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The gentleman has in mind to make the people in business with him rich, and it happens. Your honey gets the idea he is lucky to share life with you.

Wheel of Fortune
Page of Pentacles, King of Cups, Three of Cups

Business Perspective:
He has a feeling in his bones that his time has come to prosper, he feels like celebrating.
He senses destiny is about make him very, very prosperous in a deal with three parties sharing profits.
He is one lucky man, he sees himself having money for the good life, money to party/share with friends.
The gentleman has in mind to make the people in business with him rich, and it happens.
One fortunate event gives them all the good life, and it was this one gentleman’s brain-child (idea).

It’s his idea that makes us all rich and happy.
It is this quiet man’s idea for the mutually profitable deal that makes everyone a good life.
Because he is into sharing with others, he strikes it rich.
It is at a meeting that the idea strikes this low-key nice guy, the idea that makes his fortune.
He feels very emotional about his idea that creates a wonderful life for him and companions.

Romantic Perspective:
Your honey gets the idea he is lucky to share life with you.
He thinks of you, a get-together, a date, happens: Yay!
He is thinking of how wonderful it would be to affectionately share her life and good times.
She seems to be doing very well, he is thinking it’s his destiny to be her honey.
They happen to get together and have a good time, and he is thinking of her affectionately.
He has the idea to go drinking with the party girls and get lucky.

He is thinking of her affectionately, thinking of getting together with the Girl and making it happen.
He comes to the conclusion he must be meant to share life with her, be her good man.
The feeling comes to him that he will strike it rich and party with girls.
The girls all know he is the man who will make their destiny, that they ‘have it made’ with him.
All the girls know he is the gentleman they would be lucky to have share their lives.

We begin with two Rider Waite Tarot cards that refer both to a man thinking and feeling and to a good man. Page of Pentacles’ main meaning is to think, to know, to feel, and to be a good person. Often a male card. King of Cups is the emotional man, the good man, the man who feels affection, often romantically. King of Cups with the succeeding card, Three of Cups, both refer to drinking.

Next, we have Three of Cups which in Emily’s Tarot Verbatim™ system means to share life and good times, to share profits, to celebrate, and to have a romantic date. It stands for ‘the girls’ or The Girl.

THEN we cap this all off with the Wheel of Fortune, which is destiny, a stroke of luck as in hitting the jackpot, ‘It happens!’ and a miracle occurs.

These are elements to the story of this four-card Rider Waite Tarot spread. Consider this an invitation to put these pieces together in some of your own ways, which will be just as valid as these sentences are.

Advice is to strike while the iron is hot both for romance (to get together and share a wonderful evening and perhaps a wonderful life) or for business (the deal is sealed with champagne for all).

Meanings and Illustrations:

Page of Pentacles: Page of Pentacles’ main meaning is to think, to know, to feel, and to be a good person. It’s often a male card, and often has the general meaning of ‘an idea’ or a feeling. It tends to refer to image and once in awhile to a person who is learning as an apprentice. The illustration shows a young person studying an object he holds at eye level and contemplates.

King of Cups: This is the quiet, low-key gentlemanly calm man, often a bureaucrat or paper person. He is emotional, which could be along the lines of being affectionate, warm and fuzzy and/or along the lines of being passive-aggressive, whiny, a drinking man – a weak personality. The illustration makes that point by surrounding his throne with swirling water, ships tossed on waves in the background, and having his right hand in a loose limp grip on a big cup.

Three of Cups: The girls win. The girls are having a girls’-night-out. The girl is on a date. This is a happy celebration at harvest, and harvest is a shared one. Raise your glasses high! These are ‘party girls’ as well, when a guy is down to the titty-bar where the pole dancers are, so they can be performers.

Wheel of Fortune: If you could have one card to live in, this is where you would move. I once heard a competent youngish lawyer, who was established in his practice, say ‘If I had my choice between being a brilliant lawyer and being a lucky lawyer, I would choose being a lucky lawyer.’ This is the big win, the stroke of destiny, the finally-happening event, and the word ‘wonderful.’ Once in a while the destiny is a not-good event, but a preponderance of other cards is what it takes to make Wheel of Fortune mean anything less than the best thing that ever happened.


Channeling the presence of God requires being healthy of mind

Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Ace of Cups

Romantic Perspective:
He is obsessively aware of such a strong sexual bond that he is your/her love partner.
He is your true-lover because all this very physical guy thinks of is sex, which is true love for him.
They are sexual counterparts of one another, he is sure of that.
The couple is intensely aware of a soulmate level sexual attraction.
He is in love with only her; he has to be her love partner.

His idea is to make her be his lover.
He aims to force himself on a female partner.
He forces himself to be affectionate to be her lover.
This manly dude has an overwhelming receptivity to being her lover.

