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Today’s Question is: How do I keep myself on an even keel as I go through whatever is happening?


You have to go through whatever comes, and then that is the good old days

Six of Cups
Ace of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Three of Wands

Ups and downs have to come, life is sweet.
Cycles have to come back to the good part.
The past keeps coming back as another challenge.
You have to go through whatever comes, and then that is the good old days.
Have absolute trust that you will be getting through this.
Overcoming comes in stages and has its rewards.

Three of these cards refer to time: Two of Pentacles means a recurring cycle; Three of Wands means waiting for what is coming; Six of Cups means the past, the good old days. The other card means, here today, ‘have to’ as well as ‘absolute’ and ‘overcoming.’ Both the six of Cups and the Three of Wands speak of good experiences – one in the past and one is the future.

Advice is that things change, and if you wait, good things will come again; that life is good with its ups and downs.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Swords: You absolutely have to overcome. Ha-ha. That is stringing together the three Rider Waite Tarot meanings we use today. And there’s that sword with the crown of overcoming or victory.

Two of Pentacles: Ups and downs, a cycle that keeps recurring, to go through, stages. The juggler keeps his items moving up and down, it is part of the act.

Three of Wands: What is coming. Good experiences are on the way. Illustration is the merchant waiting for his ships to come in.

Six of Cups: Life is sweet, the good part, the sweet past, the good old days, trust, rewarded. Little boy gives little girl flowers in a nostalgic scene.


When you feel alerted and emotional, don’t do the deal

Page of Swords, Three of Pentacles, King of Cups

Have a relationship with a calm good man, and you won’t be aggravated.
He is an emotional man; he should not have a relationship that is anxiety-producing.
He is not a good guy so you are guarded whenever you deal with him.
When you feel alerted and emotional, don’t do the deal.
He drinks when the people he deals with get to him, so he doesn’t have relationships.
When meeting with a person makes you nervous, he is not a good person.
The gentleman is afraid he is not doing his part.
He is a good man, he does his part, no need to be on guard.

Page of Swords and King of Cups are emotional, often emotional men. The Page of Swords in Rider Waite Tarot is on guard, anxious, apprehensive or fearful, nervous, edgy, alerted or aggravated. The King of Cups is calm, emotional, can be your affectionate honey, and also can be a drinker or a passive or passive-aggressive man. Then the Three of Pentacles is a relationship, deal or meeting, and the Death card is a negative modifier … won’t, should not, etc.

Advice here is to not deal with people that get on your nerves or that make you anxious and mistrustful. (One of our recent past readings, if I recall, gave this advice in the positive: to deal with people you can trust.) If a person makes you uneasy, don’t have anything to do with him or her.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Page of Swords: Like I said above, on guard, anxious, apprehensive or fearful, nervous, edgy, alerted or aggravated. The illustration shows a fellow in a paranoid stance, both hands on his weapon when there’s no one for miles around.

Three of Pentacles: Common meanings for this card are about a deal, relationship or meeting. It shows a real estate closing, the final inspection of a cathedral before the architect is paid.

King of Cups: Here is a man who is calm, emotional, can be your affectionate honey, and also can be a drinker or a passive (wishy-washy) or passive-aggressive man. The emotionality is expressed in the illustration through the water flowing right up to his throne, and ships being tossed behind him.

Death: This is usually just the negative word in the sentence. In the illustration, the king’s life is over, he is not.

So, in order to be on an even keel in your life, be aware that if you don’t like what is happening now, it will change, that there will always be sweet times, and also that today, with all its aggravations, will be the good old days eventually. Don’t deal much with aggravatin’ folks and you won’t be aggravated much.



  1. Tina G

    I read this a day late and it still match my situation.
    Thanks, Emily, love this!!!

  2. Sue

    This too shall pass… Gotta keep that in mind. It’s the end of the day. Sleeping kid curled up next to me, a cup of tea, and a good book. There were no bad moments today.

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