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Everyone benefits from a spiritual journey

High Priestess
Ace of Cups, Six of Swords, Ten of Cups

This is another spread that applies equally to both genders in the sentences that use High Priestess as spirituality.

Romantic Perspective:
Leaving life as it was and marrying the lady you love.
Lady you love is away from the marital home.
She leaves life as it was and settles down to marry for love.
She is staying with her loving family and parting from the other life.
Life will be better as a happy married woman.
He will have a better life married to a lady who loves him.
He is leaving his happy marriage because he loves the other woman.

Perspective of Not Belonging/Disloyalty:
Being alone and leaving the loving family.
Private philosophy is to be by (your)self and get away from loyalty to any clan.
Is quiet about distancing him/herself from the family that loves him/her.
Keeping it to (yourself) that (you) are no longer cooperating with (your) own kind.
Keeping it to (yourself) that (you) no longer love (your) own people/family/community.
No longer a member of (your) own community/family, (you) have something to hide.
These people shy away from their own community and quietly cooperate with one another.
Have ideas of my own, am leaving all those people I was fond of behind.

Perspective of Belonging/Loyalty:
Love your own people and secretly distance (your)self from the rest.
Being loyal to your own group and secretly heading away from other loyalties.
Leaving the former life behind and heading home to stay with the loving family.
She is single and is headed back to the family and community that approves of and loves her.
When you are left alone in the world, you go back home where you are loved.

Perspective of Spiritual Journey:
This spiritual journey is to be one of God’s people.
A spiritual journey that is about love for people.
Everyone benefits from a spiritual journey.
(She) is one of the people who is getting into knowing divine spiritual secrets.
People who love God are on a spiritual journey.
People who love one another are on a spiritual journey.
Very quietly headed in the direction of love for others.
Her expertise is of benefit to everyone.

The Six of Swords is right in the middle here, going from one thing or place to another.  On either side of it is love, God and cooperation, the graceful Ace of Cups on the left and the good people, the family that loves one another, the community or clan on the right.  Above it all, the High Priestess influences the theme with spirituality, secret knowledge, being quiet and being alone.  So right there you have being alone and leaving the loving family or being single/alone and going to the loving family.

The Six of Swords is a journey, and a journey in consciousness as well, so the High Priestess gets together with it to make a spiritual journey.  And the Ace of Cups as ‘being with God’ gets together with the Ten of Cups, the good people, to express ‘God’s people.’  Ace of Cups also brings out loyalty relating to the journey away from one and to another place, loyalty and being accepted.  Both the Ace of Cups and the High Priestess bring out spirituality, the Ace of Cups along the lines of being infused with the presence of God.  Oh.  And the High Priestess is a single woman as well as The Other Woman.  These elements are the pieces of the puzzle we put together in all the ways we see them fit.

Remember, these many possibilities of interpretations are because we operate here with a question that supplies no specifics.  Your question or subject, when you consult Tarot, is at least half the material, at least half the answer.

Advice is that we do directions in life from one mindset to another:  You are on such a trip, so best know where you are going and where you are leaving.  Are you, for instance, headed away from the mindset you were born into, or are you content with it?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Cups: This is such a healthy card.  It is a blessing.  Its main meaning in the Rider Waite school of thought is the state of perfection the body attains when it is channeling the flow of divine energy, love, in all five senses.  Those five streams stand for the five senses.  Today it is acceptance, God or divinity, love, loyalty.

Six of Swords: Both a journey in consciousness and a trip from one place to another.  A strong theme of life having been fairly awful and going to be a lot better.  Water represents consciousness; and the artist of Rider Waite Tarot, Pamela Coleman Smith, makes it a point to paint the water on the right side of the boat as choppy and on the left as calm.

Ten of Cups: This is the ‘happily ever after’ marriage card, which also means the community of good (prosperous) people.  The illustration shows mama, papa and two kids admiring their palatial home – kids dancing ‘oh goody-goody’ –  together, parents’ arms hugging one another and outstretched to the sky where a rainbow arcs over their home.

High Priestess: She is being spirituality today, as well as doing a stint as a single woman, the Other Woman, being alone, being quiet or secret about something.  She knows, as in knows spiritual secrets.  The symbols of occult wisdom surround her as she sits there with one of them a book labeled ‘Taro.’


The couple gets together and talks about how they love one another and are sharing freely

Eight of Wands
Star, Two of Cups, Three of Cups

Romance Perspective:
This is a grand love affair:  a whole lot of love talk and sharing of lives.
The couple gets together and talks about how they love one another and are sharing freely.
They are sexually close and love one another more and more – so happy together.
They are thrilled to share each and every thing with their counterpart.
Together, these lovers have more and more prosperity to share – They are thrilled and happy.
There is no need to say more.  Two cards mean a lot of conversation, the Star and the Eight of Wands.  Three cards mean loving another person:  Star, Two of Cups and Three of Cups.  The Two of Cups means a sexual couple, or a grand love affair.  This is a theme so entrenched it does not need a question to limit its material.  It’s about love, love, love.

Advice is that this is somewhere around you.  Being in love.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Star: Pour out enthusiasm, love, talking.  Illustration shows a woman who is happy and singing, doing some kind of bath routine, pouring something into the bathing pond.  She is feeling good all over.

Two of Cups: Often, Two of Cups in the Rider Waite/Tarot Verbatim school means there’s reason to mistrust someone you trust.  Sitting where it sits here, those teeth are pulled:  It means a sexually bonded couple.  In the illustration a couple pledges their troth with the caduceus overhanging the cup.

Three of Cups: So happy together sharing the profit and the good feeling.  One for all and all for one.  This card is kind of an expansion of the previous Two of Cups.  The girls in the illustration are celebrating the good life and their harvest/profit together.

Eight of Wands: Talk, more and more, each and every thing.  The illustration shows all those wands flying in the air, arranged to look like written messages, hence ‘talk’ as well.


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  1. Patty

    These could apply to me as well. The more I think about it – the ‘doner’ I get.
    May prompt tall taking, sad singing and slow walking 🙂 Hey I may learn to be a bitch before I’m done.

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