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Question: How to get your heart’s desire.

Advice emphasizes one idea stated many ways: That the way to get your heart’s desire is to find out what that really is – what you want, not what you have been conditioned to think you want, not what you think you want to keep up appearances. The message, further, is that when you do this, others are influenced to help you, and you phase out of where you are now and into the life you envision accurately.


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Nine of Cups

Six of Pentacles, Six of Wands, Six of Swords

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Personal Perspective of You Getting Your Heart’s Desire

You are on your way when you can act as if you already have received your heart’s desire.

The money you receive funds your own dreams when you avoid letting others fund theirs with it.

Avoid wanting something that is only virtual, is not really what is satisfying to you, and then you will get what is actually fitting for you.

Avoid being misled about what you really want and you will get your own dream.

Want what is rightfully yours and you will be headed in that direction even by the people around you.

Putting up with being taken advantage of because you are highly paid gets you on your way.

Leave the places where, and the people who, take advantage of you and you will be headed in the direction of getting paid what you are worth.

You are already headed in the direction of having the good life. It just doesn’t yet seem that you have already received it.

What you are getting paid isn’t really a fair deal, but you will be very well-paid when this phase is over.

Things don’t seem to be getting better but really they are. You will be pleased a what a good deal you will be getting.

Phase out of seeming to be well off (appearances, keeping up with the Joneses) and you will have your money.

When you get past other people’s hidden influences on you, you accept only what you want from them.

Getting Your Heart’s Desire for Others

You will get him/her/them to do what is proper and get over this phase.

Giving others their just due influences them, as time goes by, to reward you the same.


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Yeah, I know it’s not the weekend but the urge to ask this question was honored by me.

Nine of Cups means getting your heart’s desire, so we are on track here.

Six of Swords means getting out of the bad times, the bad place. Six of Pentacles means receiving money, receiving your just desserts, being treated fairly or rewarded. Six of Wands is undue influence, usually of other people, or covert influence – even of the culture and/or family you were born into, or of ‘the crowd’ – friends, neighbors, associates … faces on television.

We have four unrelated cards, and we have the same message that is phrased many different ways – but it all means to be true to yourself, to peel off the layers of other people’s contribution and find out who you are underneath all that.


Six of Pentacles is receiving or paying the proper money or attention, being fair, doing what is proper, getting a paycheck. That is what you see there on the card: The employer is weighing the coins to pay the laborers fairly.

Six of Wands is the influence of the people and the situation you find yourself in. The covert manipulative influences that you have accepted, probably without fully realizing. In Tarot Verbatim ™ the story is about betrayal, about influencing someone to join a cause when you are going to subvert the victory of their struggle. A false flag operation fits this story.

This is one of the Middle Ages cards. It depicts the betrayal of King Richard the Third into captivity at the hands of Arabs, so a usurper could sit on his throne instead of him.

Six of Swords in Rider Waite Tarot and Tarot Verbatim ™ is things are going to be better mainly because they can’t get any worse – the worst is over, phasing out of the bad times or phasing out of a loss, going to a better place. Its mood is depressed. Refugees are leaving quietly in a boat.

Nine of Cups is your heart’s desire is yours, your wish is granted, is what you really want. Some other meanings are not being used here today. You see a fat fellow with a grin, ten empty cups on the mantle behind him. He ate and drank, his belly is full.

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  1. Thank you Emily what a spread!! Also love the advice to Tina…….which fits me too! Good quote from Anthony Robbins on always being positive…..see it as it is……see it no worse than it is and now imagine it better than it is…..i believe it is our desires not always are thoughts…..I do stay much more happy and positive watch my thoughts I do have moments though…..last year this time I wanted to go to realestate school and the money rolled in to pay for it. Real Estate company hired me…..then a letter came and I wasnt able to go but all things are in Divine order. not sure my point..but I do know that my vibration was up and I was happy then and things were following. thank you for all you do and your advice Emily it is appreciated

  2. Emily

    Tina, I don’t think you have to ‘keep up happy thoughts.’ Others do, I know. Maybe it’s my Viking blood that sees it this way instead: I AM GOING TO MAKE THINGS ALL RIGHT even though reality right now is … whatever … I am bigger than my world; you are bigger than your world.

    Another attitude is : I am bigger than this b.s. I am not putting up with it. And I have decided to feel happy today because that is what I’m in the mood for. This WORKS!

    It is also OK to decide to feel your misery today, or this evening, or whatever, or to feel sorry for yourself. We feel sorry for others who are down, so WHY THE HECK can’t we feel sorry for ourselves?

    Always remember your body chemistry casts the deciding vote on how you feel. If you want to feel good and strong, you have to eat good fuel, food that makes your body run well. One person’s good diet is not another person’s. Pay attention to how you feel when you eat a certain meal, and use condiments that are medicinal: garlic, onion, curry (goes with the onion), cabbage family, ginger, pepper, beans (black beans, garbanzo beans in salads or pureed as a spread, white kidney beans – good with steamed cabbage. And veggies. And nontoxic meats, which are very expensive in cities nowadays.

  3. Tina

    This spread is basically saying, Like attracts like or Law of attraction. I try to have that mind set everyday but it does get hard to keep up with the happy thoughts when things aren’t going as you like or fast enough. But I see that it can come true because sometimes when you don’t try, it just comes to you easily.

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