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Rider Waite Tarot Spread

He wonders why women all are happy to get married, when it is so dangerous

Three of Cups
Seven of Swords, Seven of Pentacles, Four of Wands

Sharing risk/Insurance:
There may be some glitches shared by all the members.
What if the risk is shared by the family members?
Family members seem happy to share that risk factor.
The girls’ club invested on a long shot, a questionable company
The girls share the profit from investing jointly in a long shot – a shady company.

What if everyone in the organization/company shared the risk?
Which company would share that kind of risk?
Maybe be a corporation to share the risk.
The married girls pooled their money for an ill-advised risky venture.
The women made money on a company that is a risky venture.

Crime Perspective:
We are all happy living together in this house but there may be a thief among us.
I wonder whether those girls are members of a crime family.
He considers ways to steal a woman’s house.
Maybe he can break into the house where the girls live.
That seems to be a dangerous place for women.

Did they share the proceeds when the house was broken into?
The girls may live in a dangerous neighborhood.
Is this criminal going to marry his girlfriend?
The girls doubt anyone will break into their house.
What danger do women pose to the Establishment?

Everyone in organized crime seems to be sharing a good time.
That company is so profitable, it may be breaking the law.
Is that a ‘house of ill repute’ where the girls are?
How could women from such good family break the law?
Are all these happy girls from a crime family?

Romantic/Cheating Perspective:
Married women suspect he cheats.
Why is it dangerous to date girlfriends at home?
The girlfriend seems to have tricked him into marrying her.
Can he get this girlfriend he is dating to his house to seduce her/fool around with her?
He figures the women he dates are all out to marry him.
He wonders why women all are happy to get married, when it is so dangerous.

Is someone sneaking around the girls’ dorm/house?
Those women/this girlfriend may wreck the family.
If he sneaks out of the house, it is to party with the girls.
He may sneak out of the house to be with the girlfriend.
He dates dangerous women and may marry one.

The women of my spouse’s family seem to think I did something wrong.
The party girls live there, and guys think up excuses to sneak over there.
So why is it dangerous to marry a partying girlfriend?
So why can’t she share a happy married life with him cheating?
Girls are so happy to be at that place, there must be something wrong with it.
He cheats on his marriage, the women share him, he figures we’re all happy.

Women Hang Together:
He suspects the girls in that building hang together for some sneaky reason.
Women all get together, they have something in common and are happy: What are they plotting?
The girls of the family seem to get their way at our expense.
I suspect this women’s organization is up to something.
How dangerous can an organized bunch of broads be?

Real Estate Perspective:
This house that women all like may have a hidden defect.
How can he get women to be happy living in this criminal community?
Women enjoy living over there in that development: How can I sabotage that?
Everyone in that neighborhood seems to be happy in spite of its hazards.

I could go on, too. Why so many sentences for this particular set of cards? Two main reasons: (1) All of them have several classes of meanings and (2) None of these meanings exclude the others’ phrases.
When these two things converge, the possibilities are endless and, in a real reading, interpretation is based on the question … which we don’t have here. (Always remember: The question is at least half of the answer, just as the Questioner is at least half of the reading.)

The first card is the ‘spoiler,’ but isn’t much of one in this setting. That Seven of Swords doesn’t have any support for its darker meanings here. Organized crime (with the Four of Wands for ‘organized’) is about it. (Well, you could say ‘I wonder whether the government assassin was a girl’ or ‘Did he really kill the girl(s) in that house?’ but how applicable is that here?) Anyway, today the Seven of Swords is a thief, a risk, a hazard, is sneaking or ‘up to something,’ is tricking or outsmarting type of thing. It also means dangerous, which combines with the Four of Wands as ‘dangerous neighborhood.’ See how a crime family can make a dangerous neighborhood?

Next we have the Seven of Pentacles, who casts doubt. That is just about his only job. He wonders, he ponders, he is ‘iffing’ all over himself too. Then comes the Four of Wands, a place, building, house, home, marriage, a group of people – so ‘organization’ and ‘neighborhood’ comes in there.

Lastly is the Rider Waite Tarot card that means girls, party girls, girlfriend(s), women together, sharing, pooling money, and having a good time. Now I invite you to put these pieces together and make up stories of your own.

Advice? Whatever the risks are, there’s enjoyment of life to be had. Cast doubt on the risks, get together with your own kind, celebrate and enjoy life. If you are looking at houses to live in, especially if you are female, there may be hidden defects in the one that appeals to you most.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Seven of Swords: This is the criminal, the thief, the assassin even. He is a lowlife, not a politician. Or, more likely, we are talking about outsmarting or getting outsmarted, tricking into or being tricked into. This is the creep who gets past your defenses and makes off with a piece of you. I don’t like him next to girlfriend and marriage here! His illustration, in Rider Waite, shows a fellow hotfooting away with the weapons from the enemy camp, disarming the enemy. So, yeah, he is ‘out to get’ some people.

