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INSTRUCTIONS: How to use the material we have for you here.

Read the sentences, and pick out the ones that seem to apply to you, to the people around you.

As the day (or several days) unfolds, you may find the information is relevant. The question is: “Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.” Often, your having the attitude you feel in the blog works for your day!

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Suddenly healthy and feeling so good about that, feeling like getting something done. It takes willpower to express gratitude to God when you are broke.

Ace of Cups
Star, Tower, Chariot

This is an uh-oh spread! Two cards begin that both mean a flow, and then one that means a break, and also means damage or wreck or destruction, followed by a vehicle. So, try not to run into hydrants today, drive carefully!

Romantic Perspective:
Choosing to confess his love is a breakthrough.
This is true love, he is crazy about you, and he WILL get divorced.
He decides to ask for an amicable divorce.
His willpower short-circuits and he does say “I love you.”

Decides to tell (or to confess) all and destroy love.
Decides to break it off with his true love and tells her so.
Has a purpose for talking a lot about (his) love was rejected.
Succeeds in making the love that was wrecked vibrant.

About temper tantrums:
It’s easy to blow up; it takes will power to explain things.
Once you decide to confront, the words just flow.
It feels good when (he) decides to have a temper fit, feels godly.
A temper tantrum: (He) goes on and on about how in control (he) is.
Talking calmly and amicably to someone who is erupting gets the job done!

Other Perspectives: (Some of these suggest leaking or broken pipes!)
Suddenly healthy and feeling so good about that, feeling like getting something done.
A drastic choice brings enthusiastic cooperation.
He gets the flow going with an explosive force.
Controlled profuse flow emanates from the break.
Decides to do it the easy way and tells them off.

Decides to quit and tells them. That was easy!
The seizures are under control, Person feels frisky and is healthy.
He makes peace by explaining everything to the faction that broke off.
When the things you love are broken, good advice tells you how to take charge.
He fixes the short circuit the leak causes: Yay!

About a vehicle:
Vehicle crashes into it, and the water flows.
The news is, lightning strikes a vehicle but no harm is done.
Thrilled that no harm comes from a vehicle crash.
A profuse flow (leak) causes a vehicle engine to catch fire.
An explosion causes water to gush out and flood: He fixes it.

Spiritual Perspective:
His worldly ambition is destroyed by his devotion to God.
Intention or ambition to pour out or channel divine love on everything that’s wrecked.
People who reject God talk a lot about their own power, their doings.
What we love has broken down, and (we) intend for it to be in vibrant shape.
Too much feeling good overthrows your willpower.
A verbal confrontation can be a healing thing, done right.

Succeeds in a breakthrough telling people how to channel the Holy Spirit.
Loving intention to promote and publicize a disaster.
To pour out blessings for the success of what is bankrupt.
It takes willpower to express gratitude to God when you are broke.
An ambition or intention to have a breakthrough channeling the Holy Spirit, and ‘talk in tongues.’

Advice is twofold: That what is very beneficial can still create a crisis or disaster; and that the disaster can be fixed by using willpower, using skill. This process of course goes in stages. Some of our sentences are from one stage or the other.

Sometimes a good fight clears the air, too. A verbal confrontation can be a healing thing, done right. So the advice is to speak up, speak rejection, when that is what would make peace for you.

These concepts are part of a theme we are having about ‘ups and downs.’ Advice is to stay in the middle, shave off the high points of hope and the low points of despair by realizing (1) if you don’t like it, give it time, it won’t be there. (2) If you do like it, don’t get so attached you are go into withdrawal when it too is over with. Reminds you of the Buddha’s ‘Middle Way.’

Oh, is this foursome a great example of how many things Tarot can express without a question to limit the answer! I have not run out of sentences, but this is enough to cover it. The elements are:

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Cups: A flow. A liquid, in liquid form, water. God; channeling the Holy Spirit or God. Good health. Love, true love. Ease, easy. Peace, peaceful, amicable. The water flows easily, the (Catholic) symbols of God infuse the water, which suggests channeling the presence of God because the water represents both five senses and five bodily fluids.

Star: A card that has a lot in common with Ace of Cups: the flow, the water, the health, the love, feeling good. Star’s emphasis is more on feeling really great, and its emphasis is expression – even singing and performance. Devotion, crazy about, profusely gushing or pouring out. A nude figure is having an outdoor ablution (ceremonial bath), pouring from jugs into the pond.

Tower: Often a disaster, but means broken, wrecked, crash, bursting forth breakthrough, short-circuit, overthrow; to reject, to break off or divorce. It can refer to the divorcee or to the splinter group as well. The illustration is the overthrow of the Tower of Babel.

Chariot: Here comes the plumber to fix those broken pipes! To choose, to be decisive, willpower, get the job done, be skilled, ambition, intention, deliberate, success and succeeds. Illustration shows a skilled charioteer: He gets the steeds, each of whom wants to go in a different direction, to go straight where he wants them to go. He is in charge.

Star, Tower, Chariot


  1. It should have been the Ace of Cups then the Star, then the Tower and then the Chariot. That is why I said ‘begin with two cards that mean flow.’

  2. julie

    oh ya there is an uh oh—-this is that all right…I am left with the tell me more feeling…

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