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Today’s question is:  How to deal with whatever your problem is.


It’s other people’s problems, their time to worry. The truth is: You are doing fine with what you have

Queen of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles, Nine of Swords

It’s other people’s problems, their time to worry.  The truth is:  You are doing fine with what you have.
You have all the resources to analyze this situation that involves you worrying about the other people.
You help others and take care of them:  It is their problems you worry about.
The truth is:  You are investing what is yours in a dysfunctional worrisome bunch of people.
These screwed up people come crying to you for help, and you take care of them.

Two of these cards refer to helping and taking care of another, Queen of Pentacles and Hermit.  But today they are not taking care of each other.  No, there are some dysfunctional people who are the problem, Ten of Pentacles, and there is a major ‘Wah’ going on, or worry, the Nine of Swords.

Advice is to take a good look at how you are spending your own time, effort and heart juices on people who ARE a problem, are upsetting you.  Inference is:  and not doing anything for themselves.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Queen of Pentacles: She takes care of her man or her people, she uses her resources for others.  Yes, she is doing fine.  Pictured with money in her hands and surrounded by growing things.

Ten of Pentacles: That’s the trouble people she is taking care of, depicted as a quarreling family but it also refers to a troubled romance or marriage.

Nine of Swords: Boo-hoo.  Up nights crying is the scene.  Here is refers to her worry about them, or to their attitude of crying to her.

Hermit: The truth is.  To analyze and observe a situation.  Helping others.  Illustrated is the monk who goes out looking for people in trouble to bring them help.


Sleep through the trouble and it will produce exactly what you want, just for you

Nine of Cups, Four of Swords, Nine of Pentacles

Just wait out the bad scene, enjoying your private life by yourself, and you will get what you want.
It’s a really bad situation, but not yours to do anything about:  Mind your own business and enjoy life.
You don’t need to do another thing about the terrible situation, you are single and have what you need.
Sleep through the trouble and it will produce exactly what you want, just for you.
You have what is yours, and that’s that, you have no part in the bad scene.

Nine of Cups, he is mighty satisfied with his own good dinners; and Nine of Pentacles feels the same self-satisfaction.  They are both enjoying their own private lives, and she specifically is not interested in other people’s anything.  In the middle is not doin’ a thing.  And the last card reflects the question today, which is about ‘your problem.’  Well, the advice is:  It’s not really your problem, you can just enjoy what you’ve got and to heck with this problem thing.  Take a nap.  (Sometimes that is very literal advice.  When you see Four of Swords, ask yourself whether you are short on your sleep.)

So the advice here is:  Problem, what problem?  It isn’t really your problem.  Enjoy what you’ve got and to heck with it all.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Nine of Cups: Have everything you want or need, get what you want, enjoy life.  Pictured is the fat fella who ate and drank to surfeit, still grinning in satisfaction.

Four of Swords: To rest, sleep, meditate, and not do or be active about anything.  Take it easy.  The illustration shows the candidate for knighthood meditating in the cathedral before he is knighted.

Nine of Pentacles: She is enjoying her private life and minding her own business, she is single and is just for herself, which echoes the Nine of Cups’ self centered approach.

Moon: This stands for whatever the problem is, that terrible thing.  This Rider Waite Tarot card stands for everything gone wrong.  Pictured in weird colors are a full moon, a dog with a wolf, a lobster beginning a land journey.


In the process (painful) of separating yourself from that sweet guy you love so much

Three of Swords
Ace of Cups, Knight of Cups, Three of Wands

When you are broken up or divorced, someone comes to you with loving feelings.
When your true love comes to you, you will be separating yourself from a heartache.
In the process (painful) of separating yourself from that sweet guy you love so much.
While you are hurting, wait for someone who expresses (his) devotion to come to  you.
Break up, separate from him, and he will come to you with heartfelt devotion.

Well, this is obviously about love.  The Ace of Cups means love, the Knight of Cups is the loving person or man, and the Three of Swords is heartache, splitting up, hurting.  The card that isn’t in that theme is the Three of Wands which indicates a good future.

Advice here is to let love come to you regardless of whatever is hurtful or regardless of some separation you find yourself in.  The spread has a very pleasant feel to it.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Cups: Love, true love, God’s love.  Good everything:  good health, no harm, ease.  The illustration in Rider Waite depicts the dove and wafer, symbols of the Holy Spirit, infusing five flows (which stand for the five senses).

Knight of Cups: And here is the loving person, usually a man, usually youngish (which can mean young in heart or attitude, or ‘pure’) taking the initiative to express affection:  ‘He comes to you’ type thing.  The soft curves of the line drawing, and his relaxed pretty horse express all this.

Three of Wands: It’s coming.  Something comes to you, you are not going to it; and whatever it is, it’s a good thing.  Often in means income or profit.  Illustration screams ‘Ships coming in.’

Three of Swords: A divorce card in Tarot Verbatim.  It means separation, hostility, being against, hurt, and shows a heart with three knives piercing it.

All three spreads say: Relax. You don’t need to take any action. Let it work itself out; it will.



  1. JF

    Hey I love the streaming post!

    I too love the advice and the end of spread! It is coming together for me and my mind is starting to put your voice to the cards, which really helps with people that learn better by hearing than by reading 😉

  2. Thank you all for your contributions. On the weekends, the question will be about how to handle whatever your problems are.
    Today’s question is ‘What projects should I be focusing on in my life now?’ I hope this material is as beneficial to you as yesterday’s was. Tell friends if you have some who would be receptive: We need new customers, the elk need massive fence posts that are expensive, and we have SIX pregnant elk. Hope the radiation doesn’t hurt them: They can’t stay indoors.
    I will try to think of a question for tomorrow. It is so much easier when there is some sort of question to write you the answers.

  3. Debi

    Three spreads, this is beyond belief. So, true I am always helping these dysfunctional people surrounding me. I am doing fine and need to enjoy myself more.
    My guy and I have been apart for a long while and I will let him come to me.

  4. sue

    This advice fits me great today. I’ve taken on more briefs than I can chew and my brain stalls. Writing is not fun. They will come automatically with time. Thank you for writing these daily cards. You’ve always given effective advice.

  5. samuel f

    Thanx Em…I needed that I get pulled in different directions putting out other people’s fires. I not only become the last resort by default but also the 1st and 2nd options as well…. if I concentrate on me…I have enough…
    Thanx emily…love ya

  6. FCP

    I agree, love this twist! Maybe you can shake things up like this once a week? It’s been a really long and bumpy 3 months. My mind is always spinning with “what can I DO about it?” but this is great advice that maybe I don’t need to be doing anything at all right now! Thanks as always Em!

  7. Tina G

    Love the new twist you added Emily! It fits perfectly to me and I enjoy the ‘advice’ at the end of each spread but especially the culmination of advice at the bottom ‘relax, you don’t need to take any action, let it work itself out, it will.’
    I’m going to take the advice, (hopefully, since I can’t sit on my hands and wait for things to happen, inpatience is my downfall), and know my higher power looking after me and keeping me on the right positive path.

    Kind of like the movie, The Adjustment Bureau and you’ll know what I mean…good movie, by the way!!

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