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Rider Waite Tarot-3-02-11a

One thing gives him the willies: standing too close to him and talking too much

Knight of Pentacles, Nine of Wands, Star

Romantic Perspective:
He knows how important it is (He pressures himself about this!) to say “I love you” to his partner.
He obsesses nervously about how close this relationship is, how in love he is.
A cowboy is self-conscious (Hope nobody’s lookin’.) about confessing his love, being real close.
Being the intimate partner of such a beautiful bodied dame makes a guy fearful.
He has one goal and he sweats it out:  to be the man this goddess is intimate with.

Such a macho man gets nervous when he is alone love-talkin’ with his intimate partner.
As much as he hates it, the one thing he has to do is tell his lady-love all about (this).
Out of all that talk, he focuses on one thing:  he loathes hand-to-hand deals.
One thing gives him the willies:  standing too close to him and talking too much.
She gushes to a macho man about how in love with him she is as if they were already close, and this is torture to him.
A guy forces himself to say that mushy ‘I love you’ stuff to his woman in private.

This is another Johnny-one-note spread.  Forget about business, we begin with intimacy, Temperance, and then end with confessing love, Star.  In between is the macho dude, Knight of Pentacles, with one thing on his mind … What else could it be, with the other cards saying what they say? … and the Nine of Wands, being on guard, sweating it out, dreading and feeling mighty uneasy about this.

Advice to derive from these four Rider Waite Tarot cards is that guys hate being mushy.  A real cowboy would rather kiss his horse at the end of the movie.  He is under a lot of pressure when it comes to intimacy, maximum pressure when it comes to admitting intimacy.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Temperance: Intimacy.  One-on-one closeness.  A hand-to-hand deal.  Intimate partner.  Physically close.  Illustration shows an angel mixing water and wine.  This card therefore should mean dilution, but it never has for me … even with the water pouring in the Star card.  The angel has a symbol of healing on his chest.  Today all we mean is closeness and intimacy.

Knight of Pentacles: One thing on the macho dude’s mind.  Today, it’s love, and he’s nervous about it.  This is the rough guy, the short pugnacious fella who is as tough as his horse.

Nine of Wands: Oh, we’re under pressure, uneasy, dreading it but hanging in there sweating it out.  Illustration is a border guard who is still on the job with a head injury.  It’s coming baaack, whatever it is.

Star: Pouring out love, gushing mush confessions all over the place.  We see a naked lady pouring water into a pond.  Is she bathing?  Well she is signing or performing sometimes.  Here the card is just talking about confessing love.

Rider Waite Tarot-3-02-11b

Daddy will always do for mama

Queen of Wands
Magician, Three of Wands, Emperor

He has power to get things done but she will always rule the household.
He will always be the one who acts like the head man, but she is the head woman.
He and she are in charge of this place, but he will be the one who acts like that.
Her income runs the house but he is the acting head of household.
Her old man makes the money and she runs the house.

Daddy will always do for mama.
What they each do brings the money in.  He is the boss, and she manages the place.
Good things are going to happen because of what the old man did:  It is her home.
The wife’s father makes the money.
She and her old man make the money.

Well, the best advice I can make of these four Rider Waite Tarot cards is that a couple who divides up what they are in charge of, when both of them are making money, have a continuing future.

The first card (Magician) means to do in all forms of the verb, and then we have income (Three of Wands) and then the man in power, the Emperor, and the woman in power, the Queen of Wands.  So two people who are in charge are making money, and someone or another is doing something.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Magician: Conjugate the verb ‘do’ and ya got it for the basic meaning of this Rider Waite Tarot card, keeping in mind it is most often a man or male who is doing, and that it also means things like ‘to bring it about’ and ‘to start’ or initiate.  Illustration shows the man acting out a magic ritual, getting something or another accomplished by doing that.

Three of Wands: It’s coming, income is coming to someone or something, on a continuing basis.  Just wait for the profit.  Illustration shows his ships coming in, and he is watching them approach.

Emperor: He is grandpa, the old man, the authority, the federal level, God the Father or daddy.  He has the title.  Illustration shows an old man sitting upright looking very important indeed, because he is important.

Queen of Wands: She runs the place – house or business.  She is the hands-on manager.  She is mama or the wife.  This is a competent no-nonsense practical female.  She does not have to exert authority.  Illustration shows that sort of a woman with a board in her right hand and a black cat sitting there lookin’ at ya indicating she can be witchy if she has to?



  1. Anna

    The spreads didn’t seem to have any relevance to my life today. Maybe my guy is nervous and feels lovey dovey but I didn’t talk to him today and am not aware of any of his thoughts/feelings

  2. Debi

    The first one is right on target and I can see the 2nd one will be once he professes his love.

  3. monica

    The first one is right on point for me today.

  4. FCP

    The first spread continues to be right on track with what’s happening to me.

  5. Win Freeman

    Again, your tarot telescope opens futher the pulse of our day, how doooo you do it?

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