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A guy feels threatened by a one-on-one conversation

Eight of Wands
Temperance, Page of Swords, King of Cups

Romantic and Social Perspective:
The more intimate this relationship gets, the more affection he feels, the more nervous he is.
Intimate conversation makes the man who loves you nervous.
Exciting mutual conversations with a gentleman.
It is exciting to have a close relationship with a man who talks about his feelings.
He is so emotional, he gets mad with people who are close to him about any number of things.

He (the counselor) talks calmly and quietly one-on-one with agitated people.
Angry words to his counselor about his intimate partner.
It’s a thrill to have an intimate conversation with your honey.
Whoever this emotional man talks with is subjected to a barrage of paranoia.
Labile (emotionally unstable) man is angry that his close friend is talking about these things.

He vents his hostile emotions on all of the people who interact with him.
Relationship with a good man who is exciting in every way.
Exciting intimate things for a man in love to say.

Business and Other Perspectives:
Exciting ways to deal with government.
So many others are doing these government transactions that we are nervous.
Angry or excited talk about the bureaucrat’s dealings.
He is negotiating with an agency about a list of grievances.
Letters back and forth between him and the agency get him riled up.

They talk about politics and get angry with one another.
Any number of threats to the security of the government from its contractors.
Guarding against all kinds of threats coming to the politician from people he deals with.
The bureaucrat’s intimate partner threatens to tell all.
A lot of exciting conversations with an unexcited man.

This seems to be more in the vein of government contracts that we had a while back; it is about negotiating with a political entity. It also seems to be Chapter Two in the guy who was nervous about calling his ladylove: Now he is talking, but in some agitated or nervous way.

Two cards mean communication, Temperance and the Eight of Wands. In between, we have an emotional man and a hyper, endangered feeling – respectively the King of Cups and the Page of Swords. ‘A guy feels threatened by a one-on-one conversation.’

I am used to doing answers to real questions, and never cease to be amazed at what conflicting things the same spread can say! Geez! You don’t have to take my word for it, though: You can piece these together if you are that motivated. You could be absorbing Tarot Verbatim subliminally if you read these often. My thinking processes were expanded by learning Tarot verbatim, and yours can be too.

Advice today in this spread is that an emotional conversation with a man is upon you which could be exciting or upsetting to you. It will happen, we think; there’s nothing in our spread about its not happening. Suggestion is that it is a good thing, or will lead to a good thing.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Temperance: This is about dealing one-on-one directly, closely, mutually, intimately with a partner or close friend in a relationship. It talks about back-and-forth communication and interacting as in negotiations, as in contractors. It can mean the people or person (you) deal with, as well as the dealing with. Illustration shows the back and forth flow of water from one cup to the other.

Page of Swords: We use part of his repertoire here: nervous, exciting, mad with people, agitated people, angry, thrill paranoia and the venting of hostility. Illustration shows a very paranoid fellow, sword held aloft, looking all around as if some Bad People were about to be upon him, when there’s open country for miles, and … no one to be seen.

King of Cups: He is the emotional man, both in a good and in a not-so-good way. He can be the emotionally labile (unstable) fellow who vents his emotions. He can be the man who loves and feels affection, the gentleman who is warm and fuzzy in his emotionality, the calm and quiet counselor type, the good man who is in love. He can also be the drunk, a government or agency or bureaucrat. The illustration shows a kind of vice presidential fellow, the lackluster drinking man with that blank look of unbridled self-confidence on his face.

Eight of Wands: Here the wands fly en masse in the wind. More and more of them, more and more often, any number of things, all of the things. Messages, conversation, who talks about, words, and things to say. These are the kinds of phrases we found today for this common card.


Decide not to leave under pressure.

Six of Swords
Seven of Wands, Four of Cups, Chariot

He chooses to pull out and not stand and fight.
He chooses to not leave but to stand and fight.
Not about to cave in to the pressure and leave.
He isn’t about to leave, he struggles to be the one in control here.
He is so mad that they won’t let him drive off in the car.
He refuses to take responsibility, he is militant about avoiding it.

You aim to get him out of here and not have to listen to him mouthing off.
Decide to leave when the dude raises hell about how ‘you won’t let him.’
He is a pushy pest, and you have decided not to put up with him any more.
Avoiding confrontations, refusing to be decisive.
Is getting out of the teenage caveman stage but still doesn’t take charge of his life.

Just avoid the hellraisers, they are not your responsibility.
You can choose to leave and not have to listen to tirades.
The people he can’t push around and control, he avoids.
You can’t make him choose to be a responsible grownup, so avoid him.
Make him leave when you choose to not put up with him.

He is forced to accept responsibility; he cannot avoid it any longer.
Refuse to be badgered, decide you are going to distance yourself from it/him.
Get in the car and leave, don’t listen to him holler.
Decide not to leave under pressure.
He decides he is not going to leave under pressure, “You can’t push me out. I will choose.”

These are an interesting group. We begin with the ‘I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” which is also the mouthy pushy will-not-shut-up teenybopper type, the Seven of Wands. Next is refusing, Four of Cups. Next is taking responsibility, deciding, choosing, the Chariot. And then to leave or not do/be anymore. These four concepts can be arranged like the pictures in the Thematic Apperception Test into very different scenarios.

Advice overall is not to put up with a mouthy obnoxious or pushy person. The person is probably male but does not have to be although all the individuals featured on the four cards are male. You can decide to leave and not associate with someone who is obstructive to you. You don’t have to fight with or listen to an idiot. Advice is also not to give the car keys to such a person … maybe drunk?

Meanings and Illustrations:

Seven of Wands: We all know him/her, don’t we. The mouthy adolescent of any age. This card also stands for being outnumbered and standing up for yourself as well. That last meaning does not come out that much here. The illustration is a man defending his property from neighbors who have decided to intrude in the middle of the night. (That used to happen to me all the time when my husband died here in cowboy country.)

Four of Cups: Uh-Unh. No. NO THANKS! Don’t bother me with that. I ain’t gonna put up with this. Resisting temptation, or resisting anything. Love the illustration. The boy crosses his arms as a disembodied arm offers yet another cup of something, and looks down. The other cups are stacked in front of him. His legs are crossed too.

Chariot: The main meaning here is not used. What we are using is to choose, to decide, to be decisive, to be a responsible person/take responsibility, to be in charge or take charge. The illustration is about using all factors – both for and against – to accomplish your goal/purpose. It’s tacking against the wind in a ship. It’s what grownups do instead of whining or mouthing off.

Six of Swords: Oh, just leave. Put it behind. Not anymore. Withdraw. Get over it. Vote with your feet. We aren’t using the ‘Tomorrow is a better day’ spectrum in this spread. Illustration is two tired people being spirited away from a bad scene by a helper in a small boat.

Decide not to leave under pressure.



  1. Debi

    Lots of excited bureaucratic talk on my governmrnt job today

  2. FCP

    “Exciting mutual conversations with a gentleman.” Well I talked to a nice single dad at my son’s school today! : )

  3. Anna

    I think people associate Tarot readings with what is going to happen in the future because psychics so often use Tarot cards, however when I do Tarot myself or read the cards on this blog (which is more convenient!) I find Tarot is just a pictorial representation of what is going on in my brain (as Emily said subconscious) and is not always something that plays out in my reality in the future. It can play out in the very near future though because it is after all what I am thinking about in my brain which brings the idea into physical reality.

  4. Tina G

    I hope I can handle the conversation as it states in the first spread. I would say the first spread would fit me.
    It’s funny how everyday’s spread matches something that is going on in my life.
    Thanks, Emily!

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