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Being sex partners with a single woman who has her own place is fun for a young man

Nine of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Sun

Romantic Perspective:
Free of her lover, home alone as her own boss.
She is her own boss, he is Lover-Boy.
Fun sex as the lover of a woman who doesn’t need anyone.
He is the so sexy, this is a lighthearted love partnership with a foxy businesswoman.
Being sex partners with a single woman who has her own place is fun for a young man.

He has to leave the woman he loves all alone.
Have to get out of the house together, when she works at home.
Her love partner has to be a young fellow.
A powerful woman hooks up with a very young guy.
He leaves his place and has sex at his lover’s – she has her own place.

Not much to this one! The single woman or the businesswoman or the woman who has/owns her own place is the Nine of Pentacles. Then we have the penis, sex, the Ace of Wands. Then we have Sun, which is to leave the house, to have fun, to be young … young and reckless type thing. Then we have the Lovers. Hello, that’s all there is to this spread. Hope you enjoy!

Advice is, well, to get out and have fun sex, be you the single woman or the young guy.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Nine of Pentacles: She is the single woman, independent, owns or has her own place, and does things in her own sweet time. She is in her vineyard with her snail and her falcon, dressed in her robe.

Ace of Wands: If you have read these messages a while, I’ll bet you remember this card before most of the others. It looks like a penis and often means sex. It also means being the boss, being assertive. The hand with the board in it, and the board is sprouting little boards. [Blush]

Sun: Here’s the fun guy, the young boy on his first romp with his evil pony who is about to teach him a lesson about bareback. It’s sunny out and the sunflowers are blooming.

Lovers: In this spread this card has no wiggle room whatsoever; it must live up to its title and to its illustration of a naked man and woman with a volcano between them. It’s sunny there too.


One breakthrough after another in her mental adventures

Seven of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Queen of Cups

Romantic Perspective:
If he keeps fooling around, his wife will know and divorce him.
She knows fooling around will sooner or later get her divorced.
She divorces one fellow after another for fooling around on her.
It’s one confrontation after another, when she learns he has betrayed her.
She keeps breaking up with him for sneaking around on her.
Whenever he cheats, she throws him out of the house.
She thinks up one revenge after another for the divorce.

Thievery Perspective:
One theft after another. She learns about it and fires (them).
Confronting one thief after another when she knows who they are.
She knows they are thieves and fires them frequently.
She only thinks about confronting (them); (they) are in the process of ripping her off.
She knows she keeps getting fired for stealing.
She knows she was fired because she kept stealing.

Danger Perspective:
She knows it’s a dangerous place, there’s one disaster after another.
She knows she is taking chances; there’s one seizure after another.
She keeps thinking he takes chances often enough to wreck.
She knows he is dangerous; there’s a chance he will ‘blow.’
She is looking at one dangerous eruption after another.

Unstable stuff may explode at any time, it’s very dangerous: Think about that.
He assaults the nice lady over and over when he has a fit.
He is a criminal and he is unstable: She thinks of firing him or breaking up with him.
She knows that he is taking a chance that the thing will blow up.
The criminal is in the process of being overthrown or even destroyed: She is watching.
One breakthrough after another in her mental adventures.

Seven of swords is danger, taking a chance, assault, criminal, even murder. It is also stealing the enemy’s weapons or revenge, and stealing anything, and a thief. Then it can mean sneaking around, fooling around, too. When it shares billing with the Tower, which is an explosion, a gunshot, an eruption, a temper fit or seizure or heart attack, the danger is enacted. Not good. But the Two of Pentacles is a ‘maybe, maybe not’ kind of thing, which also means ‘unstable.’ Then along comes the nice lady who knows. Sounds like a TV crime drama or a divorce.

Advice is that somewhere around you a betrayal of some sort is lurking (Seven of Swords), and you know about it, you are on to it (Queen of Cups), and may be letting it go on (Two of Pentacles) on purpose. A confrontation may be brewing. Again, you are ‘thinking about it.’ It certainly seems that sexual infidelity and thievery are the most likely of the betrayals.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Seven of Swords: Seven of swords can be danger, risk or risky, taking a chance, assault, criminal, even murder. It is also stealing the enemy’s weapons or revenge, and stealing anything, and a thief. Then it can mean sneaking around, fooling around, too. The illustration has a fellow hotfooting it out of the enemy camp with their weapons in his bare hands: Yes, a risky venture.

Two of Pentacles: Oopsy-daisy. This could go either way. This is an unstable situation. It also means to keep doing, and ‘in process.’ The Seven of Swords amplifies the instability, since it means to take a chance in a risky situation. The illustration is a juggler, with the mathematical sign that means ‘go on forever’ and ships tossing in waves in the background.

Queen of Cups: She knows, she learns of, she thinks. Here, she is watching a situation too. This is the nice pretty lady who dreamily contemplates some funky object she holds.

Tower: Here the Tower of Babel, in Rider Waite, is destroyed, blows up. To divorce, to be fired or fire someone, the overthrow or destruction of evil, a temper tantrum, a seizure.



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