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Advice is describing a woman we have all met, often as mama:  The complaining, whining nag; the woman who has a tantrum and persists at that until she is given whatever it is she is demanding.  She is associated with divorce here, whether she is demanding it, or whether she is being divorced for being who she is.  That’s it.


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DAILY MESSAGE TAROT ANALYSIS Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.

Divorce Perspective

She will either have her needs met or divorce.

He continues to want to divorce the bitch.

She keeps nagging him to divorce. That is what she really wants.

She keeps raising hell until she gets the divorce AND gets what she wants in it.

Wants to divorce her as she keeps up the whining.

She Pitches a Fit until she Gets It

She gets what she wants by whining and having tantrums … every time.

She has one outburst after another regarding complaining she is not getting what she wants.

She destroys one thing after another until she gets what she hasn’t been getting.

She is confrontational about one after another demand of hers that is not being satisfied.

She is a strong woman and is persistent. She will destroy or overthrow whatever she wants to.

This unstable woman blows her top whenever she wants.


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This is similar to the other brief divorce-themed spread on the 2nd that led me to put two on that day. Since there are few comments on weekends lately, this one will suffice. I believe this theme belongs to someone, maybe someone who regularly chooses not to comment.

You can’t miss one of the divorce (Tower) cards – the one that means a temper tantrum – appearing along with the complaining, nagging, whining woman, Queen of Swords.

Then the other two cards are keep it up, Two of Pentacles, and getting what you want, Nine of Cups.

As you can see, not a lot of stories are going to grow out of the scenario these four Tarot individuals describe.


Two of Pentacles is the either/or fella, is to persist over and over, to continue, to be unstable. We see a juggler with ships tossed up and down on waves behind him as he has the symbol of ‘repeat indefinitely’ connecting the items he is juggling.

Queen of Swords is, in Tarot Verbatim ™ Rider Waite, the complaining, nagging, whining, dissatisfied woman. She does not have what she deserves and is bitter and often vocal. The drawing is true to this concept. Love that hand outstretched ‘Now would be GOOD.’

Nine of Cups is such a lovely card usually, but it is no match for what is going on here; it gets drawn into the scenario. It means your wish is granted – the person who asked the question’s wish is granted. That is called the Querant, a word you will find nowhere else but Tarot material. He ate and drank and is full: end of story for this card. But see how it is used here.

Tower is a blowup, a destruction, a grand mal temper fit, being thrown out of the house, divorce. Pictured is the Tower of Babel, people on fire falling out of windows.

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  1. FCP

    Possibly me ex and his girlfriend? He was telling me all about their problems and issues over the weekend. She seems a bit demanding.

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