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Today’s question is:  What should I do to have the good life for myself?


Your being the attractive resourceful person makes others figure they should be good to you

Six of Cups
Empress, Seven of Pentacles, Six of Wands

Your being the attractive resourceful person makes others figure they should be good to you.
She is so attractive guys feel she must be influencing them to give her things and pay attention to her.
When you have plenty, ask yourself whether the person you are trusting is being a mooch.
Ever wonder why people go out of their way to be generous to a person who is a resource to them?
Old friends are comfortable to be with. You wonder what other people are up to, what their motives are.
If you were rich, would old trusted friends mooch, get you to fund their schemes?

Promote your good life by being a resource to people, and some of them will be a resource to you.  The person who gives of what he or she has is the person who can ask others to go out of their way to do him/her a favor.  But we aren’t talking about being a universal blood donor to the vampires of the world – no, we are talking about operating the Law of Reciprocity.  ‘Reciprocity.’  That is our vocabulary word – to reciprocate, to return the graciousness.  In this way you have a small group of reliable companions.

The graciousness is expressed in the Empress and in the Six of Cups.  Empress is the old fertility goddesses, and Six of Cups in Rider Waite is to give, is that moment of sweetness and trusting.  In the middle, we wonder what people are up to, what use they have for us – the Seven of Pentacles, to wonder, and Six of Wands, that friendly enemy who has a use for you and yours, the saboteur.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Empress: There she sits, the sexy female fertility figure.  She is the resource for others, she has an abundance of everything and is slow-moving easygoing and … lazy.

Seven of Pentacles: ‘Huh?’  He wonders whether his plants will bear.

Six of Wands: Here is the mooch, the fella or gal who has a use for you and what you are doing.  This is the con artist:  Even his horse doesn’t trust him, see?

Six of Cups:  There’s the little boy giving his little girl friend some flowers:  sweetness, trust, old friends.


Take care of the people who look out for you, who are straight in a messed up world

Justice, Queen of Pentacles, Seven of Cups

Possess the ability to look for and find the sane parts of insane circumstances.
With the ability to analyze and observe, you can straighten out things that are out of control.
She has the ability to see (through the smokescreen) who is entitled to be taken care of.
Take care of the people who look out for you, who are straight in a messed up world.
Possess the ability to look for and find the sane parts of insane circumstances.
Possess the ability to analyze and  straighten out the mess.
When things are is disarray, find a way that you can make things as they should be.

Justice and Hermit are sanity bearers; they both mean ‘right’ in different ways.  Queen of Pentacles and Hermit both mean ‘to take care of’ or ‘to care for’ another person.  Then there’s the chaos card, the Seven of Pentacles.  So straightening out a mess is featured, and taking care of other people is featured.

The project is to cut through the clutter in the environment, yourself, and use the talents you have and the position you are in to nurture the sane and rational side or sides.  Use the abilities you have to make the world around you sane amidst the insanity.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Justice: Love the picture on this card, want a stained glass window of it.  The sword in the hands of Justice and the scales equals ‘law enforcement.’  But the general application is ‘should’ or things the way they are supposed to be, or sanity and balance.

Queen of Pentacles: She is one of the ‘resource’ cards along with the Empress in the spread above this one.  She takes care of – usually her family or her man.  She has the ability.  She has the money or has his money to handle.  ‘Handle’ is a key word to the Tarot Verbatim Rider Waite meaning of this card.

Seven of Cups: Here comes the spoiler, and it is chaos, a mess, out of control.  Clutter of unrelated items in a cloud is the illustration.  The story it is part of is either Pandora’s Box or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Hermit: Analyze, observe, help, care for another person, sanity.  The monk goes out looking for some traveler in distress, to set his situation straight and help him on his way.


Her faith and good opinion of the manipulative man cleans up his act

Queen of Cups
Hierophant, King of Pentacles, Page of Wands

Understand what kind of person the boss is, and think of that as okay.
Her faith and good opinion of the manipulative man cleans up his act.
She sees him as respectable, so he, the gangster type, acts respectable.
A rich bankster feels entitled to a sweet naïve wife who thinks he is a good guy.
Know how the very wealthy whitewash their images.
It’s having a wealthy father that entitles her to this well-dressed good-looking young man.

Part of having a good life for yourself is dealing with reality, and this spread points out that powerful men (or people) have the edge, that not challenging their real manipulative underhanded natures pays off, that we should think about making them look good.

Two of these Rider Waite Tarot cards are about having a respectable image, the Hierophant and the Page of Wands.  The middle card is the ‘powerful bastard, the King of Pentacles, and we end with the sweet loyal wife lady who thinks well of her man.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Hierophant: This is about what the church teaches the commoners, the official cleaned-up story we hear from authority everywhere, including our parents.  Pictured is the pope doing a ceremony.

King of Pentacles: This is the rich powerful manipulative bankster stockbroker politician gangster dude.  He be da man.  Love the grapes embroidered on his clothes and that self-satisfied little smile of his.  We all know this guy, don’t we?

Page of Wands: We are respectable.  We have a good image.  We are as well-dressed as John Gotti, and are well-spoken as well.  Look at us, we are proud of our looks.

Queen of Cups: Here is the true believer, the handmaiden to the official narrative.  People like her can be John Gotti’s secretary and believe John is a good guy, that she understands him.  And she will get a good life for herself doing that.  Interesting that this question brings up this concept.  It must be meaningful to some of you out there.

We asked about making a good life for yourself, and it’s all about minding your own image and the image of the people in your world.  It’s about honoring the people who are straight with you, your true friends, as well as being supportive of, and not crossing, the good image of the bastards in power around you.



  1. Sue

    I’ve just never thought about the world this way before, minding people’s image… but I can see how it makes sense and keeps people happier.

  2. Monica

    I like the specific questions. The last one applied specifically to a work situation with my trainers! Good reading!

  3. julie

    Just when I think I am pondered out…. you give me other thoughts to ponder..maybe I will improve my own image to and for myself.
    Thank you for your words/writings

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