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He hurries over to the house of his beautiful woman to be her partner in love

Four of Wands, Empress, Knight of Wands

Romantic Perspective:
He hurries over to the house of his beautiful woman to be her partner in love.
In a hurry to marry/live with the woman he loves.
She is so sexy men of good family pursue her to be her lover.
She is from a wealthy family, she gets ahead on that connection.
He is in a hurry to marry a woman who has connections and money.

That’s all I can think of.  When you have marriage or wealthy family (Four of Wands), sexy beautiful rich woman (Empress), man who pursues (Knight of Wands) and Lovers … well those only go together in so many ways, and these are they.

Advice is if you are a female, let him pursue you because you are gorgeous; and if you are male, pursue that gorgeous woman.  End of story!

Meanings and Illustrations:

Four of Wands: Marriage, wealthy family, that’s all that can be used in the present company.  Illustration on the Rider Waite Tarot card shows a wedding of a leading community family.

Empress: Beautiful, wealthy, sexy woman.  She is the beloved, the valentine girl.  Illustration shows exactly that, with some fertility symbols.

Knight of Wands: What else can the guy-card in the company of these others do but pursue the girl?  Illustration shows him pursuing madly.

Lovers: Lovers means lovers of course, and also connection.  That is all we use of it here.  Illustration shows a naked man and woman in the Garden of Eden with a guardian angel looking over them from, of course, above.


Conquer bad moods by doing something frivolous to take your mind off things

Ace of Swords, Devil, Two of Pentacles

Sometimes you have to deal with a big problem by ignoring it.
When you are ordered to do something wrong, there must be some way to not be there.
Conquer bad moods by doing something frivolous to take your mind off things.
To achieve the impossible, just keep trying.
Forget about the alternative of physical force.

The worst threat may never be.
Conquer this cycle of despair and optimism.
Ignore his/her nasty moods and make him/her feel silly.
You have to be optimistic when it’s one huge problem after another.
Moving parts have to break, you just don’t know when.
Have faith in the process of conquering the bad feelings/depression.

Combat a disability or handicap by continually making light of it.
A recurring problem has to not be there at times!
Keep the faith that even the worst will be overcome.
You just have to get nasty sometimes.
You go through this phase when you are young of being overcome by bad experiences.

This is general life advice that no matter how bad it is, don’t take it too seriously.  Funny.  That is one of the gifts of my readings:  You are bigger than the problem, don’t let it get to you.  (My father used to say, when I was a kid upset about some damn thing “Well, one of two things will happen:  Either you will get over it, or you will die of it.  Either way, getting upset won’t change it.  After a while, you will forget all about it anyway.”  He meant ‘so shut up already.’)

*We begin with the Ace of Swords which today means ‘the most’ and ‘conquer’ or ‘overcome’ or ‘be overcome.’  *Then we have the Devil, a very ambiguous heavy card that means ‘most anything nasty, and ‘a big problem’ as well  ‘physical’ and ‘obstacle.’  *Then we have, in the Two of Pentacles, ‘it’s a cycle, it’s a phase’ and to keep it up, to keep trying, as well as ‘may or may not.’  *These are followed by the ‘oh, never mind’ Fool, which in Rider Waite Tarot means such things as young or youthful, to ignore, to be optimistic and ‘to not be’ as in ‘to not be there.’  The Fool is that wonderful mood where reality doesn’t matter, you have faith in the process.

The Fool and the Two of Pentacles are both lighthearted cards that suggest freedom.  The Ace of Swords and the Devil are both heavy cards that suggest defeat or being overcome.  (But the Ace of Swords’ main meaning is to overcome in battle.)

So the advice today is you are bigger than what ails your reality at this moment, and it will pass, so just ignore and rise above the whole thing, have faith that it’s a phase that must pass.  And be happy.  The Fool is a happy fella no matter what, and he’s on the road without provisions with his doggie companion.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Swords: Victory is its main song.  With victory something else is defeated as a rule:  The action goes both ways in the Tarot Verbatim school, as well as in Rider Waite Tarot.  Ace of Swords also means such things as ‘the most’ and ‘an order’ and ‘must’ or ‘have to.’

Devil: Oh, here he is, that ugly glowering-faced hairy 500-pound gorilla in the room, looking very scary.  This is anything detrimental, oppressive, nasty.  This is the way you feel when you are depressed, “I can’t do anything about it.”  But you can:  See how the chains are loose on the necks?  It is the force of habit of standing there being used to a bad situation or habit that has then standing there.

Two of Pentacles: Round and round, on and on, to everything there is a season, a phase, a cycle.  It comes and it goes.  Things are always in motion.  The juggler has the mathematical sign of eternity around what he is juggling, and the ships in the background are going up and down on the waves.  (By the way, this card can also mean dizziness or nausea!)

Fool: We close with being free, freedom, being not really present but going along making the best of things.  The Fool is a happy-go-lucky fella who is on the road on a sunny day with a little snack, a rose and a doggie.  Optimism is the song of the Fool.



  1. Ola

    Thank you for what you have. This is the very best article I’ve read

  2. Tina, rhodiola rosea, especially when taken with Coenzyme Q-10, gives a feeling of well-being. It prompts the brain to make neurotransmitters, serotonin and others. It is subtle, you notice it more when you quit because you just ‘felt normal’ from its effects. It is inexpensive, and has other benefits too, which I keep forgetting.

  3. stella

    Great info, each day is filled with inspiring knowledge and insight..Love it!!

  4. siew

    It is scary how well this fits today.

  5. Tina G

    both readings today are quite scary for me since they fit me perfectly. I am going thru this depressive and sadness feeling I can’t shake for the last 3 days and I wanted to contact my friend but I see that I shouldn’t from the first spread; let him pursue me.
    hope all turns positive real soon

  6. Debi

    1st reading-I believe he has overocme his fear of commitment and will now rush to make me his because he fears thast he has waited too long.
    2nd reading-I will overcome with much laughter.

  7. Jules

    Thanks, Emily

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