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Think first ‘What kind of a deal is this going to be?’

Page of Cups
Temperance, Knight of Pentacles, Two of Wands

Romantic Perspective:
Which relationship will be the primary one?
He is sure he is going to be in a close relationship but still questions it.
He plans to somehow be the one who is sure of their relationship.
He asks himself whether this will be his only relationship.
He is certain he is going to make an idiot of himself with this partner.

Other Perspectives:
He is sure he is going to side with this idiot.
Is it a plan?  Is this the most important deal?
How is this tough guy going to deal with this?
Is this the only person he will have financial security with?
What mutual plan will we/they focus on?

He is sure he is going to make an idiot of himself with (you).
Think first ‘What kind of a deal is this going to be?’
Is the focus on our mutual financial security?
What is our most important goal?
Will we be in this together? –  That is the only question.

Hmmm.  We have a close relationship or deal, Temperance, and the focus on one thing or most important goal, the Knight of Pentacles, and the plan or financial security – which also puts the sentence into future tense, the Two of Wands, and then the idiot or instructions to put the sentence into question form.  (Okay, which of you is that ‘idiot’ theme following?)

Advice here invites you to wonder and speculate on your immediate future with your intimate partner – maybe to ask yourself ‘What am I doing?’  Not much to this, not much more than that.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Temperance: Dealing with another person, a relationship, being on the same side as, mutual, together, ‘our,’ partner, intimate partner.  The water being poured from one chalice to another suggests an association or a dealing back and forth.

Knight of Pentacles: One thing on his mind in his hard, hard head.  This is the stubborn obsessed macho man.  It can be a brute but doesn’t have to be.  A rough-looking guy stares intently at the money.  His rough-looking horse stares ahead too:  They are well matched.

Two of Wands: Looking out over the ramparts [love that word!] to the town he owns, he plans his financial empire:  It’s a sure thing.

Page of Cups: Huh?  What?  The idiot.  And instructions to put the sentence into a question form.  It means a question, to question, etc.

This is another spread that makes choosing gender (he/she) difficult.  I wrote two sentences on a lot of these because Strength can be the person who is the solution, or a controlling person who is part of the problem, in this particular set of Rider Waite Tarot cards.


You are not going to be letting anyone get you involved in their fight

Ten of Pentacles
Three of Swords, Three of Wands, Strength

Romantic Perspective:
Breaking up is going to happen since she is not letting him make trouble with her friends.
She is making trouble with his friends, so he is going to split up with the controlling woman.
Breaking up because she isn’t going to let him interfere in her home life.
Breaking up is what’s going to happen because she interferes in his home life.
Her/The solution to being in a family that continually feuds is divorce.
He is going to be nothing but trouble and she is not going to let him break her heart.
Nothing but trouble with that controlling woman so a divorce is coming.
Incessant sniping makes home life a power struggle. You are not/She is not going to let that continue.
This is a dysfunctional hostile situation in your personal or home life, and you are going to be on top of it.

Family Life Perspective:

Family meetings about disciplining the defiant member will continue.
She is not going to let their hurtful quarreling go on.
She is not going to let anyone get her involved in their fight.
You are not going to be letting anyone get you involved in their fight.
Do not let this hurtful infighting go on.
If you kids keep fighting, mama is going to pin all of you down.
You squabbling kids are going to be shut up.
Prevent the heartache and trouble that is coming to us/them.
She diffuses the wrangling before it becomes hateful.

Business Perspective:
The solution will be to split the organization.
The solution will be to split up the group that is experiencing/causing this problem.
The day is coming that the quarreling factions are shut down.
The group disciplines a person; that person will be quitting.
Will always be a source of dissension; the solution is to fire that person.
Warring factions are being and will be brought under control.
The damage to them is not going to be allowed to continue.
Prevent the damage that will cause such a problem to them.
The day is coming to lay down the law to the infighting members.

Resisting Influences Perspective:
These hostile people are always going to fight among themselves but don’t let it get to you.
She isn’t letting the mores of this petty bunch of people get to her, she resists
Don’t let the mores of the petty bunch of people get to you – resist them.
She resists the influence of their warlike culture:  It isn’t going to get to her.
Resist the influence of their warlike culture and it isn’t going to get to you.
She is not going to let anyone get her involved in their fight.
You are not going to be letting anyone get you involved in their fight.

Miscellaneous Perspective:
They unite in war and they will be pacified.

We have three cards that are warlike, and one that means it will continue.  The Three of Swords means hostility, quarreling, hurting, war, divorce, and the Ten of Pentacles is a bunch of dysfunctional people who don’t get along, who are feuding or quarreling.  Ten of Pentacles is a power struggle among members.  The Strength card is almost always setting things straight, making an intruder behave, preventing harm or preventing an attack, but once in a while she can be a pushy broad, and it’s reasonable when you put her with these other two warlike cards, that she would be part of the aggression.

The female gender of the Strength card is not so strong that it is the girls against the boys here.  But it can be, as when mama is making the kids behave or opting out of a family feud, maybe with in-laws.

Advice in this spread is to not be involved in group animosities, in family feuds, neighborhood wars and infighting at, say, work.  Don’t be interfered with and don’t be drawn into controversies.  As a matter of fact, you might have to make some peace in a somewhat heavy-handed but somewhat diplomatic way.  Maybe making that peace between warring factions that do not include you.  Don’t let the hostilities continue, we are saying here.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Three of Swords: Today the quarreling spectrum of this Rider Waite Tarot card is emphasized by the presence of the Ten of Pentacles, another card that talks about quarreling and not getting along.  Three of swords is divorce, separation, hostility, warlike atmosphere, dissension, split, any heartache you can think of just about.

Three of Wands: Continuing action, now and ahead.  Something will be going on.  Or something is coming.  Illustration shows a fellow watching his ships coming in.

Strength: She diffuses a hostility.  She prevents opposition.  She is the solution.  She won’t let him attack.  She is the lion tamer, she has such strength of character no one crosses her.  Muggers dodge her and obscene phone callers hang up on her. See her pet the lion who wants to eat her but just can’t get himself to  This is where we all need to be.  It would be a perfect world if we were.

Ten of Pentacles: This is the family most of us come from and are trying to avoid replicating in our lives.  This is The Family Carol Burnett put on the small screen.  This is the people who are ‘hard to get along with’ who always seem nevertheless to be in a like-minded group.  Meet the tired stereotypes of controlling head of family and the husband who looks in the other direction when his wife is talking.  Next to this card is the Strength card which means to overcome and make peace and make obstreperous elements behave.



  1. FCP, a number of visitors to this blog have remarked that reading in with morning coffee, they figured ‘This isn’t applying to my situation,’ and then in the afternoon something happens, and they read the sentences again, and have a eureka moment that, yes, that IS what the sentences were talking about.

  2. I saw your reply on the scroll.
    I am very glad to see you going back and commenting. These spreads are TRENDS they occur “around the time of.” This was the subject of the “Problem of When” post Emily made. Just as in astrology transits are trends and cover a period of time. At times events can take a bit to build and so affect one person more quickly than another. It’s as an exact a science as it can get.

  3. FCP

    I wanted to wait until my guy left before I posted today. Everything is fine. No break ups or problems. No other family issues or other arguments going on right now either. So these spreads don’t seem to be for me today.

    • FCP

      I spoke too soon! Three days later (April 9th) the family part of this makes sense!

  4. Anna

    Spreads don’t seem relevant to me today. I hope I don’t have any quarrels coming in my future!

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