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Having a blissful sense of freedom deep down inside you repels aggressors and blocks interference

Fool, Four of Pentacles, Ace of Wands

Being Short of Money Perspective:
When you are short of money, you have to ignore enticements and stay away from temptations.
Don’t let having to be on a budget get to you: Be happy to just take a walk.
Person is so cheap, people totally ignore (him) and don’t associate with (him).
Just prize the one thing you do have and never mind all the things that are beyond reach.

Sexual Perspective:
She really doesn’t care, she has no interest in sex with that lowlife, and he can do without.
A superior woman does not have sex mindlessly.
Not enough sex, the shapely women don’t even notice him.
That one woman acts as if he isn’t even there, so he is not getting any sex.
She won’t even talk about sex, she is so into her privacy.
She has to be squeaky clean as if she has nothing to hide.
No one knows the sexual secrets about the shapely lady.

Spiritual Perspective:
Clear your mind of all but that one thing, go inside yourself and shut everything else out.
No bad spirit is aggressive enough to get through your defenses against distractions: You are free.
Bad spirits aren’t aggressive enough to break through her defenses against them: She is free of them.
You are free of the influence of bad spirits when they aren’t aggressive enough to break through your defenses.
Having a blissful sense of freedom deep down inside you repels aggressors and blocks interference.
You have to shut out distractions, and quieten yourself, to be free of it all.
To limit yourself to subconscious awareness, you have to shut everything else out.
Keeping your consciousness free of all contamination is the secret to power.
Don’t even think you can make her be quiet and sit in a corner: She is Teflon Lady.

Privacy or Secrecy Perspective:
Keeping that one thing very quiet and acting as if you have nothing at all to do with it.
It’s a deep dark secret no one must know about, and keep it from her most of all.
Privacy is paramount; act as if there’s nothing to hide.
You have to be quiet about this one thing, just forget it and block it out.
Act as if it is not much of a threat, as if there’s no connection to her.
You have to keep a lid on it as if there is no possible scandal (re that lady).
What if you keep the most important fact a secret from (everyone)?
You have to not admit and to keep to yourself the things that would be harmful.

These four play well with one another, don’t you think? They bring out one another’s rarer phrases too. Three of these Rider Waite Tarot cards refer to ignoring or shutting out: We begin with the Fool meaning to ignore, be free of, to shut out, followed by the Four of Pentacles who means to keep something to yourself and be quiet about it, a secret, and then the World shuts everything out and has no association at all with … usually some bad influence or bad spiritual entity. The ‘leftover’ card is the famous Ace of Wands meaning ‘the most important,’ sex, having to, totally … that one thing.

Advice is to choose your battles, to focus on what is important to you to the exclusion of other things which amount to distractions if you have one interest. There is also an emphasis on keeping your mouth shut about things you don’t want known. Being short of money is not so bad, we say here. And, yes, (he) is doing without sex.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Fool: to be free of, to be free, to ignore, to not know, never mind, mindlessly, doesn’t even notice, ‘don’t even think,’ be happy, doesn’t care, acts as if, won’t even … And, no, he isn’t noticing and doesn’t care that he is about to step off into the wild blue yonder and take his equally blissfully unaware doggie with him.

Four of Pentacles: To be short of, to keep to yourself, to have a secret, deep down inside, to be miserly, to do without, not enough, isn’t getting enough and has something to hide – illustrated in Rider Waite by the fellow clutching his money outside the city on a gray day.

Ace of Wands: ‘Do not let’ is one of today’s phrases for the Ace of Wands. Also, ‘the most important,’ sex, having to, totally … that one thing. The hand with the board in it that means ‘you have to’ or ‘must,’ and the board is sprouting which means fertility in case you didn’t see how much like a penis the board looks.

World: This card is about spiritual superiority. The illustration depicts being so strong spiritually that the monsters don’t see you and you have no connection to them, so that you are ‘Master of Both Worlds,’ the highest rank of occult or magical practice. That wreath is a wall of separation between the human figure and the world. And that rank is considered androgynous (vocabulary word alert: both genders in one body). So the main meaning of World is to shut out or repel unwanted things, influences, factors, ideas … anything, any application. This card can stand for a seawall, for instance.


He says the right words and does the right things, and she still isn’t pleased

Ace of Pentacles
Magician, Queen of Swords, Eight of Wands

Business Perspective:
She is expecting him to do all these things for that amount of money.
She expects him to do it quickly for that amount of money.
She expects/demands more money to do all those things.
She expects more money to do it quickly.
He is making more money because she wants things.

He starts a dialog about how much money she wants.
She is doing things fast to get money because she doesn’t have enough.
She is paid more money to do that.
She needs more money to get that done.

Do It Right Perspective:
She expects all these things to be done the best way.
The old lady talks about him doing things right, she is not satisfied.
She has a list of things that she needs to be done right.
Stern woman wants all these things done right.
She expects it to be done right and quickly.
She expects him to do it right and quickly.
Stern mama tells him to act right.
He says the right words and does the right things, and she still isn’t pleased.
She doesn’t have the right words to get him to do things.

She is doing all the right things, she wants what is fair.
She doesn’t have enough money to get all the things done.
Act right, or you will hear her criticism.
She is a stickler for things being done to suit her … the right way.

Man who does, or to do: That is the Magician. Then, here comes the woman who expects and demands, in a critical manner. Then a list of things, all these things … and it also means quickly. And then we have the payment, the money in hand. As you can see, the story is set – no ambiguity.

Advice emphasizes getting paid more for doing more, and refers to a woman in that respect. Ask more to do more, it says.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Magician: Man who does. You can conjugate the verb ‘do’ for this Rider Waite Tarot card, and it is emphatically a male. It also means to start, to take initiative, to act. Illustration shows a man with the tools of the magician trade, arm upraised with his wand in it. Magicians really do have wands, okay?

Four of Pentacles: Not having enough, being short of, especially, money. Keeping it quiet, keeping to yourself, being a miser, holding something precious. A fellow is pictured holding onto his coins, out of town, hugging himself, keeping it all in. Deep down inside.

Eight of Wands: Here come a whole lot of things fast. A list. “All these things.” The illustration is one stick after another flying in the wind fast like arrows shot rapidly.

Ace of Pentacles: The right way, money in hand, getting paid. It shows a hand holding the money over ‘the right path,’ or ‘right-hand path,’ with white lillies in front and a vine-draped entryway the right path leads to, suggesting a reward or victory.



  1. Tina G

    great… will heed the advice about the budget

  2. FCP

    I need to heed the advice of the ‘Being Short of Money’ perspective in the first spread.

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