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Advice is all about a supportive couple: She is generous to him and takes care of him; he is very affectionate and takes initiative to express his appreciation. Haven’t you noticed that in almost every couple you know, one is taking advantage of the other in some way? Well, here, there is a fair exchange that continues on as a routine. The way the idea of an exchange of affection is expressed with the same cards as the exchange of money is a comment on how, when love is there, money is not a problem.


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Six of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles, Queen of pentacles, Knight of Cups

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

She fusses over him, and sometimes he reciprocates being sweet to her.

She gives him money frequently and he accepts it.

She pays him for the things he sometimes offers her.

Sometimes she is generous with him, whenever he is good to her.

Sometimes he accepts money from her:  She has it.

Sometimes he gets attention from her, when he is attentive.

He offers to give her money sometimes because she is so generous and caring.

He is so romantic in the attention he gives to a woman whenever she is attentive to him.

This couple cares for one another:  They  each give one another affection.

He keeps paying her, making her prosperous.

The exchange of money goes both ways as he accepts her payments and shows his appreciation.

She is, and she has, everything he could want, so he is in the process of showing her his affection and treating her the way she deserves to be treated.

Sometimes she has the ability to offer and to make the payment .

He keeps being her boyfriend because she contributes so much to his life.


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Queen of Pentacles takes care of her man and supports him. (She has everything he could want in a woman type thing.) Knight of Cups is the sweet supportive boyfriend, the agreeable affectionate man who takes initiative to express friendliness and love. So we have a couple who care for and support one another.

To the left is some kind of continuing cycle, ongoing routine. To the right is a fair exchange, paying the appropriate attention or money to another.

So the concept here is a couple who support one another emotionally and financially, and will continue to do so.


Two of Pentacles indicates a continuing cycle, an ongoing routine with ups and downs, and it means ‘sometimes.’ A juggler is shown with the mathematical symbol for a never-ending cycle (like a ‘repeating fraction’ that, say, 1/3 makes as .33333333333). The boats tossed on waves behind him suggest ups and downs, and the card in other places is about instability.

Queen of Pentacles is the lady who supports and cares for her man, sometimes the woman who guards his money for him. She is generous and has money of her own. She is pictured very well dressed, wearing her crown and holding money, her throne outdoors with miscellaneous vegetation around her.

Knight of Cups has his hand out offering a drink. He is on a cute little pony, and he is looking young and sweet. The colors are pastels and the lines are relaxed curves.

Six of Pentacles shows the employer weighing the coins he is paying to his (kneeling in rags) employees. This is about showing attention or giving another person his due. A fair deal.


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  1. Brittney

    this is funny how this applies so much to my relationship with the boy.

  2. Thank you both. Yeah, problems putting this up – it was late. Just would not go through. When I redid it, I lost the pictures, until Billijo rode in.

    Our messages are telling a story that I am following, about relationships.

    Thank you for commenting. Really want you to express how these apply to your life.

    Hay has gone waaay up. Paying $65 more a ton for two grades lower than the best of the best I have been buying. AND with that good feed, wouldn’t you know the cows have doubled the herd in 18 months! So more mouths to feed and more money per bite.

  3. Me

    Emily I have had trouble today trying to leave a comment.

    The advice IS correct if you make it correct!
    Today I asked for togetherness and support and wish to give it in return.

  4. jules

    kinda funny-
    yesterday’s spread with the idea of wondering why someone so close can
    get on ones nerves, and today’s with the idea of an equal love relationship
    WITH ups and downs are both meaningful to me.

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