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It seems, in the real world, I am doing ‘way more than my part

Three of Pentacles, Page of Cups, Ten of Wands

Romantic Perspective from the Responsible Person:
This relationship is really old; when is he/she going to commit?
It seems, in the real world, I am doing ‘way more than my part.
What kind of relationship is this?  I am waiting for it to be official.
This is a long term committed relationship … but a strange one.
How long is it going to be before I have a relationship that is normal?

Romantic Perspective from the Other:
When you’re weird, it’s difficult to be normal in dealing with others.
How difficult is doing my part enough to pass?
This relationship is ‘way too normal for a maverick like me.
I get asked too many questions about doing my proper part in this deal.
What am I doing here? – this relationship is ‘way too straight for me.

Well, do we have the same relationship from two opposite views of it?  First – as you have probably learned by now – the Three of Pentacles is about relationship; next the ‘Duh’ Page of Cups, the dork or weirdo or whatever, a card that suggests the sentence is a question; then Ten of Wands is slow going and ‘too much.’  Atop these is the staid and sober Hierophant.  If it weren’t for that joker in the middle there, we would have a different story.  (Life is like that, isn’t it?)

Advice is ask yourself whether your relationship makes sense to you, whether you and yours are each doing parts or roles mutually agreed upon, and if not … well why take it seriously if the joker is in it?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Three of Pentacles: This is the relationship.  This is each person doing his/her part as agreed upon, the mutually rewarding and mutually satisfying deal.  Illustration shows an inspection that happens just before the architect gets his final (large) payment.

Page of Cups: As I said, the joker, and a card that suggests a question is afoot.  We see him calling up words like ‘maverick’ and ‘weird,’ but mostly Page of Cups is making the sentence a question.  By the way, in decks other than Rider Waite Tarot, I doubt if this meaning applies.

Ten of Wands: Oh, he is overloaded and going slow.  He has undertaken too much at once.  See the load of wood on his back?  He isn’t putting it down ‘til he gets to where it is going.  This is long term, this is ‘how long?’

Hierophant: The pope pictured here stands for the official story, being straight, normal and committed, the proper role, and the real, physical world.


She wants more than romance, she wants him to be her husband legally, and she isn’t getting it

King of Wands, Queen of Swords, Six of Cups

Romantic Perspective:
She wants more than romance, she wants him to be her husband legally, and she isn’t getting it.
His wife complains she isn’t getting the romantic attention she is entitled to.
She wants her husband to give her presents like he should.
He does not legally marry the mother of his children; she is bitter about that.
She nags her husband to give the children what they should have.

His ex-wife sues him for child support.  (She is the complainant in a lawsuit over what her husband is to give the children.)
Being married to a man who has kids is irritating to her.
The angry type man and the angry type woman have a romance and get married.
The ex-wife and husband have a lawsuit over who the children live with.
The wife gives her child something that is legally the husband’s.

Another simple story.  We have husband, King of Wands, the Justice card that makes that ‘legal husband,’ the woman who is angry, not getting what she wants and deserves, or is nagging and complaining (or is a complainant in a lawsuit), the Queen of Swords; and then the children or the romance, the Six of Cups.

This probably describes something happening in a visitor’s life, or in the life of people a visitor knows.  I can’t think of any advice it gives, at all. The King of Wands and Queen of Swords would be a VERY unpleasant couple, a warring couple, and they are married because King of Wands with Justice is legal husband, and children would be a part of that.  This spread could be a woman prosecuting a man for romance with an underage girl, or perhaps child molesting, but I did not include that.

Meanings and Illustrations:

King of Wands: This is, in the Tarot Verbatim school of Rider Waite, the classical husband card.  It also means the irritated, angry, edgy, ill-tempered and possibly ‘working-class’ or redneck man.  The illustration supports that meaning:  The salamander symbol by his side means ‘fiery.’  (It’s a middle ages thing, don’t ask.)  He is a red-head, of course.

Queen of Swords: This is the angry irritated nagging complaining wench who isn’t getting what she wants.  He hollers and she whines, so they make a warring couple.  She is pictured as missing a dead child (the child pictured on her chair) and is also seen as a widow.  She has her left hand out as if to say ‘Gimme and NOW would be good’ and her right hand clutching a big sword.

Six of Cups: This is children and romance and old fashioned warm fuzzy feelings.  Little boy gives little girl flowers in front of a quaint house (or two) of a large estate.

Justice: It means ‘legal’ of the ‘legal husband’ phrase.  Also means of course any kind of court action or legality.  It also means ‘should’ and ‘entitled.’



  1. sue

    The angry type woman meets the angry type man — oh the drama!

  2. Jody

    I want I want I want!

  3. Win Freeman

    oh my….it must be your cards they meant when they said “the cards don’t lie!”

  4. FCP

    First spread – I just commented yesterday about him not committing! I am the responsible person, and he is the other person you mention above. Now, how to make it HAPPEN! lol

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