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One hell of a hateful family that you coexist with peacefully

Ace of Cups, Ten of Pentacles, Temperance

Romantic Perspective:
Problems with loved ones, problem with intimate partner.
Loved ones have problems, intimate partner has a problem.
Love life causes problems in marriage, bad feelings with intimate partner.
Close relationship with a wrong partner means problems in love life.
Dealing with the nastiness of home life makes __ a very positive person.

Family Perspective:
Close friend is healing to the problems (you have) at home.
Loving family deals with the problems of a black sheep.
The whole family is affected by the illness and is together in the healing.
A handicapped family member brings everyone together lovingly.
One hell of a hateful family that you coexist with peacefully.

Healing toxic relationships in the dysfunctional family.
Relations with the family that hates (you) are peaceful.
Peaceful coexistence with family enemies.
We are together in healing our family problems.
A home for people with disabilities has the benefit of one-on-one communication.
A halfway house for addicts has one-on-one counseling (loving communication).

Spiritual and Healing Perspective:
Dealing with the enemy and others like him/her/them to make him/her/them harmless.
Being one-on-one with God and being close friends with the troublemakers/evildoers where they live.
Dilute the toxic substance so it is harmless to humans.
Divine healing for demonic problems.
God and the devil make people’s relationships with one another difficult.
Benefits from relationships deranged people have with one another.

Hateful Group Perspective:
Every one of the people in that place are hateful as a group but have amicable one-on-one relationships with one another.
The members of that hateful organization (those nazis!) cooperate so closely with one another.
They all hate each other but each of them loves (you).
Members of this hate group have God on their side.
Gang members cooperate closely with one another in their mischief.

The first thing I notice in looking at this spread is God (Ace of Cups), the Devil, and an angel (Temperance) arrayed around ‘people who have problems.’ Okay …

Ace of Cups and Temperance each refer to healing, and to being close or loving. Ten of Pentacles and Devil both refer to severe problems and hatefulness. With the Ten of Pentacles being a house, and Devil meaning addiction and disability, together they become a halfway house, especially with Temperance in there to suggest healing. Both Ten of Pentacles and Temperance refer to relationships, in different ways.
Advice is to deal in benign ways with the worst people, that the way you deal with them can render them harmless and heal the situation you are in with them. You could call today’s spread here ‘How to Coexist with Cellmates.’ Notice there’s no confrontation being done. Why? Because when people (or nonphysical entities, for that matter) are severely impaired in character, confrontation feeds the dysfunction. Instead you do what benefits the situation you are in with them, which is often family.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Ace of Cups: Love, healing, the presence of God, cooperation, to make peace or ease a situation, to make something harmless or to be harmless and beneficial. These are its meanings we are using today. The illustration shows the Holy Spirit with the wafer (of Roman Catholic fame) infusing a chalice from which five flows emanate representing the five bodily senses and/or five bodily fluids.

Ten of Pentacles: People who are trouble or have troubles or both. The dysfunctional family. A bunch of quarreling hateful people or a mob or gang. The family ruled by a tyrant. Family pressures. A house. A (bad) marriage. Illustration shows grandpa on his throne with two supine canines at his side, and he oversees a couple with a child who are having a disagreeable discussion.

Temperance: Finally I get to use its ‘dilution’ meaning. Once every 5 years, you know? Standard meanings in Rider Waite Tarot for this card are dealing with or interacting, relationship, communication, healing, and one-on-one, as well as ‘on the same side together.’ It shows an angel, and the symbol on its chest is supposed to mean healing. Pouring the water and wine together (Yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to be.) suggests a back-and-forth communication.

Devil: Today he mainly represents the hatefulness that is the problem with these Ten of Pentacle people. He is also showing up as a disability, ailment, being the wrong ___, and the words: nastiness, handicapped, toxic substance, addicts, evildoers or troublemakers, demonic, deranged and mischief. The Devil is one of the most flexible cards, and not all its meanings are ‘bad.’ He is being bad today because of the Ten of Pentacles’ problems. His Rider Waite Tarot illustration shows, yes, a big bad ugly devil with horns from an ancient (real) terrible creature. Two humans are voluntarily associating with this creature, and have caught horns from the devil. (In the Marseilles deck, he is a playful mischievous figure like the Norse God Loki.)


She knows she is right that prosperous times are coming back

Ten of Cups
Justice, Queen of Cups, Judgment

Legal Marriage/Marriage Perspective:
Comes back to his legal wife to marry her.
Comes back to the woman who loves him to legally marry her.
She knows her legal marriage partner is coming back home.
Occurs to him that she is the right woman for him to marry.
Asks the lady who thinks well of him to marry him legally.

She knows him, that he is coming back to legally marry her.
She has faith in him that he is coming back to legally marry her.
She knows he should come back home to her.
His legal wife comes back home.
She does think of remarrying him.
She is thinking of marrying again.

Other Perspectives:
She is thinking of the whole new happy life she deserves/should have/is entitled to.
She knows she is right that prosperous times are coming back.
She is thinking of going back home where she belongs.
As soon as she sees it, she knows this is the right home for her.
This gives her a whole new idea about the house that is right for her.
She knows everyone is going to be as happy as they should be again.

Legal Perspective:
Judgment is declared in favor of the married woman.
She gets her home back in the lawsuit.
She figures out everybody has a whole new standing, legally.
The class action lawsuit was her inspired idea.
She has a new idea about the family’s legal situation.

When you have Justice and Judgment in only a four-Tarot-card spread, its potential meanings are fewer. When you have Justice with Ten of Cups, that famously means ‘legal marriage’ in Tarot Verbatim. And Justice with Queen of Cups suggests ‘legal wife’ because Queen of Cups is the kind you marry. Judgment also means to do something again, so Judgment with Ten of Cups means remarry. Since Ten of Cups is a group of people, when you put Justice with it (especially backed up with Judgment) it suggests a class action suit.

Advice here clearly talks of a legal marriage happening, to a woman who is the kind you marry. Finding just the right house is also featured in this spread. A happy outcome in a lawsuit too. Coming back home.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Justice is the ‘legal’ of ‘legal marriage’ here. Court action, especially with Judgment accompanying it. Justice also means ‘should,’ ‘right’ and ‘entitled,’ sometimes ‘belonged to be.’

Queen of Cups: The nice girl. She has faith in him, she understands him. She thinks, knows and figures out. She is on the dreamy side, her center is emotional. She is pictured staring at an ugly antique she holds up.

Judgment: The illustration of the resurrection creates the idea of coming back, getting back and going back. The angel with the trumpet is a big announcement so the card appears as any word that means talk, speak or ask, etc. The trumpet also brings up ‘sudden’ and ‘inspired’ and ‘strikes’ or ‘occurs to.’ Resurrection is a redo, so the preface ‘re’ in front of almost any other word, and such phrases as ‘a whole new’ anything.

Ten of Cups: Well, everybody, the whole family, neighborhood or community … is happy. These are the good people … maybe even the moral majority. This is the happy marriage card. I want to draw the picket fence on it. It stands for a house, a good house, of course. The rainbow full of full cups … yeppers, they’ve arrived.



  1. Yes, Anna, the Ten of Pentacles means any infighting feuding cranky bunch of maladjusted humanoids anywhere.

  2. Thanks Anna, I took care of it.

  3. Anna

    Wrong card is showing in the first spread, should be the Ace, not the ten of cups.
    The dysfunctional family sounds like our dysfuntional group at work today.

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