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Best thing for this person is to suppress his/her feeling that (people) are against (this) and be optimistic

Wheel of Fortune, Three of Swords, Eight of Swords

A wonderful thing happens:  freed from the crippling heartache!
Just lucky that (you are) not held back by these adverse circumstances, (you are) not even aware of them.
Escapes being killed in action/war by sheer luck.
Best thing for this person is to suppress his/her feeling that (people) are against (this) and be optimistic.
Freedom is suppressed when the fighting happens.

Assume this is wonderful and he/she can’t break from it/break up.
Assume there can’t be any conflict, that the best will just happen.
When the adverse factors are suppressed, one is free to cash in.
Assume adverse consequences can’t happen.
Oh, it’s going to happen for the best, that’s all there is to it:  There can’t be any opposition.
The impossible happens despite everything being against it.

You can’t fight destiny, don’t even think about it.
You can’t stop a miracle from happening, it just happens.
Assumes (you) can’t break up, it’s destiny.
A storm prevents the event from even happening.
No harm can come that would keep the windfall from happening.

At the ends we have two very optimistic Rider Wait concepts: Happens for the very best or the very best happens, the Wheel of Fortune, and optimism and being free, the Fool.  (The Fool has lots of meanings in the Rider Waite Tarot system.)  In the middle, two dismal swords that tend to cancel one another:  Three of Swords, hostility, adverse conditions, conflict/war; and Eight of Swords, to prevent, inhibit, kill, suppress, keep from  _____ing, and ‘can’t.’  We end with the ‘oh, never mind, let it be’ mood of the Fool.

Overall, this is a story of something great happening because whatever would oppose it is suppressed.  Advice is ‘Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes, because there are no torpedoes.”

There is no clear subject in the layout unless you take Three of Swords to be a divorce.  There are not clear pronouns or tense of verbs, so it can apply to anyone and to any time.  Writing it like that would make for very awkward reading, so you have to apply the alternative ones.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Wheel of Fortune, the names speaks for itself.  I once knew a competent experienced lawyer who said “If I had the choice between being a brilliant lawyer and a lucky lawyer, I would choose being a lucky lawyer,” and all his colleagues nodded wisely.  This Rider Waite Tarot card (and most of the other decks) means a miracle happens, a lucky break, ‘It happens!’

Three of Swords:
Adverse circumstances, hostility, opposition, conflict or war or battle or ‘combative,’ storm, hurt, and so on.  What else could a heart with three swords through it and gray storm clouds behind it mean?  (Medical meanings don’t apply today.)

Eight of Swords:
Tied up blindfolded in a swamp surrounded by the sharp instruments that would cut the bonds.  Of course it means to prevent, can’t, to inhibit, the impossible, to suppress.

Fool: I could list a hundred potential meanings for this card standing alone.  There is a spectrum for the Fool, it is one of those ‘ambiguous’ cards.  Influenced by the Wheel of Fortune, its ‘freedom’ meanings, it’s ‘don’t even think about’ themes, and its feeling of being uninhibited or unleashed are brought out.


Your financial future is secured, you overcome the challenge and are in a new phase of life

Ace of Swords
Five of Swords, Judgment, Two of Wands

The next time you are really going to pull it off for sure:  You win!
Your financial future is secured, you overcome the challenge and are in a new phase of life.
Being taken advantage of is the wakeup call that forces you to plan your future.
You ARE going to beat this – a surprise victory.
Tell the smart alec there’s a ‘new sheriff in town.’

No way are you the one who is picked on or taken advantage of.  This next time is different.
Using some force or an ultimatum against his smirking oneupsmanship will change things (for sure).
A revelation gives you the security to use force against force.
A revelation will give you the ability to overcome anyone who gets in your way.
Suddenly you have a bad attitude, you are going to lay down the law.

Laying down the law against the pushy guy will change him.
There is going to be a whole new way of life for sure:  You have pulled that off.
His unfair treatment of you made you change, and now your future is in your own hands.
Overcoming the bully will be giving you a whole new you.
You will give an ultimatum to the offender.

This is interesting.  Five of Swords and Ace of Swords suggests overcoming bullying, or overcoming an unfair situation.  Judgment is a new phase, new life, a change, and recovering.  Two of Wands is a secure future.  So we have a story of profiting from being taken advantage of, of being forced to stand up for yourself and having a revelation that fighting can be a good plan.  That is the advice:  It’s time to not put up with something, to whack back.

Half our cards today are swords, which would suggest today has conflict.  Like we just said, conflict can be edifying.  (Edifying is our vocabulary word – just means ‘good for you.’

Meanings and Illustrations:

Five of Swords: This is the guy with the Cheney smirk, the pushy bastard.  It can also be advice to adopt a ‘bad attitude’ and can also mean to ‘beat’ something that bedevils you.  The story of the Five of Swords is that the guy took his friends’ swords for real when they were just playing at dueling.

Judgment: A new life, a change, a resurrection.  The illustration shows the resurrection day.

Two of Wands: Here stands the wealthy landowner overlooking the holdings from the top of his roof, holding the world in his hands … that’s kinda obvious.  It stands for financial security, the future, and to put the sentence in future tense.

Ace of Swords: This is victory, all one way, an ultimatum, and ‘have to.’  The hand with the sword in it, and the laurel of victory crowing the sword.

Tomorrow I will be trying something new. One of the spreads will have a question which will be “how to solve or handle whatever a  problem of yours is.”



  1. siew

    I like both spreads. Have been tired and working hard lately. Some unexpected good luck would be like a lollipop.

  2. Tina G

    Always excited to read the next day’s spread.
    love this, thanks, Emily

  3. samuel f

    Kudos emily…today was right on point…myself and 2 of my collegues had simular tasks today of “laying down the law” I look forward to the next phase of my life and am preparing myself for wt is to come…as always thanx

  4. Jules

    I spent some time with these because I could just about write a book in response.
    So I’ll say this; a lifelong pattern having to do with relationship and financial
    security has been playing out in my life. The outcome feels more emotionally freeing than I could have imagined, and came about without heavy effort one way or another.
    Some “suppression of adverse factors”, yes. And “being taken advantage of forces you to plan your future”, true.

    “assume there can’t be any conflict, that the best will just happen” has been my
    emotional take away. Cool and new for me, thanks!

  5. Anna

    I am trying to lay down the law, which is new for me because I’ve never met anyone sooo pushy before. I am also looking forward to tomorrow’s new spread!

  6. Patty

    Very good. I can use both spreads. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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