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A eureka moment strikes of how poor in spirit you are, yet how competent you are in 'real life.'

A eureka moment strikes of how poor in spirit you are, yet how competent you are in ‘real life’

Five of Pentacles
High Priestess, Queen of Wands, Hanged Ma

An intense spiritual realization of how you miss your wife.
A eureka moment strikes of how poor in spirit you are, yet how competent you are in ‘real life.’
A spiritual vision is very draining to her orderly physical life.
She is so tired she is ‘seeing things’ from her subconscious during her day.
Realizes how little money the wife runs the house on:  She is an expert at that.

Wife senses there is another woman and is miserable.
She is very quiet around the manager, feels intensely inferior.
She is very quiet around the woman of the house, feels intensely inferior.
She experiences the spiritual/mental plane(s) so intensely it impairs her physical plane existence.
The two women realize they are outcasts.

Two cards that strongly refer to spiritual expertise and awareness are the High Priestess and the Hanged Man.  The competent manager or housewife-mother is between them, and that card refers to the physical plane.  Crowning them all is the ‘poor in spirit.’  It also means to be or feel inferior, miserable, and/or drained.

The story contrasts physical competence with spiritual competence (Queen of Wands with High Priestess), physical awareness with spiritual awareness (Queen of Wands and Hanged Man).  Hanged Man is an intense experience, sometimes a eureka (Aha!) realization.  In addition, the High Priestess is the Other Woman and the Queen of Wands is the Wife.  Then the Five of Pentacles speaks of being drained, miserable, inferior.

Advice?  It’s really a comment about one’s own inner thoughts about one’s ‘real life’ and one’s worldly life.  If there is advice, it’s to be aware of your own spiritual side and feed it.

Meanings and Illustrations:

High Priestess: Spiritual expertise, awareness and knowledge, spiritual secrets.  To be a thinker not a doer.  She just sits there with the symbols of spiritual occult symbols all around her.

Queen of Wands is the polar opposite of High Priestess.  She is the one who runs the place, be it business or home.  She is the mama, the wife.  Very practical, very physical plane.  She has an alert look on her face, sunflowers growing nearby, and a cat.

Hanged Man: Well, we talked about him already.  He refers to awareness, to subconscious realizations and eureka moments in which the subconscious kicks a fully fleshed-out idea onto the floor the the theater of consciousness.  He is the male counterpart, so to speak, of High Priestess.

Five of Pentacles: A deficit, a lack, inferior and miserable, exhausted and poor and sorry and sorry for yourself.  Feeling lower than a snake’s belly, as they say.


Well, I’ll be darned, this is a big opportunity to put poor times behind and celebrate good times together

Seven of Pentacles
Three of Cups, Wheel of Fortune, Six of Swords

Well, I’ll be darned, this is a big opportunity to put poor times behind and celebrate good times together.
How happy will I be if I pass up this opportunity?
The girl’s big chance seems to phase out her old life.
It seems the three of them pool their resources and are headed into opportunity.
What are the chances they can have a good life and leave this place?

They seem to be on their way.  This is their chance for a good life together.
What kind of luck would they have if they left town for a better life?
He has been avoiding dating those girls  – what chance does he have?
He has an idea he will strike it rich with the girls and be on his way to better times.
There’s some chance for sharing a good life with the girl he left behind.

Well, it seems the girl is/girls are on their way to better times via their lucky break.
What if I left this place? – would I find an opportunity and have a good life?

Very few stories these four make together.  It’s about striking it rich and having or sharing the good life, with some speculation about it but not that much speculation because it also says – Six of Swords – that poor times are over, the best is yet to come.  It’s mostly about females, but the Seven of Pentacles, who is a guy, may decide to throw his lot in with them.

Advice is to be optimistic about an opportunity being around your very own corner.  We keep talking about this, so there must be something to it, huh?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Three of Cups: The girls shared resources, worked together, and share the harvest profit together.  They are successful.  The harvest they celebrate is all around them as they drink to that.

Wheel of Fortune: This is one of the simplest cards.  Hit the jackpot. Opportunity,  Get rich quick.  It shows what looks like a roulette wheel and has symbols of destiny cluttering its illustration.

Six of Swords: You’re on your way.  You are leaving the bad scene and headed on out, maybe with some help from that fella with the little rowboat or pole boat.

Seven of Pentacles: That’s the way it seems.  How good will it be?  In this case, with those three very positive cards below him, how doubtful can things be – only a matter of degree, and there’s that grand opportunity thing staring you in the face, the Wheel of Fortune.



  1. Win Freeman

    With insight brought to light of physical and spirit world, it is my clear deficits which show the work needed, mapped out direction makes the journey rich and fruitful…Thanks Emily

  2. Tina, The herb rhodiola rosea, especially taken with CO Q 10, prompts the brain to make neurotransmitters (serotonin and company). It may take a while to take effect. It creates a feeling of well-being. I noticed it more when I quit taking it than I did when I started.

    This herb turns nasty people nice, at least sometimes. I know of two examples of this.

  3. FCP

    I hope that opportunity around the corner is for me!!

  4. Jules

    These don’t seem to apply to me today, not even by way of hyperbole.

    Good,the cards are “spreading themselves around”:)

  5. Tina G

    I have to say, the first spread was me yesterday….kind of down and depressed. I even left work early because I couldn’t get the feeling of sadness out of my head and today I feel a little better but the sadness is still there so the spread is picking up on my situation.
    Hope I see/hear some positive news today!!

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