Our Daily Spread for Mar. 15, 2011

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She celebrates the biggest achievement he has ever done

Three of Cups
Ace of Wands, Magician, Knight of Pentacles

One thing he has to do – It’s uppermost in his mind: celebrate with his girl(s).
The guys are going to have to get together and do this one thing to make the girls happy.
One thing is for sure: Guys have to make girls happy.
She celebrates the biggest achievement he has ever done.
The most important thing to him is to make his woman sexually happy with him

It is he who did the one important thing he had to do: make plenty of money for all to enjoy.
He is a tough manly guy doing what a man does: winning the good life for his people.
He thinks of party girls when he has sex with himself.
He acts like the most aggressive man, and the girls love it.
He has one thing on his mind: doing sex with party girls.

Look at three very male cards in a row: (1) Ace of Wands – aggression, the penis, the male gender, the most important thing (2) Magician – male who acts, does, or takes initiative (3) the tough muscled guy with one thing on his mind; and What do we follow it with? – the girls, party girls, girls who are celebrating, and abundance of harvest – i.e. money.

Ace of Wands and Knight of Pentacles are both aggressive, assertive; both mean one most important thing. Ace of Wands and Magician both are about male taking action.

Advice is to be mindful of the fact that a real manly man brings home the bacon, that his main focus is to make the folks at home happy and prosperous: “That is what men do first and foremost: They make a happy prosperous life for their women.” Stereotypical, yes. But still true, or no one would pay attention to Mr. Trump.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Wands: The hand with the board, which looks like a penis and has symbols of new life … sprouts … on it. It’s the man thing.

Magician: Male in action. He does (all possible tenses of the verb). Illustration shows a magician bringing about an action plying his magic trade, the tools of which are laid out on his table.

Knight of Pentacles: He focuses on one thing, man-fashion, and he is muscled and manly – even his horse is macho. You find him at construction sites and rodeos.

Three of Cups: Usually, the girls have pooled their money and made a joint effort and so are sharing the profits of the agricultural enterprise. In this spread, though, it is clearly the guy’s or guys’ efforts. So what the girls are celebrating is that the guy or guys have made a profit which makes a good life for her or them. Sharing, celebrating, having a party together – even ‘party girls’ which can be construed as ‘loose women’ as well.


Think fast when you are afraid to fight

Page of Pentacles
Five of Wands, Nine of Swords, Knight of Wands

Fighting is getting on his last nerve, he thinks of getting the heck out.
He knows the effort he is going to have to make to get ahead, that it will be a terrible strain on him.
He is such a worrier, he must make an effort to get past that.
He tries hard to think when he is so rushed he is upset.
Think fast when you are afraid to fight.
Being competitive to get ahead is a strain on him mentally.

Scary how fast the fight went as he watched.
He knows how nervous he is about trying that hard to get ahead.
Thinking that fast under such pressure is a big effort.
Upsets him to think he ran from that fight.
He worries: He feels that they will fight after he leaves.
His mind races with all that mental energy, he can’t sleep.

A lot of energy and a big effort in each of the Five of Wands and the Knight of Wands; and the other two cards mean to think (Page of Pentacles) and to worry (Nine of Swords). The Five of Wands is a fight as well, the Nine of Swords means being under pressure or being scared as well, and the Knight of Wands means to get ahead as well. That’s about it. Short story.

Advice is that you may feel nervous about avoiding some kind of competition, fight or effort but that is the way to progress or get ahead. So much energy goes into getting ahead of the competition that it is a mental strain.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Five of Wands: A lot of energy, a big effort, a fight. Illustration on Rider Waite Tarot card shows five fellows fighting or competing with one another, with boards. It looks serious.

Nine of Swords: Oh, wah. Up nights. Worry, such a strain, such pressure I can’t sleep. The illustration illustrates this!

Knight of Wands: He is on the road in a hurry, a big hurry, pursuing or fleeing or speeding, depending upon the neighbor cards. Illustration shows a horse with both front legs up in the air and both back feet on the ground, so the horse is actually jumping. Forward movement is featured, as is the aggressive stance with the board in hand.

Page of Pentacles: He thinks. He is – as in identity, as in identifies himself as something or identifies himself with something. (‘I’m Irish and I’m gay’ type thing.) He knows. ‘On him mentally’ and ‘mental energy’ appear here too, as well as ‘his mind.’ It means ‘watches’ too. Yeah, you get it already! The illustration shows a young man concentrating, thinking, about what he is looking at.



  1. Jules

    When I read the spreads this morning I thought “not mine”.
    Then, this afternoon “maybe so”.
    Better let this day play itself out without thinking too much about it(him)!

  2. Anna

    This is exactly what happened in my house last night. We were celebrating just like it indicates in the first spread then a little bit later we were fighting and I was upset just like it shows in the second spread

    • Anna

      Thought my first comment didn’t go through so I write another one! 🙂

  3. Anna

    This is exactly what happened in my house yesterday. We were celebrating then a little bit later we were fighting and I had to think fast about what was bothering me that started the argument.

  4. FCP

    Although I can’t relate to the spreads for the past few days, they have certainly been interesting to read. Thanks Em!

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