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A lot of effort goes into how gorgeous this gal is, and her honey is attentive

Five of Wands
King of Cups, Empress, Hermit

He puts her on a pedestal, is affectionate and devoted to his goddessy doll because there’s competition.
She is one of those high energy beauties whose men are calm, patient, and adoring.
A lackluster guy (Prince Charles type) has a gorgeous sexy lady but goes out looking for action.
A lot of effort goes into how gorgeous this gal is, and her honey is attentive.
There’s a lot of competition for a beauty like her; men come to her to be her man.

Two gentlemen compete for the trophy lady.
She has been good to her gentlemen friends in their struggles.
She is the benefactor of the man who helped her in her fight with the government/bureaucracy.
She is the patron, gentlemen come to her to compete for her largesse.
A wealthy woman has two patient older men competing for her.

He is a patient man looking for the goddessy lady whose battles he can fight.
A woman this voluptuous, easygoing and generous is worth his effort to sincerely be her sweet guy.

See that great looking wealthy sexy doll in the middle there? She is the fertility goddess of a dozen old religions that had no aversion to good sex, unlike most of the modern religions. Now, how did good sex get out of fashion, anyway? To her left and to her right are older men who are the patient, emotional devoted type, and overall is the struggle or competition. So this story is pretty well laid out along those lines, although I found some variety outside of that.

Advice is that when a woman knows what she has to offer is goddessy, men who adore her will appear and compete. Seems to me that the advice to menfolk is to go find that goddess who is worth competing for.

Meanings and Illustrations:

King of Cups: Here is the vice president, the deferential gentleman, and/or the emotional warm fuzzy man … sometimes the lackluster fella who may drink. He can be patient and laid back, or he can be the passive-aggressive narcissistic whiny type. As you can see, they painted water swirling around his stone throne, with ships tossed up and down behind him. Water is emotion, so he is one stirred up dude.

Empress: As I said, that great looking sexy doll, that voluptuous and/or wealthy, laid back generous dame is the fertility goddess. She lives a life of luxury and romance. The shield with the female symbol there is a sign of who she is, ya think?

Hermit: Devoted, that’s what a monk is. He’s not being a monk today, though, he is attentive to the fertility goddess. The illustration shows the monk who went out at night to help pilgrims in distress.

Five of Wands: Here’s the competition, fight, struggle. Five fellas knocking boards together. It can be combat or it can be a competitive game.


He realizes she knows everything about him and isn’t letting on.

High Priestess, Ten of Wands, Page of Pentacles

Romantic Perspective:
He sees that she can stay by herself forever, she can shut everything (him) out.
He feels she is too much a lady to let him near her.
She figures she will always be alone, she is that disinterested in getting involved.
She is a lady with a sexy figure, the subject of extreme interest by guys.
He is coming to the conclusion that two women are too many.
He thinks she is sexy but too much a lady.
He has compartmentalized her in his thinking as too much a lady.
Too much thinking and the girls won’t be interested in him.

Other Perspective:
She shuts herself up with her books in some really difficult study.
She is a seeker of extreme spiritual knowledge and expertise, she concentrates on that to the exclusion of all else.
This woman is deeply interested in high-level magick.
He thinks too much, but she knows everything about it and won’t let him in on it.
It will take him a while to understand about being a spiritual master of both worlds.
He realizes she knows everything about him and isn’t letting on.
She is an expert in some weighty study no one even thinks about.
Arcane knowledge comes from long hard study, a lot of concentration.

Both the High Priestess and the World refer to high-level spiritual expertise: High Priestess is, well, the High Priestess; and World is the Master of Both Worlds. The two cards in between read ‘know everything about.’ Ten of Wands is the whole thing, the difficult extreme. Page of Pentacles is ‘to know.’ Both High Priestess and Page of Pentacles refer to knowing … in different ways.

Advice is that when another person is studious about some interest, getting their attention personally on yourself is not that feasible. There’s a suggestion you may as well get interested in whatever that subject is yourself. There’s an obvious emphasis on the study of spiritual expertise or of magick. These days ‘magick’ is New Age type interest.

Meanings and Illustrations:

High Priestess: The lady. The woman who is alone, lives alone, is single. The woman who knows all. She stays. She is at home. She is an expert or has expertise. She is spiritual. She is an expert on spiritual topics. The illustration has her holding a wisdom book, has the pillars that are the foundation of the Kaballah behind her. The head of a coven is a high priestess.

Ten of Wands: Too much. The whole thing all at once in one load. Slow difficult going. Long hard haul. You can see the man has all those boards weighing him down, and is making slow forward progress. He will make it: The card is meant to assume that.

Page of Pentacles: He is thinking. He is being himself. This is who he is; this is his image. He is a good (young) guy. He is feeling that … The illustration shows a young man contemplating this thing he is holding, studiously.

World: She is the superior woman. She has no association, has nothing to do with, no involvement in … at all. Sort of a higher octave of the Nine of Pentacles. The idea in the illustration is that she is so superior the monsters won’t even look at her. May we all get there.



  1. Anna

    Yep…the”extreme spiritual knowledge” is the Law of Attraction I’ve been studying for years and I have been focusing on it yesterday and today because I just gave a talk on it.

  2. Brittney

    I like this information. Select parts fit into my life.

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