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This weekend’s subject is about your being effectively assertive in a way that is comfortable for you.


She sternly asks questions and he pretends he doesn’t know

Page of Cups
Fool, Six of Wands, Queen of Swords

This is one of those spreads in which the pronouns are interchangeable. Where it says ‘he,’ it can be ‘she’ all the way through all the sentences, pretty much. The Queen of Swords can also be the victim and/or the perp.

She expects more of him and strangely acts as if she hasn’t a clue about what he is up to.
The strong woman has a sense of humor about his pretending he isn’t secretly working against her.
How can he think the victim is oblivious to his mooching or his disloyalty?
Questions are asked regarding his disloyalty, and the old woman doesn’t know about it.
If she is such a bitch, why are you taking such foul advantage of her?

The idiot pretends he doesn’t know the victim.
The idiot pretends the victim doesn’t know.
The idiot assumes the victim doesn’t know what’s missing of hers.
How can it be inappropriate to bitch when you have been ripped off by a trusted colleague?
He helps himself to what is hers as if his ex-wife/the old lady/the mother-in-law wouldn’t question it.

She sternly asks questions and he pretends he doesn’t know.
Mama sternly acts as if being young and stupid isn’t an excuse.
When you double cross a mean woman, what do you expect – anything goes.
How can she be so lighthearted about being the victim of a double cross?
The victim has a plot to get even with him, and the fool doesn’t even suspect it.

She asks questions about where hers is, and he acts as if he isn’t the thief.
Can he pretend he doesn’t know when she is angry with him?
How can he not know the bitch is out to get him?
How can he not know she feels she isn’t getting what she deserves from him?
She is angry but plays stupid as if she doesn’t know.

Can she really not know he is playing games with her, when she is so angry with him?
How can he not suspect she is going to take him for every dime?
She is ‘out to get him’ for what she feels he did to her. How can he not know this?
How can you be optimistic when supposed friends are bleeding you dry?
How can you be optimistic when losses are because of so-called friends?

We asked about assertive, and the Queen of Swords, the assertive woman and/or victim appears. What a combination we have here! We start with the Fool which in the company of these cards means to not know, to be clueless or oblivious. I managed to include its ‘optimistic’ meaning. Next comes the plot, the scheme, the mysterious ‘shrinkage,’ the double cross, the person ‘up to something.’ Then the final card means to question, the idiot or ‘stupid,’ a sense of humor, strange.

The assertive victim Rider Waite Tarot card, the Queen of Swords, sits right next to the secret plot, the Six of Wands, which is of course a victim’s sneaky underhanded revenge strategy. You can relate to that, yes?

Both the Fool and the Page of Cups refer to not knowing, being oblivious, but have different slants on that. (And by the way, the Page of Cups is more likely to mean ‘a fool’ than the card labeled Fool.) Both the Six of Wands and the Page of Cups refer to something suspect or suspicious, but do have different slants on the subject. In this spread, there is clearly a mystery surrounding the Queen of Swords.

Advice is that you don’t always know when you are the victim, you suspect it and you ask questions, or you fight fire with fire and counterplot. The gist of these sentences are, yeah, so what, there are going to be times when you have mooches, secret enemies and fools up with which to put, but, hey, what the heck, don’t leave home without a strategy of your own to deal with these clowns.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Fool: This is usually a lighthearted, optimistic youthful card, a card of faith and assumption that all is well. In the company of its today companions, though, it mostly means to not know, to not suspect, to be oblivious, and ‘as if.’ Illustration is of a young fellow taking a stroll off a cliff, a flower in his hand, taking his little doggie with him.

Six of Wands: Oh, this is not where you want to be. This is your double crossing friend, the phony savior or rescue, the embezzler, the pretender, the mooch … the sting. It is also the counter strategy to that, the counterplot. The story illustrated is the betrayal of King Richard to his Arab captivity by his supposed supporters.

Queen of Swords: The assertive or strong (stern) woman is often seen as The Bitch, and a victim (especially a female victim) is often bitter, disagreeable and, yes, bitchy. So this card embraces all those facets. She has her hand out: She is owed and has not been paid. She is demanding. This is the ex-wife, the mama, the mother-in-law.

Page of Cups: How can this be? The idiot, being stupid. Fishy, suspect. To question, or to make the sentence a question. The fellow in the illustration is dressed weirdly and carries a fish in his cup. Those waves that mean instability are behind him, and he has a simple look on his face.


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  1. ME

    “The idiot pretends he doesn’t know the victim.
    The idiot pretends the victim doesn’t know.
    The idiot assumes the victim doesn’t know what’s missing of hers.”

    Yeah…he is just an idiot that does not get out much and choose to have drama on the email with me. I’m the idiot that lets it happen.

    On thing that really bugs me is he is always checking out my Facebook.

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