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Advice speaks of a final decree of divorce and a celebration of a new life, so today’s story is about splitting officially from one phase of life and going to another with high hopes. The same story applies to a verdict or decree in a personal injury lawsuit, in which a judgment is collected. Celebration of a legal victory, pure and simple.


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Three of Cups, Justice, Three of Swords


Divorce Perspective

Celebration of a legal divorce and a whole new life.

A new life together because of a legal divorce.

A legal divorce made our being happy together again possible.

She is cashing in: The divorce legal papers are served.

Collects on the legal divorce decree.

Legal Perspective

Their split of the injury lawsuit is generous in the verdict/decree.

The court battle pays off, they collect on the judgment.

The new judge goes against the consensus.


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You want theme, we got theme. Legal divorce, lawsuit decree regarding money. Celebrate. Split of proceeds. That’s it.

The split of proceeds is Three of Cups, which later means consensus. Justice and Judgment are legal cards. Justice with Three of Swords is legal divorce. Justice with Judgment is legal decree or verdict.

So there are very few sentences to our day’s messages today. This is very emphatic, very plain.


Three of Cups is celebrating the profit, happy with our split of the proceeds. The three ladies have grown all these pumpkins and made a profit they are happy about – and they are happy with one another.

Justice is a lawsuit, legal, judge. The robed figure has the scales of justice and a sword, which suggests enforcing the law.

Three of Swords is a lawsuit, and is divorce. It also means injury, and some other things we are not into, today. Illustration shows a storm sky with a heart with blades stuck through it superimposed.

Judgment is a decree or announcement, a new life, and a verdict or judge’s final decree. The angel that wakes the dead on judgment day is the illustration.


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  1. Anna

    I have no idea how this could apply to me. We’ll have to see if something comes up in the next few days

    • Anna

      It could be about how my two friends and I aren’t going to make plans with this other girl who always, always cancels on us. I guess we are the judges who have determined that that just ain’t right for her to do.

  2. Me

    Well I just called the Dude’s wife and told her to stop having him email me!

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