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Impulsively got legally married just because you wanted to

Nine of Cups
Justice, Ten of Pentacles, Sun

Home Life Perspective:
Have the relationship you want and are entitled to – but it’s complicated – with the spoiled brat.
A home that you really want to escape from, and you deserve to.
Impulsively got legally married just because you wanted to.
I’m entitled to be happy, that is why I am leaving home.
The relatives argue that you should have children because they want a family clan.
Wants to be free but should stay in the bad marriage.

Other Perspectives:
You feel entitled to escape from the culture for the sake of your own satisfaction with yourself.
I deserve to be free from what other people want of me.
The gang thinks I should just want to have fun.
It’s fun to be a member of the band and you should get rich too.

Legal Perspective:
Relatives want legal custody of the child.
Child is removed, legally, from a bad home as you wish.
You get legally free of that house that is in disrepair and are so happy about that.
So pleased with the lawyer that gets you out of trouble.
Wants to be free of the legal troubles with these people.
Wants to go out and have fun, but there’s legal trouble.

Meanings and Illustrations:

The closest we come to a theme here is that both the Sun and Nine of Cups indicate enjoyment of life, but that isn’t the main meaning of either of them.

We begin with Justice, a simple Rider Waite Tarot citizen that means, besides the obvious:  should, entitled, deserve, legal and legally, lawyer.  You put it next to Sun – which means to be free, to have fun, and a child – and you get ‘legal custody of the child.’

Put Justice  next to Nine of Cups, and you should get what you want, because Nine of Cups is ‘you get what you want – another simple Rider Waite Tarot citizen.  You also get what you are entitled to, or get the justice you want.

Put Justice next to the Ten of Pentacles, which means trouble with other people and shows a ‘family discussion’ and you have legal trouble with other people.  You could have a law firm, too:  legal group.

Put Justice next to Sun, and you are entitled to be free, you should be having fun.  Sun shows a young child who has snuck out of the house to play on the pony bareback … with a big flag in one hand and the other waving around in the air.  Take a look at the pony’s ears and the look on its face … speaking of trouble.

Sun with Nine of Cups, you want to be free.  Sun with Ten of Pentacles, you left the bad home, you are free of the trouble.

Advice is you  get what you want and what you are entitled to, you get out of what is troubling you.  You get yourself free of a bad marriage and are satisfied with your lot.  With both ‘your wish is granted’ and ‘free and having fun,’ nothing much bad could be happening here.  Go out and have a good day.


Not being in the real world sometimes serves your purpose

Fool, Two of Pentacles, Chariot

Focused, Conscious Perspective:
Succeed by just doing whatever you are usually doing.
Choose to do whatever people assume is respectable.
Never mind the ups and downs, maintain a steady middle-of-the-road course.
Faith that everything is all right somehow puts you in conscious control.
It’s okay to let yourself be unstable at times if you are a stable person.
‘Everything is just going to turn out all right,’ he decides.
It’s okay to let yourself be unstable at times if you are a stable person.
Forget everything:  Whatever you are into already is going to accomplish your purpose in the world.

Unfocused, Reflexive Perspective:
A mindless reflexive consciousness like when you are driving.
Driving around in circles not knowing where you are going is normal.
Deliberately do repetitive movements until you are not in normal physical consciousness.
Sometimes being oblivious to getting ahead is okay.
Maybe you choose not to be in the accepted world.
He intends to be normal and respectable but sometimes he just isn’t.
Sometimes in the throes of the muse and sometimes focused upon the physical realities.
Just let go and go with the flow and you will make a name for yourself.
Not being in the real world sometimes serves your purpose.

The first two Rider Waite Tarot cards (Fool and Two of Pentacles) refer to being mindless and reflexive, as both refer in different ways to going with the flow and to being unstable, being not in the usual groove of mentality.

The last two (Chariot and Hierophant) refer to the very opposite:  accomplishing physical ambitions by willpower.  Together, these two categories that come together in our current spread compare and contrast when you apply them.  As you can see from the way I have divided our sentences above.  Lovely, say I.

Fool shows a fellow taking a stroll off a cliff with his dog prancing along in the same devil-may-care foo-foo, unknowing, oblivious, not-in-the-real-world consciousness, the optimist who has faith, the person who assumes nothing bad can happen whatever, never mind.  Just dandy.  It also means to not be, to not be present, to not consciously … that sort of thing.

Two of Pentacles is also in reflexive mode:  You are doing whatever the routine is, going in circles with repetitive movements, going with the ups and downs and unstable at times.  ‘Maybe,’ ‘somehow,’ one way or the other and neither/nor are phrases this Rider Waite Tarot card evokes.  Definitely unstable, the opposite of Hierophant’s vibe.

Put these two cards, Fool and Two of Pentacles, together and phrases are produced such as ‘mindless reflexive consciousness,’ ‘in circles not knowing where you are going,’ ‘whatever people assume,’ ‘never mind the ups and downs,’ ‘it’s okay to let yourself be unstable,’ ‘sometimes being oblivious,’ ‘ just let go and go with the flow,’ and ‘not being in the real world sometimes.’

Chariot and Hierophant are very real-world.  Chariot is succeeding in his goal, is getting ahead, accomplishing his purpose, is deliberate and is controlling his circumstances.  He’s got a grip on the two sphinxes that want to go in opposite directions.  They are going his way!

Hierophant is mundane, ordinary, physical, respectable, fit to print, whitewashed, clean nosed, the usual accepted and expected profile.  It is the polar opposite of the Fool.

Now let’s see what happens when we combine card citizens from the two camps.  Let’s take Fool and Chariot.  (Doing all combinations will just be too much, don’t you think?)  Fool-Chariot brings up these examples:  not being ___ serves your purpose; just let go and you make; sometimes focused upon; he intends ___ but sometimes; maybe choose not to be; being oblivious to getting ahead; deliberately not conscious; and driving not knowing.

Advice here is to decide when to just let things happen naturally and when to exert willpower consciously.  Two of Pentacles rocking back and forth seeking a balance between holding on and letting go.  Following your bliss all the way over the cliff is not a good idea, and limiting your scope to ‘getting ahead in the world’ is equally not a good idea.  The Chariot can drive all the way up to the cliff and park:  What a view!



  1. Sue

    This fits exactly!

  2. ME

    Sorry, it is probably me but I’m lost in this spread. I feel too weird about my problem and am afraid to have fun.I also can’t help move things a long because I’m buy myself and need some physical help with with cleaning up this place. He is always gone.

    But typically I can enjoy your spreads.

  3. Tina G

    Commenting on the 2nd spread today: Ok, let’s see if this relates to me obtaining the HR job I really want; and if I get the communication I want.

    Always enjoy the spreads, thanks Emily!!!

  4. Tina G

    Ok, let’s see if this relates to my pursuit of the HR job I want really bad.
    And, also let’s see if it could relate to ‘him’ contacting me for a change..

    Always enjoy your spreads, Emily!!

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