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Tarot is talking to us here, and Emily is wondering: Are the messages the more meaningful to those of you who are intuiting the meanings of the Rider Waite Verbatim Tarot? Is the business advice more targeted as you relate more to the business meanings subconsciously – because Tarot is largely sub- and super- conscious? The night is still young on that question because the blog is only in its third month.


A mindset of not caring, of dissociation and enjoying the moment, is what makes money come to you

Three of Wands
Three of Cups, Fool, Six of Pentacles

Financial Perspective:
Don’t even concern yourself, money is coming to pay the bills and to enjoy life.
Money is coming that is worth celebrating, don’t worry.
It’s a fine future: You and your friends have enough and don’t even think about bills.
Enjoy life with likeminded people, don’t think about money coming in, and it will.
A mindset of not caring, of dissociation and enjoying the moment, is what makes money come to you.

Just don’t think about paying bills, enjoy living, and enough money will come in.
Each of us has income and we share the expenses, so there’s nothing to worry about.
When I had no income, friends paid my way.
We will just all share in the fees.
Just getting together with friends to make a steady income for all.

We will get together and share the payments, it’s no big deal.
We all keep spending money on get-togethers without even thinking of it.
Three friends each freely support one another’s income.
Had no idea we were still paying for that jointly.
Had no idea the income was being split three ways.
Will not even think of the friends who paid her bills, when her income comes in.

Other Perspectives:
Freedom is coming to you through the input of people in your circle.
When you don’t care anymore, all the good things come that make you happy.
Uninvolvement in one another’s affairs contributes to a continuing friendship.
Don’t care about what’s fair, they continue to share.
Not putting your two cents in gives you a life you will enjoy.

Girlfriends are going to be treating one another right, that’s all.
The young girls who enjoy life are the ones who will be getting the attention.
Not getting involved in companions’ lives is her gift to continuing friendships.
They just contribute good things to one another’s lives from now on.
Will be paying attention to simpatico people and ignoring the others.

Free association is always your right.
Assume we will always be the kind of friends who contribute to one another’s lives.
This one doesn’t think about contributing but continues to share.

We are on our “Don’t worry about the bills” billboard again, but this time there’s advice to distract attention from worrying by enjoying life, enjoying likeminded simpatico friends. Again, the money that is coming in is clearly income, not a windfall. Again, it specifically expresses that nothing new need be done in order to secure better times ahead. You could sum up this spread by “Don’t worry, be happy.” Apparently, we here need reassurance on this subject, because it’s not going away.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Three of Cups: Here those chicks are again, the ones who are enjoying life with friends, sharing in the harvest they also jointly paid the expenses of. Convivial is a good word for them. The emphasis today is on the feeling of celebrating the good life.

Fool: This Rider Waite Tarot card has a happy-go-lucky, ‘don’t worry, don’t care’ attitude too. Don’t even think about things, never mind. It means ‘to not be there,’ to not be present, to be absent. It means to disregard, to ignore. Don’t give a damn about reality. Fergit it. The photo shows a happy fella going on a journey with just a purse on a stick and a flower in his hand, his little doggie companion at his side, about to walk off a cliff. He will die happy, you see.

Six of Pentacles: To contribute, to pay attention, to pay bills or expenses, to receive pay, to pay or receive what is entitled/deserved. It shows the employer paying the workers what they are worth.

Three of Wands: Once again, everything is going to be all right, your ships are coming in, there’s a good future, and things are going to continue to be OK. With the Six of Pentacles, steady income. The merchant in the picture is waiting for his ships to come in: He can see that they are coming in.


Suddenly the freedom you seek is yours

Sun, Knight of Swords, Ace of Pentacles

Financial Perspective:
It’s a fact, what held the money back is gone, and money is yours.
Whee! All of a sudden you have money again, realistically.
Restrictions are lifted, and all of a sudden money comes looking for you.
Seek release from your restrictions and you will suddenly have the money.
You are free to seek fast money.

Suddenly you are free to seek money.
Honest money can be had quickly when you get out from under childhood restrictions.
He comes looking for you, in a hurry to pay you, to free himself.
He comes looking to pay, in a hurry to free himself of the attachment.
Looking to get paid and get out of here fast.

It’s a fact a kid can get rich fast.
Being reckless with money has him looking for a way out.
Looking for the money to leave the parents’ home and be on his way.
It’s a fact that having money gets a kid out from under parents and on his own way faster.
The old man’s money changes the kid’s life.

Other and Spiritual Perspectives:
Suddenly you are on the right course/path, and there’s the freedom you seek.
Seek sincerely the right path and suddenly you will be released from restrictions.
Look in the right places and joy will strike.
Patience is rewarded; all of a sudden there’s a breakthrough.
Get out of there as fast as you can and look for the right way/one/place.

Suddenly the freedom you seek is yours.
Look for a place to turn around on the restricted road, and go the other way.
Speeding on the main road, looking for the place to get off.
It’s night time: When the sun comes out, get back on the road.
Looking for roads you can travel the fastest, to get out of here.

It’s best to look for the fastest way out.
Leave at night, and get on the road fast.
Change and leave your past behind, you know what is right.
Not a kid anymore, seek money of your own.
Wisdom is yours, you got away from being childish.

Hey, you can get rich and get spiritual here in the same four-card caba

All the cards refer to a road and/or travel; two (Sun and Knight of Swords) refer to change; two (Ace of Pentacles and Hermit) mean some form of ‘right.’ We are talking about a journey here … obviously. Each of these cards blends well with the others; there’s a flow.

Advice is to get on with it, be a success, get your money and get moving. Also to get over the baggage of the past, expressed as leaving the parents’ house.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Sun: We are talking about getting out of, getting out from under, leaving home in the Sun Rider Waite Tarot card. Yep, it shows a kid leaving he parents’ house. Recklessly. But we don’t use the ‘uninhibited’ or reckless spectrum of this card much today.

Knight of Swords says a change of direction or turnaround, and a big hurry. With Ace of Pentacles, he is ‘the fastest road.’ He is getting away from, in a hurry. See him run.

Ace of Pentacles lends ‘the right’ road, way, course, etc. to the messages, as well be being the road. Pictured is a pleasant road with lilies for ‘spiritual’ right and a victory arch trellised with roses for ‘success’ right.

Hermit, also on a journey, is looking for, is patient and honest, and is on the road at night. He also means a fact, a truth, an objective observation. Wisdom too. And being the old man. The illustration shows an old monk out at night looking for travelers on the road.



  1. Debi

    Hot Damn, money is on the way!

  2. Anna

    I went on mini spending spree again today but it’s ok because my friends are going to pay me for cleaning their house on Friday

  3. Jody

    This really hits at the core of my issues. If and that is a BIG IF…I cold allow myself to stop worrying in order to allow life to happen.

    “Not getting involved in companions’ lives is her gift to continuing friendships.” –

    This is what my friend has asked of me!

  4. Jules

    I love this – “chill out, all is well”.
    Not easy for those of us who have been working so hard to set
    it all up. This seems to say – ok, it’s all up!

    Reverse the flow from effort out to just being a relaxed magnet.
    Feels better.

    Amazing and fun reading last night, Emily.
    I needed my own specifics on all that.


  5. FCP

    Could the second spread be referring to a relationship too? Things have been stagnant with my guy lately, so I suggested a break for a while from the relationship. Not a break up. Just taking some time apart.

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