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Advice is about how a successful ambitious dude comes to a trophy woman who is a seductive sexpot, who doesn’t need him – is competent in her own right and has an independent attitude … comes to her to fall under her spell – but they are each counterparts of one another. She is as successful as he, and each is getting exactly what they want from one another. This is an eyes-wide-open somewhat callous affair.


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Without a question to focus the answer, four cards can mean contradictory things especially when the Spread has a card that negates other cards. Without a question also the pronouns in a group reading are more flexible, especially in some of these Rider Waite Tarot spreads. When a pronoun is in parentheses, feel very free to substitute. The question in a ‘real’ individual reading supplies at least half the information!


Nine of Pentacles

Two of Cups, Empress, Chariot

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

She succeeds in being well-off due to being a selfish slut.

She has all the money she needs but can still connive it from an ambitious man.

A businesswoman who gets ahead on her sexy looks and her competence.

She is so sexy and she is so independent, her effect on him is: He chooses her.

He is the master of the trophy woman, she achieves being wealthy through seducing him.

Oh, she is so rich and sexy she is a challenge to successful men.

Her attitude of not needing anyone, and her looks, makes him need her.

He chooses the most desirable women who could have any man … and do have them.

He prefers slutty gorgeous dames who act indifferent.

The way to get this successful man to choose you is to be down-and-dirty sexy and look like you have no interest.

He has decided to fool around with women who prefer being single and are promiscuous lookers.


Now, Part Two,

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Another limited story. We have two women, Nine of Pentacles who is single and not of a mind to compromise that – she has everything a girl could want right at home, including an expensive hobby; Empress who is gorgeous, who also has everything a girl could want in the way of luxurious living and is sexy and/or slutty – promiscuous. Think Zsa Zsa if you are old enough; or Madonna or the latest scandlemaking scantily clothed labile dames. But Zsa Zsa is more like it.

Modifiers to this picture are, left, Two of Cups, the sexual affair, cheating, promiscuity; and Chariot, the man who decides or chooses and is master of the situation.

Of course, Two of Cups and Empress get along well together about promiscuity, being promiscuous and seductive.

Nine of Pentacles and Chariot are counterparts of one another along the lines of having achieved ambition, being successful, being masters of their fate.


Two of Cups is seducing, having a use for another person, prostitution, betrayal or cheating, a sexual affair, and one person’s deceitful influence upon another. In this spread, it is about sex. The illustration shows a couple ‘pledging their troth’ or committing, and the caduceus, a symbol of deceit also used by the medical profession (Imagine that!), is illustrated above and between them.

Empress is a flexible cards. The illustration is depicting the old fertility goddess idea, what with the female symbol mounted upon a heart shaped shield, and verdant vegetation all about her. She is sitting upon fine cushions with a bored empty look on her face that sexy vixens often sport.

Chariot is the kind of fellow who would have an affair with a trophy-woman-cum-fertility-goddess: the virile champion who has achieved success by his own ambition. He is pictured driving forward with two steeds who each go different ways by inclination – only the artist forgot the reins – one of several printer’s errors in Rider Waite Tarot. In Tarot Verbatim, here is the person (doesn’t have to be a dude) who ‘tacks against the wind,’ who is a strategist who uses what is against him or her to get ahead, and who keeps an eye out for obstacles among the factors that do favor progress.

Nine of Pentacles does as well for herself as Chariot does: She too ‘has it made.’ She is competent at a business. She is at leisure in an estate she owns and runs herself as a single businesswoman. The falcon (Yeah, that thing is supposed to be a falcon!) indicates her active life. This isn’t the dowager. She is the single woman, the independent woman, the woman who minds her own business, ‘don’t ask her for a loan.’


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  1. Me

    Cards…seem accurate to me!

  2. I write whatever the spread says and I too notice they are on a negative trend lately. That’s not me: Things are so beautiful here I wish you all could be here for at least an hour every day.

    Speaking of negative, if you go to the search engines (Yahoo is what I land on) when you put “tarotverbatim.com” in, you will find a whole lot of pirated use of my name. You guys are welcome to contact them and AND their advertisers. Ryan Deiss is one! Broken Controllers and Web Tube are two of these companies. I am writing them and their advertisers. California Psychics was an advertiser. That one is taken down … illiterate notice there!

  3. Definitely not – but they do sound like the description of the other woman in your story, who kindly took your garbage out.

  4. jules

    Thanks for a really helpful reading last night.
    I don’t think today’s cards are about me though!

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