacles is present.  Illustration shows two people connected by an angel who protects.

Three of Pentacles: Like I said, relationship, deal, agreement, meeting, contract, meeting of the minds, being on the same page.  Illustration shows owners settling up with the architect of their building as soon as this final inspection is over.



  1. This is the third time I am typing a ‘hello’ to you! The machine ate it, twice. And you know, it’s always better the first time!

    The detaching you are talking about is how I always lived my life: in absentia, kind of. A neighbor called it ‘going spiritless’ and wondered why I did that. It frustrates turf-invaders, bullies, people who want to live your life for you, because you have no ‘handles.’ Keep practicing, you will get there, and it will be a giggle.

  2. xxx
    Stef: A FIRST! LOL! After trying 3 times to reply to Jules and having it disappear (the replies went under the post instead of getting attached to Jules’ reply); Emily decided on a “test.” Just 3 x’s. Akismet, our spam catcher. didn’t like that & dumped it into the spam bin. LOL, I have never, ever heard of a blog owner managing to spam her own blog. Lord, she’s dangerous!

  3. Hmmm, I just answered you and it disappeared. It was so cleverly worded, too. Shucks.
    Anyway, I once knew a fella, a neighbor, who called this ‘going spiritless’ and wondered about me being that way. I have always lived my life kind of absentia: You couldn’t ‘get to me’ because I wasn’t ‘there.’ It has its advantages. You don’t have ‘handles.’ This frustrates people who want to run your life and occupy your turf.

  4. Jules, I knew a fella who called this ‘going spiritless’ and puzzled why I did that. I have always lived kind of absentia. It’s mostly a good thing. It drives people crazy who want to live your life for you or occupy your turf: You just don’t have handles. That is what you are talking about, losing the handles.

  5. stella

    Amazing insight, I love it! Every day is so interesting, like taking a course and learning something new daily..Thanks:)

    • Visiting here often will lead to ‘picking up’ how to read Tarot, how the cards affect one another. If you read Tarot for yourself (or others), you will catch on more and more to what the messages could be, and which apply to your question or issue.
      These messages take time. Answering without a question is different from doing a reading in which, well, you answer questions. So it’s good to know this material is useful to you.

  6. Anna

    I’m dating two guys right now and I definitely have my doubts about both of them. I’ll have to wait and see how things pan out with both guys just like the cards indicate.

    • The … one … smart thing Ann Landers said was that if you are interested in two, the answer is “neither of the above.” That is often right, but the women who date many men are the women who end up with the better men. A gal who worked for me in the court reporting office was like that. She got the most eligible bachelor of all the lawyers, and she wanted to marry prestige.

  7. FCP

    A little bit of both spreads for me today. Wish he’d make up his mind.

    • Guys’ brains are not attached; the hemispheres operate independently, so he has to write letters to himself when he thinks. Give him time. Main thing is to look like the place he would like to be: Be the greener grass, and be as quiet as grass, but let him wonder if some other bull might be munching on you.

  8. Brittney

    Emily you are dead on with the second part of today’s spread…. You must be a mind reader. Looking forward to tomorrow’s spread…WTH is wrong with this self centered jack ass??? That I love….ugggghhhh!!

    • Well, he’s a dude, you know. If you want a love relationship that makes sense, you have to get yourself a good woman, and we just don’t bend that way this lifetime. Sooo we have to be as patient as we can.

  9. Jules

    well, this addresses my question of the day. Wait and see is hard
    after a while, and so often falls on the female partner!

    I’m getting a lot that is calming from these readings, and I often
    look back a day or two to recap or connect the spread with experience.

    I read somewhere that part of a healthy coping perspective is to
    have the ability to stand back and see people and situations
    symbolically ,without so much personal attachment. May be part
    of the gift here!
    Thanks much.

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