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Advice today has a lot to do with mores – that violations and betrayals are around us: criminals who violate the law, people who betray partners and family, gang members who work with police, and police who get away with their crimes. It is also about police cleaning the neighborhood up, and us having the daring, the guts, to make a commitment to do right. Close connections to others make either type of community.

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Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!


DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Relationship Perspective

He is taking a chance commiting to one intimate partner.

A relationship so dysfunctional it endangers your sanity.

People we know are hindrances to our relationship being the way it should be.

One-on-one, you can tempt him away from his undesirable friends and straighten him out.

When he is with you, he is sane, but just let him go over there with those people!

Dealing straight with crooks outsmarts them!

Your straight partner’s criminal relatives.

Dealing with family is risking your sanity.

Other people sabotage our sane relationship.

Family Perspective

This punk is his family’s problem but, taken together, they are the right kind of people.

They are such a close family of lawbreakers.

Deal with the black sheep of the family the way you should.

Partner’s relatives are in trouble with the law.

The family is entitled to deal with the offense.

The family’s revenge is to deal with it in court.

He feels entitled to double-cross close family members.

Have the guts (daring) to commit to doing right in a dysfunctional setting.

They do what they are supposed to, and the others sabotage or undermine it.

Crime and Criminal Perspective

A criminal background when he joined the police.

Criminal justice deals with people like that.

Violates the rights of everyone he deals with.

When a rogue cop deals with you, you deal with his whole group.

He is one of the criminals who is dealing with the police.

Prosecution for organized crime makes deals.

An assault case in domestic relations court.

He has cheated the whole group or class of people, and their lawyer is dealing with it.

The neighborhood has a problem with criminals; the police are dealing with it.

The people whose business dealing violates the law.

Organized crime makes deals with the police.

Lawmakers are partners in this crime.

The police department that does hand-to-hand deals with criminals.

One of the criminals made a hand-to-hand transaction with the police.

He escapes prosecution by family connections.

He gets away with it by dealing with both the police and the politicians/gang.

Politicians’ relationship with the police is dangerous.

Risk Perspective

Criminal lawyers deal with undesirables.

This transaction puts the house at risk legally.

A legal partnership puts everybody’s assets at risk.

Putting the family assets at risk in the transaction.

Should deal with this class of people in spite of the risks.

Politicians violate your rights in their deals.

Politicians are entitled to cutthroat deals.

This is a perfectly legal deal but risky because of the people or company you are dealing with.


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Right off the bat, we have the criminal which also means ‘risk’ (Seven of Swords) and the law (Justice); then we have a transaction or a partner, (Temperance); and there’s a whole group of relatives or undesirables, a card that can mean a gang of any kind including politicians (Ten of Pentacles). Uh-oh. I was tempted to put these back in the deck and draw again. But I didn’t.

Ten of Pentacles plus Seven of Swords: A group of criminals, organized crime, the undesirables in the family, revenge regarding family, the whole family risking its assets or home, dangerous neighborhood, criminal background.

Ten of Pentacles plus Temperance: Dealing with relatives, undesirables, politicians, “bad people,” internal family politics, a dysfunctional relationship. Your partner’s relatives, “bad people” dealing with [maybe one another], family connections.

Ten of Pentacles plus Justice: Family law, domestic court, a house’s legal status, police organization, family affects sanity, the rights of people, class action suit dirty police or rogue cops.

Seven of Swords plus Temperance: Dealing with a criminal, the risks of a deal or risky deal, criminal associate, your partner’s criminal whatever, partners in crime, cheating in a relationship.

Seven of Swords plus Justice: Criminal law, criminal lawyer, rogue cop, assault case in court, police assault (or assassination), to risk legally (as in a lien or collateral), endanger your sanity, against the law, escaping prosecution.

Temperance plus Justice: Dealing straight, a legal transaction, legal partner or partnership, police team or partners, law partners or partnership, they do what they are supposed to, a sane relationship, a hand-to-hand deal with the police, doing right by your partner. the right partner.


Ten of Pentacles is a group of people; an organization of any kind; people who have a problem; people who are a problem; dysfunctional people, family or relationship; mob or politicians.

Its concepts are illustrated by a family scene in which grandpapa sits on his chair-throne, dogs pledging allegiance to him as the couple argues about, presumably, his edict. The male of the couple stares into space while the female attempts eye contact with him earnestly, the openmouthed kid hanging off of her skirt. The surroundings indicate wealth.

Seven of Swords is the daring bad guy or the hero, depending on whose side you are on. One man’s patriot is another fella’s terrorist. The story in its illustration is this fellow who sneaks into enemy camp and steals their weapons … with his bare hands on the blades of heavy swords.

So we have phrases about risk, illegal acts, stealing, getting away with, taking a chance. The phrases this Seven of Swords engenders here today are varied: endangers, impediment, tempt him away from, hindrance, outsmarts, criminal, risking, sabotage, punk, lawbreakers, black sheep, in trouble with, outsmarts, offense, revenge, undermine, violates, rogue, assault, cheated, escapes (prosecution), gets away with, dangerous, at risk, in spite of the risk.

Temperance in Tarot Verbatim ™ Rider Waite is about dealing with anyone or anything; is about being with anyone or anything, or being on the same side of a person or issue. Direct communication one-on-one in any way including that kind of actions.

It means relationship, close or intimate relationship (and therefore will just mean ‘close’ or ‘intimate.’ It means being a team or being partners. So it means such things as connections, relations, joined, and even ‘they.’

Its illustration simply shows an angel pouring liquid (wine and water) back and forth, commingling them so the two are one.

Justice is simple. It is about ‘should’ and ‘right’ and ‘sane’ as well as police, lawyers and court proceedings. Its beautiful illustration shows a red-robed crowned figure that could be female with the scales of justice in one hand and a sword, flat side toward you, held up (hand not on the arm of the throne).


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  1. Sue

    I’ve been processing what happened yesterday. I went to my second deposition. It’s affecting me.

  2. Tina G

    thanks, unsure how this theme of cards will play for me today, but we’ll see

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