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Today’s question is:  What projects should I be focusing on in my life now?


Fear and worry drain you: Know the truth by thinking very factually and soberly

Five of Pentacles
Queen of Cups, Hermit, Nine of Swords

You can be so miserable you miss your supporter(s) when your thinking is worrying.
You worry about doing without.  Think calmly and analytically regarding this.
Fear and worry drain you:  Know the truth by thinking very factually and soberly.
It is when you are depleted that you can’t sleep.  Your mind is going at night.

It is a fact that worrying about poor times is what is on (her )mind.
You get so upset and lonely:  You know he is looking for you, coming to you (at night).
When your thoughts make you anxious, go help someone who is in real need.
She knows she has help but still worries about poor times.

Queen of Cups is her thinking (often about her man) and Hermit is factual calm observation – that type of thinking.  Then we have the Nine of Cups being upset, not able to sleep, worrying and having bad dreams, followed by ‘dark night of the soul,’ the Five of Pentacles which means to be so depleted you don’t even see help – to be doing without and miserable, possibly feeling sorry for yourself.  Except for Queen of Cups, all these cards are night scenes.  The first three cards all have something to do with thinking about things.  Hermit means giving help and Five of Pentacles is being in need of help.

The project is to be aware of how you worry about doing without, how anxious that makes you, how it keeps you up nights, and to think logically, calmly about this – to observe what the truth is factually and calm down.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Queen of Cups: She is thinking.  Today it’s not about her man, but about herself.  She is shown dreamily staring at some ugly antique.

Hermit: This is truth, facts, rational observation, coming to a person, helping a person.  Pictured is the monks that go out at night looking for travelers in distress – and of course the Five of Pentacles is some travelers on the street in distress.

Nine of Swords: We know him/her, don’t we?  Up nights being anxious and not sleeping, worrying in the dark.  That is the illustration

Five of Pentacles: ‘Bums on the street.’  Destitute.  Drained, exhausted, so numb they don’t see the church refuge there, and keep going.  Poor times, indeed.  Depicts our fears, yes?


Get out from under the restrictions these screwed-up people foist on you: Bitch at them!

Ten of Pentacles, Two of Cups, Queen of Swords

Get away from the people who put their troubles on you, put you in a foul mood.
Get  out from under the restrictions these screwed-up people foist on you:  Bitch at them!
Free yourself from the oppressive values of a (family?) culture that sacrifices you to benefit others.
Have some fun with the in-laws (or the ex) that suck(s) your blood .
Just quit holding people up to your standards who are dysfunctional mooches/bloodsuckers.
You feel so good when you leave such a dysfunctional home life with that bloodsucking bitch.
She is to be stern with the brat who is a drain on the whole family.
This demanding wench converted his money to her own use, and he is out of that sick nasty house.

The first two cards here, in Rider Waite Tarot, refer to social scheming, to one-ups-manship and being in the grip of controlling folks, the oppressive undertones of hostile atmospheres between or among people who are associated with one another.  Ten of Pentacles and Two of Cups are NOT where you want to be!  The next card can be either the woman who is suffering from the grief described, or is the cause of it (or both).  But that last card means to be free of, to get out of and out from under.  (But it can also be the brat who causes the grief.  So there is some variation on the theme, but the theme is quite strongly stated here.

The project is to get away from troublesome and troublemaking people who ‘get to you’ and make you irritable.  Being the victim of family bloodsuckers is VERY clearly stated … but so is the escape!  So you can leave this phase of your life behind; it is over.  All over but the shouting?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ten of Pentacles is any kind of dysfunctional, screwed-up, quarrelsome, scheming backstabbing politicking people, be it family, workplace, friends, or the AA group.  It can be The Mob or any gang or mob, even a government or agency.  A family quarrel is the picture.

Two of Cups: This is how the dysfunctional backstabbing quarrelsome family began:  with a bloodsucking user for a lover.  Other decks (and other readers of the Rider Waite deck) consider this a romance card, but they disregard that caduceus.  This is, say, marrying for money, or using someone for sex or social climbing.

Queen of Swords can be either the woman who is suffering from the dysfunctional family or group, or who is part of the problem.  It is also advice to <em>be</em> the bitch.  She sits there with that weapon in her right hand and her left hand inviting someone to ‘Come on down.’  Could be PMS.

Sun: Leaving home.  Out of there.  Free of it.  But also the brat.  Illustration shows the kid who snuck out of the house to play bareback, naked, on a horse with a wicked gleam in its eye.


He is looking for a partner who is a VIP to cooperate with as two strong men together

King of Swords
Knight of Pentacles, Temperance, Ace of Cups

Have your close relationship be with a responsible man who really loves you and only you.
This man is looking only for true love, for an intimate partner who is as grownup as he is.
He is a strong man; he is determined that his partner is going to be an equal who is cooperative.
He is looking for a partner who is a VIP to cooperate with as two strong men together.
Focus on cooperating closely with the boss.

Center cards, Temperance and Ace of Cups, refer to being close, cooperating and/or loving; and the outer cards are both strong men.  Mr. Knight of Pentacles is the ‘muscle,’ the younger ambitious focused dude, and Mr. Knight of Swords is the strongman, the responsible grownup, the leader.

The project is to associate yourself – and we refer here to both love and business – with a stable strong man, a non-neurotic male, in order to get ahead and have no clash or conflict in your story.  Now, this refers to both men and women as well as refers to both love and other life arenas.  It is talking about eliminating the bad stuff from your life by hanging out with stable males.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Knight of Pentacles: He is focused today.  All the cards around him bring out the best in him today, so we won’t mention his ‘bad side.’  The illustration shows a man focused on that one thing he holds in front of his face.

Temperance: Close associates, intimate association, equal partners.  Temperance also has a healing influence to it, that is echoed by the adjacent next card, the Ace of Cups.  Shown is an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another over water.  This is one of the Middle Ages cards that some purists feel has no real place in the Tarot.

Ace of Cups: Cooperation, love – and also a secondary meaning of healing or health.  Depicted is the idea that the Holy Spirit indwelling in a person creates an atmosphere that clears all bad influences away.  The dove and the wafer are symbols of the Holy Spirit, and the five flows of liquid refer to the five senses.

King of Swords: This is the strong man or strongman, the grownup responsible man of character, the military disciplined man.  Illustrated is a tall German-looking fellow, very erect, holding the weapon as if it were part of himself, very relaxed yet also alert.

So what all these spreads have in common is the importance of associating with people who bring out the calm focused you – to avoid aggravating social scenes and people, and to seek out the opposite, to seek out calm grownups.



  1. Win Freeman

    Love your question and answer format!

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    The “bitch” at them reading is on point!

  3. Anna

    Excellent questions for today and yesterday. And the last spread describes the new guy in my life perfectly.

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    Wonderful insight, Thanks

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    Thanks,its lot of help

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    This is so helpful. Thanks.

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