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HOW TO USE THE MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR YOU HERE. Read the sentences, and pick out the ones that seem to apply to you, to the people around you. They are a Tarot analysis of your day’s circumstances. As the day (or several days) unfolds, you may find the information is relevant. Some of this information refers to a longer time period. The question is: “Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.” Often, your adopting the attitude you feel in the blog works for your day! Some days are ‘keep an eye open’ and some are ‘green lights.’

Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean even contradictory things. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are less specific, more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. Especially when a pronoun is in parentheses, feel free to substitute.

The Advice section sums up a general meaning of all the sentences. It is the favorite of most of us.

Remember to share your experience with a comment here if you have words for it … I spend two or more hours a day writing to you, after all! Say hello back!

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Ace of Cups

Hermit, Queen of Wands, Ten of Pentacles

Meanings and Illustrations: Observation of the Spread

Two of our cards are about healing, about love and devotion, helpfulness and cooperation, about helping and not harming, being well-intentioned. Those are Hermit and Ace of Cups. Each of these expresses spirituality too: Hermit is a seeker and Ace of Cups is the presence of God.

The plot thickens with the practical woman who runs a tight ship, the Mama or manager, and those troubled and/or trouble-making people. Now we have drama, the stuff our lives are made of.

Hermit and Queen of Wands are the voices of sanity, common sense, and being of service to others.

Queen of Wands and Ten of Pentacles both refer to the house or home life.

Meanings and Illustrations: Individual Rider Waite Tarot Cards

Hermit goes out looking for someone to take care of and help. He looks for travelers at night with his lantern who are stranded, lost or hurting. This is a calm, kind person, usually male and usually older; or it stands for coming to another person, taking care, being devoted, being the backup or the assistant. Sincerity, truth and investigation are some of its other applications. ‘Help is on the way.’

Queen of Wands is the down-to-earth practical woman. Nothing foo-foo about her: Put her in charge. She is the mama, the manager, the wife who runs the house. There’s no water around her throne, and her favorite flower is the sunflower. The black cat suggests she has a devious, witchy side as well.

Ten of Pentacles is the family we came from that we don’t want to duplicate … but do. It shows the old patriarch in his throne chair, petting the dogs … They know who’s boss, see? … while the couple with the grand kid discuss his latest edict. You know the routine: Wife talks, husband turns away and stares into space? – while the brat squalls and pulls on her clothes. Oh, yeah, this is a Family Scene.

This is family problems, couple problems, in-law problems, not getting along with one another. This is the whole extended family, or just the family; and it doesn’t have to be the dysfunctional family. It can be the work crew too, just as Queen of Wands can be the mama or the manager. It can be the work crew from hell, the neighborhood gang, politicians or mafia.

Ace of Cups is beneficial and not harmful, is a flow, is the easy way, cooperation, being loving, true love, is the idea of the presence of God infusing the ‘five humors’ or bodily fluids. It’s all about love here. Healing and loyalty, too. Its illustration shows the dove, symbol of Holy Spirit, infusing the water (and the wafer of communion).

Advice is to be the influence, the voice, of sanity when the dysfunctional people around you have lost theirs; and to demonstrate lovingkindness by patiently being of service to them (Hermit) yet requiring them, when they are ‘in your house,’ to be harmless and cooperative (Ace of Cups). Note the point is to influence and to not be influenced.


Family Perspective:

He is being honest with his wife about their problems because he loves her.

He is so devoted to his wife that he loves her soap-opera relatives.

They have an honest loving relationship complicated by in-law problems.

They don’t get along with one another but they all love love mama because she is so patient with them.

He takes care of the whole family and his wife loves him.

She keeps everyone around her healthy; she is healing to be around.

People are loving and devoted to the matriarch of the family.

Business Perspective:

The manager and her backup know how to get these backbiting folks to cooperate.

People come to her with their love problems because she is level-headed.

She is a physician, she heals sick people.

A professional woman who investigates who the troublemakers are, and who is loyal.


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  1. sonia

    today’s reading?

  2. Win Freeman

    Direct and to the point, hope we all can allow the Love to infuence our way today… good luck all

  3. Tina G

    Great…..still waiting for the final outcome of 2 job interviews I had last week…hopefully these spreads are giving a ‘light’ to the answer but I’m not sure which way it’s telling me….I’ll soon find out…

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