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The question for this weekend is: How pleased will you be with your life for the next 6 months?


You are making major changes to do the sensible things that make you healthy

Eight of Cups, Hermit, Eight of Pentacles

Business Perspective (Work):
They avoid telling the truth at work.
To tell the truth, (Person) avoids work.
Looking for work, you abruptly find a job that makes you happy.
You are happy at work but looking for a change there.
You are sincerely praised at work, for a change.

Looking for happiness, you change jobs.
Person knows the shortcuts on the job and tells you, helps you.
The fact is, (Person) quit work to have a good time.
You can see that being an entertainer is anything but a steady job.
No glory comes from being honest at work.

(Person) is all talk – avoids honest work.
Things take a turn for the better in the job search.
Tell you to report for work immediately.
A shorter commute on the job makes you happy.

Happiness Perspective:
Working on a change in your life path seeking happiness.
You see a major change, a new course, and you are happy doing what you are doing.
You observe he isn’t busy making you happy anymore.
You see yourself not being busy making another happy anymore.
You can see how he avoids doing what would make you happy, every time.

Health Perspective:
You are making major changes to do the sensible things that make you healthy.
You quit doing something you always do, seeking to be healthy.
Your doctor keeps making changes until you are feeling really good.
Suddenly you see what really works for health and feeling good.

Romance Perspective:
All of a sudden, he keeps sincerely confessing his love.
He is making an honest effort to confess his love, finally.
Keeps saying “I love you” and is being honest for a change.
Abruptly acting how he really feels.

I feel as if I have written a book. There are a lot of variations that mean similar things here. Sometimes I think I should ‘cull the herd’ and not write similars. What do you think? Comment!

Hermit and Star both are sincerity and warm feeling. Hermit and Eight of Cups both refer to a journey walking – and one is a pilgrim and one is a monk. We begin with Eight of Cups which in Rider Waite commonly means: avoid, abruptly, change, quit, drop everything and immediately, suddenly. Then we have the Hermit, whose common meanings are to look, to seek, to find, to observe, sincerely, knows, the fact, honest. Then the Eight of Pentacles which is about work and what you are doing. We close with Star which is about talk, confessing love, praise, being happy and healthy, and even a performer.

The comment for your six months says things go well at work, things change for the better, and love is sincere. I’ll drink to that … after Lent.

Meanings and Illustrations:

Eight of Cups: Common phrases for this guy are: avoid, abruptly, change, quit, drop everything and immediately, suddenly. The picture shows what is supposed to be a pilgrim turning a forced corner in his course.

Hermit: He too is out at night walking on a journey. Hermit usually means to look, to seek, to find, to observe, sincerely, knows, the fact, honest.

Eight of Pentacles: Here’s the guy crafting one item after another. He is busy working at his bench. This is often about a steady effort and calls up phrases involving the word ‘keep’ and ‘keeping.’

Star: Health, happiness, to talk, to confess love, feeling good. The illustration shows a nude figure pouring something into a bathing pond.



  1. Thank you for your feedback. I am going to do exactly that in my quest to streamline this project, to do it more efficiently. One thing to remember is that when doing a group reading, gender is – pronouns are – a bitch. He/She gets old. “I” is one solution, or “you.” As you read these, keep that gender thing in mind. If something applies to you and the ‘person’ of the sentence isn’t lining up, you may as well figure it does apply to you.

  2. Tina G

    I like this spread, even though I’m only commenting on it today. I will be ending my temp job this wednesday, so I look forward to the comment; “Things take a turn for the better in the job search.
    Tell you to report for work immediately.
    A shorter commute on the job makes you happy.”


    • Tina G

      I know it has been almost a week since this spread came out but I am flabbergasted right now. As stated in my first reply, looking forward to the new job opp coming my way, I just want to say I did have that exact outcome; a temp job to start on the next day; unfortunately, I didn’t get the temp assignment, the company is parting out the work until they find someone permanent, but I am still a consideration for an interview to be direct hired to the position. I just wanted to let you all know, especially Emily, that these tarot spreads work and tell you what is going on and what will happen.
      thanks again, excited to know if I will get the direct hire job…positive thoughts!

  3. Emily….I really like the spreads the way you are doing them,the “story” part is important,helps us to understand……I very much hope this spread is accurate for all of us in the coming months!

  4. Anna

    Less sentences are ok with me. I like the “meanings and illustration” part and the paragraph explaining the cards that is usually above it.

  5. FCP

    Yes, I am hoping to be on a new life path 6 months from now!

    • FCP

      I will also be looking for a part time job this fall when the kids are both in school full time. So I hope this means I will find something!

      Em, I suppose some of these could be pared down or combined so that there aren’t so many sentences to wade through. But I also like the story the spreads tell the way you do it now.

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