Seven of Pentacles: His job is to ask ‘Really?’ He is a question mark – often literally instructing the reader to put the message into question form. He often calls up ‘I wonder’ or anything that means to speculate. Illustration is him wondering whether he is going to get cucumbers from his garden, which is unknown because you can’t tell the gender of the plant, and it is one of those that doesn’t produce unless both genders are close by.

Four of Wands: Marriage makes family, family is the first unit of community and government – all of which is about organization. (If we weren’t born into families, would we make governments? – I wonder about this, myself.) This Rider Waite Tarot card expresses the connection by showing a wedding of prominent families, which is a community gathering. So the mansion also expresses a headquarters of a power center, and an organization itself.

And then comes Three of Cups, which, as I have been saying, is sharing, the Three Musketeers, pooling money, having a good time together, partying, girlfriend, girlfriends, women together and an investment that pays off. Illustration shows three happy women celebrating the payoff of their joint venture, a farm.

Rider Waite Tarot Spread

An announcement to people who are fearful about being paid: Money is coming

Nine of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Two of Wands

Money Comes In:
Just when all is lost, the return on the investment comes in.
Surprise! You worried about paying the bills and now you have financial security.
Money worries have you not sleeping, and then you are well off again.
The new phase of your life is about being secure and having so much money it worries you.
You are upset, but financial recovery is coming.

Suddenly, after all that anxiety, the financial outlook is solid.
A recovery is coming, you will get the money you deserve that you were afraid about.
You worry about getting your money back: It will be in your hands.
An announcement to people who are fearful about being paid: Money is coming.
They are scared: Tell them they will be paid.

Repaying, Re-funding:
Re-funding pensions is a concern.
Worry about paying for it again in the future.
Anxious to pay into the pension again.
Afraid to put money in that bank again.
Paying this is such a strain but it means financial recovery.

Financial Litigation:
The judgment in the anxiety-producing litigation gives you total control.
Getting back control of the assets in court is a sure thing, just worry about the expenses of it.
The scary part is paying for the expenses of the recovery.
You will collect the money you are aggrieved in court.

Criminal Litigation:
He was afraid justice would be done, that the verdict would be ‘premeditated.’
Justice is going to be done for sure in this upsetting story.
A fearful judgment/Information will be served upon this person.
His time is coming; he will pay; he will be sorry.
They will have to pay such a big fine in court it will be awful news.

Other Perspectives:
A financial plan is redone, based on really scary news.
Told him to treat you right or he would be very sorry.
Revives his/her fears of being paid so much he/she is well off.
In really horrible times, this investment returns money.
This is financial news: People spending money based on fears for their future.

Themes galore here. Money is Six of Pentacles and Two of Wands. Justice and litigation are Six of Pentacles and Judgment. And ‘Here come that spoiler card, the Nine of Swords.’ After Mr. or Mrs. Spoiler Card are, respectively, receiving money, having financial security, and recovery. So this has to be all about finances and mainly about money coming in for financial recovery. “There will be a whole new phase of paying all those bills you worry about,” says this spread. So, advice is to relax about this anxiety. This has been quite a theme on this blog lately.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Nine of Swords: You again! Worried, up nights crying, not sleeping, scary fearful horrible anxieties, huh? Also being sorry. Illustration still shows the dude or dudess up nights crying or in pain.

Six of Pentacles: Paid in the right amount, receiving what one deserves (whether money or karma). Often paying the bills, or getting a paycheck. Illustration shows an employer paying his laborers who really need the money seeing as how they are on their knees wearing patched clothing.

Two of Wands: It’s that same guy who pays his laborers exactly to the penny, wearing a different hat, standing on his roof overlooking his real estate domain and making financial plans for more profit, yet more financial security … a bankster, no doubt? So his card means all those things: money, money, money and a good future. Also to put the sentence in future tense.

Judgment: Anew. Again. Recover, revival. Re- anything. New phase, new life. A picture of the resurrection, the angel with the trumpet (Big news, announcement). Surprise!



  1. Debi

    The first spread I believe is the reorganization at work and we need an organization to take the risk of assuming or dept.

    The 2nd one , it has been a long time coming and thank God , money is coming!

  2. Sue

    Wow, this fits exactly. Spot on, Emily. There is a girl in my daughter’s school who is literally plastered to her sometimes. She doesn’t like this and moves away. Girl follows. When the teacher praises her, she gets mad at my daughter and screams at her when nobody is looking. She walked away. The girl looked like she was going to cry so she felt bad. I’ve told her she the girl is faking (I know this because her parents said my daughter was doing this to her.) I went to school to see what is going on for myself.

  3. Yes, today’s spread was heavy labor! Analysis galore. We have a trend going here about ‘The money is coming,’ and it mentions contracts sometimes. I suspect this is a big item in someone’s life, or several someones’ lives. “It’s hard not to worry when you have been for so long.” Yeah.

  4. Wow today’s post was a mouthful! This past financial trend applies to me as well, especially today’s post. It’s been a long haul and very hard not to worry if you have been used to worrying for so long. Finally the end is in sight.

  5. Brittney

    Today’s spreads were a lot for me to swallow. I love when I read your spread and it talks about financial security, and how the “money is coming in” I love that!!! I’ll be calling for a reading soon.

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