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What is her problem and what does that have to do with me?

Six of Wands
Devil, Queen of Swords, Seven of Pentacles

So, are you a strong enough woman to be nasty to these people who are expecting you to serve them?
She is a strong woman who asks hard questions of the whole self-righteous lot of them.
So, is she nasty enough to deal with all those mooching phonies?
How does this old lady make them for her do what she needs done?
She is so strong (evil, wicked, mean and nasty!), how could you go against her program?

She figures she isn’t getting something she deserves, she will get it out of someone hatefully.
Her demands are unmet, and there’s an obstacle, so who is she going to get to serve her cause?
She could be victimized or taken advantage of by someone who hates her.
She is a hateful bitch, you never know what her agenda is.
So, how badly was the victim double-crossed?

She has a campaign going about a big problem and she pressures people asking them to join.
What is this hateful old bat up to now? or ‘The bitch from hell’: what does she want of you now?
She is one of those complaining disabled people who expects to be waited on, it seems.
What is she doing about her problem as she demands others get on the bandwagon?
What is her problem and what does that have to do with me?

Why is the problem she complains of the fault of evil people who deceived her?
Somehow she thinks these are bad guys who double-crossed her and she is mad.
Does she really blame other people for the difficulties she whines about?
Does she really think they victimized her and are the bad guys?
What have you done for me lately, you owe me, you are my problem: that type of old lady.

I almost didn’t type these two up. (I think the next spread is similar.) But I figured someone out there must be dealing with this, since it came up twice.

The Six of Wands is a general ‘conspiracy’ card: Someone has an agenda, is deceiving or using or double-crossing friends. It is also about a campaign.

This is easy to connect to the Devil, who is just about any problem or bad guy or difficulty or obstacle.
Then we have the woman who complains, whines, is a victim and/or a bitch – or she can be a strong woman, the Queen of Swords. Both these cards can be about a really bad attitude. And Devil with Queen of Swords also describes a bitching handicapped or ill person or invalid – that type.

Lastly the Seven of Pentacles puts a question to this story.

Advice here would be a heads-up that you could be encountering this ‘I’m a victim and you are expected to serve me’ attitude. America is full of wound-flaunting individuals, isn’t it? So BOLO for this (Be On The Lookout, a police term).

Meanings and Illustrations:

Devil: One of the most flexible and therefore most ambiguous of Rider Waite Tarot cards. The Devil means almost anything unpleasant, hateful, dirty, nasty, ill, or in the way. It can also mean attachment and ‘physical.’ Next to the Queen of Swords – a victim, an unpleasant and complaining woman (your ex!) you could have the complaining invalid, the bitch from hell, or a victim of some brutal episode.
The illustration shows people voluntarily attached to the Devil with all his occult symbols and a really nasty look on his face.

Queen of Swords: Here is the strong assertive woman a/k/a the bitch, the complaining woman, the victim, the ex. She has her hand out and a stern unpleasant look on her face in the illustration This is about her missing her dead child, signified by the child’s face on her throne, so she can be a widow as well (missing the deceased). She is not getting what she deserves or feels she deserves, she in unsatisfied, dissatisfied punitive, angry and whiny. Your ex.

Seven of Pentacles: One of the ‘duh’ cards that can also instruct you as the reader to put the answer in the form of a question. It means such things as ‘it seems,’ as well as to wonder and puzzle. Illustration is the fella in his garden wondering whether his vines will bear fruit because it’s too early to tell yet.

Six of Wands: The Six of Wands is one of the ‘conspiracy’ cards: Someone has an agenda, is deceiving or using or double-crossing friends. It is also about a campaign. People are out to get ya. The illustration is meant to illustrate a traitor in the army (of King Richard the Third) who is going to betray its victory to his own agenda.



By fair means or foul she will achieve her aim – she is on nobody’s side but her own because she feels her turf is threatened

Nine of Wands
Chariot, Seven of Swords, Nine of Pentacles

She is going to have money and a nice home of her own one way or the other: You better watch out!
Her cutthroat ambition to be independently wealthy is a potential threat to you.
By fair means or foul she will achieve her aim – she is on nobody’s side but her own because she feels her turf is threatened.
This time she stands her ground, because her defenses were violated before and she is taking charge now.
Apprehensive about the campaign to do the wealthy woman out of her independent control.

Using his sense of responsibility against him, and putting her on the defensive about her control of her own business.
Something threatening is afoot here regarding your being in complete control of your own business.
Beware! Something lurks beneath a very honorable independent position.
Intent is to double-cross the independent woman who is on guard against this.
She is apprehensive about an intended invasion of her turf/home by a sneak thief or traitor.

She is confident she will succeed in spite of all the hazards out there.
He double-crossed her and is nervous about that, since she is still in control of her kingdom.
Cutthroat competition is a threat to the businesswoman.
The intent is to outfox and steal from the landowner, but is nervous about that.
Being on guard against malicious intent is part of being a woman in business.

This is a story about the American Dream of ‘getting mine’ and of keeping it as well. Both the Chariot and the Nine of Pentacles are successful. Each is bordered by something to fear, by a danger. Just as in the first today’s spread, some chicanery, some malice, some thievery by deception is afoot, with the victim possibly being female. Each spread also reads potentially as the female being the culprit. (Remember, Tarot does not identify parties; the question identifies parties and Tarot tells the story. And we, of course, have no question to frame these answers, so we go as far afield as we can imagine.) Both of today’s spreads specify evil intent in what appears to be above board.

Advice is simply to keep an eye on the motives of anyone who is in a position to shave off a piece of your pie, be you a lady or a gentleman – because each of these spreads also has reversible genders to the tale of intrigue.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Chariot: Success, being in control and keeping in control by ambition and expertise. Deliberate intent. Ability and will operating in unison. Illustration shows a charioteer controlling steeds who each want to go in opposite directions but are going ahead because that is the direction he wants to go.

Seven of Swords: The criminal, the double-crosser, the sneak thief, the one who gets past your defenses and makes off with what you need to succeed, disarms you. To outfox, and to get away with the offense. The illustration in Rider Waite shows a spy making off with the enemy’s weapons from its camp – apparently in broad daylight.

Nine of Pentacles: She is the property owner, the independently wealthy businesswoman, the single woman who doesn’t need anybody. She is shown so clearly in the Rider Waite illustration as the lady of leisure in her vineyards with her falcon (Yeah, that’s supposed to be a falcon.) with such a ‘I’m to myself’ look on her face. In case you don’t get all those hints, the snail means she does things in her own sweet time.

Nine of Wands: They got him once and he is afraid they will come back and attack again. He is guarding his borders. Been there, haven’t you? He has a headache, his head is bandaged.



  1. Debi

    This is 2 back stabbing women at my job!!!

  2. Anna

    This can be my boss and my mom and I saw both of them today

  3. JK

    Is this me or it it she????????????? Again nasty is an understatement. If this is me which I hope it is not than I hope I can overcome. If it is them which it certainly can be and actually is I hope they lighten up. Perhaps it is both of us. But shit I’m just trying to get the help I need. Since I internalize everything it could be not me and thinking it is me. Whatever, let the right thing come forward.

  4. Jules

    Not sure I have this character around, but I will
    peer around the edges of my rose colored glasses! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Patty

    This sounds like my friends wife.

  6. Tina G

    Quite a nasty spread today but its Mercury Retrograde so anything can happen…
    I just hope whoever is dealing with this, can overcome and shine in a positive light at the other end..and I hope I’m not going to go thru it.

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