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HOW TO USE THE MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR YOU HERE. Read the sentences, and pick out the ones that seem to apply to you, to the people around you. They are a Tarot analysis of your day’s circumstances. As the day (or several days) unfolds, you may find the information is relevant. The question is: “Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.” Often, your adopting the attitude you feel in the blog works for your day!

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean even contradictory things. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are less specific, more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. Especially when a pronoun is in parentheses, feel free to substitute.

The Advice section sums up a general meaning of all the sentences.

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Knight of Pentacles

Four of Swords, Two of Wands, Justice

Meanings and Illustrations:

Oh happy day: four ‘good’ cards.

Two of our Rider Waite Tarot citizens today are focused on a goal; one Tarot card is about not doing any more; and the remaining one is about ‘should’ – about things the way they are supposed to be.

Two of Wands and Knight of Pentacles are focused on a goal. Knight of Pentacles has one thing on his mind, even obsessively. He is the sturdy short dark muscled fellow whose horse is also sturdy and short, dark and muscled. Two of Wands is a different sort of fellow, the one whose muscle is financial. He has ‘the world in his hands’ in the illustration. He stands on a roof porch overlooking HIS waterfront real estate community development down there, and is thinking about his money, its and his future.

Our first card is the Four of Swords. This is the fellow overnighting in the cathedral meditating on the stone coffin of some culture hero (saint or warrior), his vision quest that is part of knighthood. The main point of Rider Waite Four of Swords is ‘not participating.’ Not doing. Inactivity. Sleeping. Giving it a rest. Time out. Four of Swords has fewer applications, fewer meanings than most Rider Waite Tarot cards.

Justice too has fewer meanings than most Rider Waite citizens. Besides the obvious legal, police and fairness meanings, it tends to come up with the word ‘should.’ Illustration shows a crowned figure in a red robe with a sword held high and the scales of justice in the left hand.

Today’s advice is good news! Everything is all right for you. That’s what we say here. You’re where you should be, just stay there. Make sure you get the proper rest, and everything’s gonna be all right. Meeting the requirement and no more is good enough; you don’t have to do another thing to be established and to be profitable. Meet that one main goal you have in mind, and if you do nothing else, you are home free.


Personal Life Perspective:

The main point is: You are where you should be without doing another thing: Stay there.

One thing is certain: You have done all you need to do for things to be the way they should be.

You can sleep now, knowing it’s going to be all right.

Relax. You’re okay, and will continue to be okay for sure.

Focus on the future because right now things are okay without any further effort on your part.

Proper rest and relaxation is going to be important.

Plan to get the sleep you should, first priority.

His dream is to be a lawyer, that’s all he will be.

Aim to do right and nothing but right: That is the plan.

An honest working man will sleep nights.

Being moral is all it takes for you to be secure, only that one thing.

Once you’ve got things under control, you are where you should be.

Legal Perspective:

The law isn’t focused on bankers or real estate people.

Having no plan is very significant, legally.

The point of the lawsuit is going to be what wasn’t done.

The legal issue will be how much sleep he got.

The law has no global focus.

No other priority than to properly establish that one point.

There was no intent or plan: That is the focus of the law.

Refraining from doing that one thing will make it legal.

Business Perspective:

The business is as profitable as it should be without further attention.

You should just let it stay profitable, that’s the main point.

The only concern is balancing the books, that’s all.

The business plan is realistic; just make sure it stays that way.

Being established and legitimate is the only thing you have to do.

Relax. Your goal will be met.

Relax. You will establish this one for sure.

Whatever you have in mind, the bank will approve.



  1. You got it Tina. Adventure. Not troubles, adventure. I told someone some dreams I was having, and he or she said, “Oh, nightmares.” “No, I said, those are adventure dreams.” And they were.

  2. Sue

    Oh gosh Emily. You are so right. I stenoed along to my first depo ever (as an intern). It was a medical malpractice. The expert witness was a neurosurgeon. One attorney was here, 5 were on the videoconference(but only one talked). The reporter I shadowed was really nice. Everyone there seemed like a good person.

    I came out of it with the message. Part of being a happy successful person is not let our problems get to us, and deal with bad things calmly.

    • Congratulations. You tend to remember your first job. I remember mine, way out in the woods in Tampa with this eccentric old farmer who had run over himself with his tractor, which tore his testicles … but he couldn’t say that word in front of a lady, he referred to them as ‘intestines.’ The lawyer: It was his first job, too.

      He asked me what to do. I said, “Well, it’s just us here. No one will know. I will just write ‘testicles’ every time Mr. Witness says ‘intestines.’ And so it was done.

      Got a brief from to tell you. Later.

  3. FCP

    Sad today, but I’ve done everything I can do. So I guess this is affirmation that all is the way it’s supposed to be, and there’s no more to do?

    • If that is the way it strikes you, that is the way it is. That’s the way these sentences work: They address your intuition, because they came out of Tarot intuition.

  4. Anna

    This is what is happening in my house, just as the cards indicate. There was a lot of intensity the last few days and now it’s over and all is well and time for chillin’ out.

  5. sonia

    I too had this feeling that I have done all that I could and could nothing more than that,but not sure if everything will be o.k.I fear everything will fall apart finally,bit terrified.But could sleep well having my side of work done,but worries too,lot of them,what to do?

    • Ever notice we don’t waste doubt time on our worries? Why not doubt your fears instead of your hopes. Since doubt is free and doesn’t change anything, go ahead, try that.

  6. ME

    Today’s advice is good news! Everything is all right for you. That’s what we say here. You’re where you should be, just stay there. Make sure you get the proper rest, and everything’s gonna be all right. Meeting the requirement and no more is good enough; you don’t have to do another thing to be established and to be profitable. Meet that one main goal you have in mind, and if you do nothing else, you are home free.

    I like this affirmation….although it my not be reality.

    People if you want a good reading call Emily!

    • Thank you for saying that.
      That ‘affirmation’ as you experience it is generally true. One goal at a time, reach it ‘good enough’ and on to the next one, pacing yourself.

  7. Tina G

    Ok, I guess this means, especially the last sentence, my mortgage mod will come thru to a positive end, hopefully!!
    Also, I really need to make an effort to look for work since a job opp isn’t going to knock on my door unless I initiate it first….unsure why I would need to relax since that is the last thing on my mind. I guess I need to relax and calm myself to be prepared for my next ‘adventure’.
    thanks, emily

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