Great sex is the main thing that makes him love her/you.
He is so in love that he has to be your lover.
This man-woman love connection is all-engrossing to him.
He is obsessed with hooking up with his sexual counterpart.
He relies on divine protection in his sex life.

Business Perspective:
Either the easy way or the hard way he will make partner.
He will make the connection the hard way or the easy way.
He is counting on this one important contact or connection to make it the easy way.
He gets it that he absolutely has to be cooperative to connect up with his ambition.
He makes the connection in his head that he has to be good.

He must connect being number one with being lovable.
His main achievement is the way he gets one-on-one cooperation.
Together, it is easy for them to focus on the main point.
He has to make this one connection, so he aims to be receptive.
He aims to make them accept him as an equal.

His partner forces him to accept being the ‘heavy.’
The senior partner’s assent is the main factor.
Stubborn man gets the idea he has to cooperate to be ‘in.’

Spiritual Perspective:
His main focus is on divine and angelic protection.
He is a godly man, he must be in contact with the Divine.
You have to focus to be connected to God.
In order to achieve contact, focusing receptively is necessary.
Channeling the presence of God requires being healthy of mind.

His main strength is his contact with the Holy Spirit.
God comes first in his thinking, he has that much of a contact with God.
Connecting with a God that is bigger than himself, that is what he intends.

I could go on. There’s a lot here in these four! The God theme is in the Ace of Cups, the presence of God and channeling God through the Holy Spirit indwelling, and is in Lovers, a connection to God, divine protection and angelic protection.

Both the Knight of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands are male cards and are about ‘the most important’ or being number one, being aggressive, making/forcing, and so on. Knight of Pentacles with Ace of Wands is focusing on the most important factor, sexual obsession, rough sex, even ‘dick head.’ Got to be Number One.

Ace of Wands with Ace of Cups is a prime male-female sexual connection, the soulmate or counterpart connection that gets a man’s attention and cements a love relationship. When you put the Lovers card with it on one end (love partners and ‘connecting’) and the Knight of Pentacles, a guy with ‘one thing on his mind’ on the other end, you have a love layout (pun intended) par excellence. You have what my deceased husband calls ‘lovefucking.’ You also have ‘the easy way or the hard way’ and ‘putting God first,’ and ‘make him/her cooperate.’ You could also have ‘dominate the female’ as well as ‘women first.’

Knight of Pentacles with Ace of Cups is the dude totally in love. It is also a rough dude being mindful to be receptive, to cooperate, to be ‘soft.’

Ace of Cups with Lovers is connecting with God or ‘divine connection’ or divine protection phrased redundantly. It is also true lovers, phrased redundantly.

In business perspective, the ambitious man is the Knight of Pentacles, that focus on the most important factor again. Ace of Wands, to make or force, with Lovers, the partner and the connection, brings out such language as ‘make partner’ and ‘make yourself the equal.’

Advice is ‘Tonight’s the night.’ Lovers doing what lovers do. The guy ‘gets it,’ has ‘one thing on his mind,’ and that’s – redundantly phrased on only four Rider Waite Tarot cards – making love.

Regarding business, a stubborn man gets the idea he has to cooperate to be ‘in.’

Regarding spirituality, connecting with a God that is bigger than himself.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Knight of Pentacles: To focus on one thing. He has one thing on his mind. He has one aim, is ambitious. He is a rough energetic possibly low-class dude. His horse is too. Very Aries.

Ace of Wands: Of prime importance, first, must or ‘got to.’ Make or force. The male, the aggressor, or the aggressive approach. Numero Uno. The hand with the board in it, get their attention by bashing them in the face. The penis personified, so to speak.

Ace of Cups: The loving cooperative receptive approach, characterized by water and illustrated by five flows that represent the five senses. Very female.

Lovers: Connecting. Partners. Divine oversight, divine protection, angelic protection. Sexual energy is expressed by the volcano between a naked man and woman.



  1. sonia

    were u too busy watching cricket world cup final match,in which India finally won,bcz have not receieved the spread here till now ?

  2. Anna

    Doesn’t seem to fit me at all 🙁 Which is too bad ’cause both spreads sound awesome!

  3. ME

    Well I’m Glad we cleared that up!Lots of mind/love or fraternizing going on again around here. 3 dudes all in love for the 1st time! They see their mortality now they are all clear and moving into new directions but staying mentally in-love with the past… I’m woman to the poor souls. What can I say, I think its the way I walk ‘”)

  4. FCP

    Seeing my guy tonight, but he also surprised me and came over last minute last night too! <3

  5. Tina G

    Let’s see if I get ‘lucky’ tonight, or at least this weekend….;)

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