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Here is a list of things you must forget in order to be happy

Star, Eight of Wands, Ace of Swords

Good news, you are free from having to do all those things.
A long talk has totally cleared the air.
You weren’t there for all the talk about what you had to do.
So happy to be so free of all those imperatives.
Says you are in good health with no restrictions at all.

Forget about all the things you must do for good health.
Young and feeling so good you ‘got it licked.’
So young to have so many achievements to celebrate.
Declare you are a free spirit in every possible way.
Here is a list of things you must forget in order to be happy.

Forget all the things they tell you you have to do.
Forgot all the lines I had to say.
Ignore all the verbal threats.
You have to ignore the ones that talk fast.
Celebrate all the wins lightheartedly.

A lot of infinitely forgettable language/talk.
You gotta forget all those things I said …
All this rah-rah talk about freedom and victory.
They all have to talk about you when you’re not present.
Freedom of speech makes you talk.

Well, this is a breath of fresh air after the past few days!  ‘Mercury is Retrograde’ Stef keeps saying as if that means doomsday is here already growing roots.  We start with two Rider Waite Tarot cards that mean talk, Star (which also means feeling good and happiness and good health) and Eight of Wands (which also means one after the other, quickly, a list, ‘all those/these’).  The Fool means to be free, lighthearted, to be not present, to ignore, forget, or be oblivious, which echoes some of Star’s material.  And the Ace of Swords, in such good company, simply means winning, victory, totally, imperative, and ‘at all.’

Advice is ignore it all and just feel good … heck with all that stuff, the sun is out.  I second that motion.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Star: Happy, healthy, talking, celebrating, declare, to say or talk, they tell you …  This is the naked beauty pouring some liquid into the pond, presumably as part of a ritual of ablution (vocabulary alert:  ‘bathing.’)

Eight of Wands: Talk.  List.  One after another, more and more, so many, all the ___, talk or say, etc.
Illustration shows one after the other sticks flying in the air like arrows shot all at the same time.

Ace of Swords: Achievement, victory, must or have to, makes you/forces, totally one way or the other as in ‘infinitely.’  Illustration is the hand gripping the sword that has the crown of victory.  You win!

Fool: Lighthearted, optimistic, forget it, not being present, freedom, ignore.  Here’s that fellow taking a mid-day stroll, happy as a clam with his happy dog who seems will follow him off the cliff.


They have a constant awareness of what the other is thinking … it’s scary

Page of Swords
Hanged Man, Queen of Cups, Eight of Pentacles

They have a constant awareness of what the other is thinking … it’s scary.
Mental rapport between him and her over and over – how exciting.
He is aware of what she thinks of him, it keeps him on his toes about his doings.
She knows what he does for a living.  It turns her on
Mental work is intensely exciting.

She knows how exciting doing mental adventures can be.
He can tell, every time, when a woman is excited about him.
He realizes she knows what he is doing and panics.
Being a psychic is an exciting job for her.
It is her job to be aware of the hazards.

She knows how intensely nervous he is routinely.
Her job requires intense concentration and alertness.
He knows how intensely alert she is on the job.
She knows how intensely alert he is on the job.
She is aware that the things she knows about on her job are dangerous.

She knows and feels that her job is what makes her nervous.
She is afraid for her job, her antenna is up about that.
She is jealous of him, very aware of his activities.
He is jealous of her, very aware of her activities.
She uses her ESP on the job, defensively.

The Hanged Man and the Queen of Cups both mean aware and know.  The Hanged Man is psychic awareness, intense awareness, mental alertness.  The Queen of Cups know – knows her man, especially.  The Eight of Pentacles refers to job, activity – especially repeated activity – doing, routine.  And the Page of Swords is exciting, dangerous, adventure, defensive, jealous … all worked up about something or nothing.  It is interesting to have a male card and a female card that each mean mental activity and understanding another person receptively – especially when the next Rider Waite Tarot card means consistently, and the closing one means it’s exciting.

Advice is to be aware, to read other people, to be alert on your job, to sense what other people are thinking and feeling, to tune in to others’ thoughts, to be receptive, even to look for hazards.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Hanged Man: The thought strikes you, eureka style, thrown up from the floor of your subconscious into light of day.  That is what the illustration on the Rider Waite Hanged Man shows.  ESP.  Psychism.  Intensely aware.  To realize.

Queen of Cups: She is receptive too.  She is aware, she is thinking and knowing.  These two together and in psychic rapport.  She is the dreamy one, petting that grotesque antique she holds up.

Eight of Pentacles: This is the job, the worker, the routine activities of the mundane side of our lives.  Here we see the carpenter making one item after the other and hanging them up on his wall.

Page of Swords: He is not doing his usual duty here.  Today he is the excitement mostly, although he is jealous, defensive and afraid.  Illustration shows a very nervous fellow, weapon at the ready when the nearest mammal is miles from him, and he has an all-clear view of it.



  1. ME

    I want to make a comment –the readings fit, being quiet is important in regards to my financial saturation. I feel ashamed however…but I got hurt bad and I’m still trying!

  2. Anna

    Maybe the first spread is relevant to me after all: I was going to talk to my boss today but then I said the heck with it and I’ll talk to her on Monday!

  3. Anna

    I’m giving a talk on Sat. so that is the exciting adventure I’m toiling away at as the second spread indicates, but the first spread doesn’t seem relevant.

  4. Tina G

    It’s been a few days since I made a comment on the spreads but I’m still reading them each day. Always look forward to the spreads and if it could relate to my world.

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