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Advice is about the woman who is the provider, supporter, backer or benefactor, and who may quit being that, whether by divorce or because he isn’t doing what she is rewarding him for. The story applies to business or romance just as easily. There’s a he-does-for-her and she-does-for-him exchange, but the other concepts in the spread are both about ceasing. He can just as easily be the one who initiates the split.


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Queen of Pentacles

Eight of Cups, Tower, Magician

DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Divorce or Breaking Up Perspective

She is divorcing him for what he did: He abandoned her.

The possessive woman came that close to breaking up with him for what he did.

Mama disowns him and quits giving him money for what he is doing.

Mama threw him out of the house to start out on his own.

He started a divorce and the woman who pays for him left.

Her support money from the divorce doesn’t quite do it.

The man does not come through with the support money to her from the divorce.

He precipitated the divorce when he abandoned her.

She keeps him from breaking up with her by nurturing him.

He started a fight and left the woman who supports him.

A divorce doesn’t happen because of what he does for her and what she does for him.

Before things blew up, he was doing something for what she contributes to him.

The Mr. as the Peacemaker

He quit being confrontational with her help.

He has a breakthrough and changes his ways of doing things because of her input, her contribution.

He avoids doing anything that will set her temper off.

Whatever she does doesn’t set him off.

He avoids confrontation with the woman who cares for him.

Business Perspective

He did not finish and she spent so much money she went broke.

She quit paying him when he got mad and walked off what he was doing.

She is perfectly capable of doing it, but she got mad and dropped out.

Abruptly, he starts being confrontational with his benefactor or backer.

Eviction is initiated before she can pay.

A competent woman but she was rejected even before she did anything.


Her contribution has made breakthroughs that ours just did not.


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The first two cards are about abandoning ship in some way. Eight of Cups is to change course or direction, to drop out, to just quit. Tower is to throw out or be thrown out, rejected or divorced.

Next we have Magician, the male taking the initiative, and the doing of anything – action itself.

Then the nurturing or possessive woman, the woman who pays or supports.

With these concepts as the elements of our saga, you can see the story is about a divorce or split, what he does for her and what she does for him; or about being abandoned and divorcing or quitting and not getting the money from her. Queen of Pentacles is a supporter, backer or benefactor who can quit. She is also the talented, able woman.


Eight of Cups is an unexpected ending, abandonment, a sudden change of shift (of direction, of anything), a disruption, ending one thing and beginning another as in making a turn off a road. That is what is pictured: A pilgrim on foot has to make a 90-degree turn because there’s a river.

Tower is one of the divorce cards that of course also means to reject, throw out of the house, disown, confront and have a blowout or temper tantrum. It can also be a breakthrough. Illustrated is the Tower of Babel story in which evil is overthrown, along with the tower.

Magician stands for the male principle, activity. So a male takes the initiative, does something. The illustration shows the male as the Magician making something happening at his trade, with the usual artifacts on his table … er, altar.

Queen of Pentacles is the woman who has control of the money and has ability. She is the generous woman, the backer, the nurturer, the wife cum business partner or Mama who may be possessive. Her Rider Waite Tarot card shows her on an outdoor throne surrounded by vegetation and symbols of fertility and having a large sum of money in her grip.

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  1. Emily

    Did you read the article I wrote about how yourself is under there somewhere, in Self Growth or Ezine, when you get out from under culture, other people, and other influences? If not, you’re on that intersection, and that would be right up your alley.

  2. Me

    To find out for yourself is much more important than my asserting yes or no. It is your problem, not my problem. To me, all this is totally new because it has to be discovered from moment to moment; it cannot be stored up after discovery; it is not something to be experienced and then retained as memory – which would be putting new wine in old bottles. It must be discovered as one lives from day to day, and it is new to the person who so discovers it. But you are always comparing what is being said with what has been said by some saint, or by Shankara, Buddha, or Christ. You say, ‘All these people have said this before, and you are only giving it another twist, a modern expression’ – so naturally it is nothing new to you. It is only when you have ceased to compare, when you have put away Shankara, Buddha, Christ, with all their knowledge, information, so that your mind is alone, clear, no longer influenced, controlled, compelled, either by modern psychology or by the ancient sanctions and edicts – it is only then that you will find out whether or not there is something new, everlasting. But that requires vigor, not indolence; it demands a drastic cutting away of all the things that one has read or been told about truth and God. That which is eternal, new, is a living thing; therefore, it cannot be made permanent, and a mind that wants to make it permanent will never find it!

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