Our Daily Spread for Mar. 28, 2011

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There is a whole new life upcoming that will make the way things are now look like poor times

Four of Swords, Five of Pentacles, Two of Wands

A new era of stability will arrive during these poor times.
You stayed poor until you suddenly have a plan.
Nothing was done while you were drained and ill, but you will recover and be back in the saddle.
There is a whole new life upcoming that will make the way things are now look like poor times.
Going to recover from lying around feeling sorry for him/herself.

Being depressed because of being bedridden is going to change.
You could not do anything because you did not have the money but that will change suddenly.
New life is coming just when you got used to doing without.
Good news is coming, wake yourself from slumber and feeling helpless.
If you do nothing you will be the loser: Be on the lookout for a big change to be announced.

Two of these cards refer to a good future: Judgment and Two of Wands. Judgment means revival, recovery, rebirth, new era new phase – new anything that’s good. Two of Wands means the outlook is very secure, very stable, financially too. The Four of Swords means to be dormant, lie down or sleep – and here, ‘bedridden’ because the Five of Pentacles is being in really bad shape. So obviously we are talking about going from poor times to good times financially and health-wise.

Advice? Well, ‘Take up thy bed and walk.’ Since we say good times are coming, be looking for the shadow!

Meanings and Illustrations:

Four of Swords: To stay the same or be used to, to do nothing or not participate, to lie around. Same-old same old. Illustration is of the fellow lying on the coffin to meditate all night as part of the knighthood ritual.

Five of Pentacles: These desperate people in rags are so numb and sick, and it’s so cold, they trudge past the warm church where they would get a meal. Oh, yeah, poor times.

Two of Wands: Outlook is excellent. Stability. Security. The illustration of someone who ‘got the whole world in his hands.’

Judgment: Judgment means revival, recovery, rebirth, new, era new phase – new anything that’s good. It also means a big announcement, news.



The money you lost is coming back in a breakthrough

Ten of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Three of Wands

The money you lost is coming back in a breakthrough.
He has money, that he would have lost, to spend from his income when he is divorced.
Money he pays in the divorce devastates him but his ships are coming in.
So miserable that when money comes in he/she spends it on a divorce.
Through all the disasters, there was still enough money to pay the bills.

There is going to be a breakthrough as hitting bottom pays off.
Dead broke, and you get your hands on money; bankrupt and money comes in.
Money from a lawsuit about being injured, money from the wreck/disaster.
Money comes in to pay the bills when he/she is broke from being incapacitated.

Well, the Ten of Swords and the Tower are both disasters, and the Six of Pentacles and the Three of Wands are both money coming in. Tower can be a breakthrough as well as a divorce. Ten of Swords can mean ‘to lose’ or ‘lost.’

Advice is to appraise how not having money either causes, has caused or will cause ‘having the money’ to happen. A ghetto inspires ambition. Losing one kind of life forces another to replace it. Whatever.
As with our previous spread today, hitting bottom brings financial well-being. (The first today spread applies equally to money and to health; this one is not that general.)

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ten of Swords: Now, if there is one card I would not like to exemplify, it’s this one: down for the count, knife in the back – the illustration in Rider Waite says it all. Pamela Coleman Smith expresses the idea so well here.

Six of Pentacles: Money is paid. Money is spent and received in a transaction. Paycheck. Illustration shows a well-dressed employer paying his raggedy workers exactly what he owes them. They are not union workers.

Three of Wands: Good things are coming. Money is coming in. It’s on its way. The picture on this card speaks of ‘Ships coming in’ rather obviously.

Tower: This is not good! A breakthrough is one of its few appetizing meanings. The illustration refers to the overthrow of the Tower of Babel. Disaster, divorce …




  1. sonia

    its 11 p.m. here in India,delhi and have not yet receieved the spread for today .i.e. 29.03.2011

  2. Debi

    I have many potential irons in the fire so I hope my time is now. I also think the guy I want is in the process of divorcing the situation he is in to invest in our relationship permanently.

  3. FCP

    Goodness I hope these spreads are for me! I have been struggling for a while now and some extra money would be a nice change. Wonder if the second spread is about my ex husband? We have both suffered financially due to our divorce within the past year.

  4. Tina G

    The first spread could be about me because my temp job, as of today, doesn’t look like it will continue to be permanent but maybe there is something up ahead that will be better. I sure hope so because I don’t want to revisit the unemployment island again…

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