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Advice is about the downside of being identified with the mentality and the doings of whatever group you are considered part of or identify yourself with.  It is about what you think is wrong or hate about the doings of companies,  countries,  families –  any group.  Even hating family.  The downside of group consciousness,  the dark side of membership.  About everybody being mistaken.  About what everybody thinks is bad.



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Four of Wands – Magician – Page of Pentacles




Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Family or ‘Being one of these people’ Perspective


He is considered the black sheep of the family for doing that.

I am identified as one of them,  and what they are doing is horrible.

He is doing this for his family;  it is the wrong thing to do for himself.

Contemplates what to do about the family problem.

They are ruining or destroying his country or his people on purpose.

I think making a family is wrong.

Making a family is wrong for me.

Feeling I am making a mistake being one of these people.

He did it because he hates his spouse/his family.

What he is doing makes him a horrible example of his own kind.

Getting married was a big mistake.

The family knows I got myself addicted.


Doing Wrong, Evil Action, Wrong Idea

A person can see what everybody is doing is wrong.

Everybody’s thinking is so wrong about what we are doing.

What everybody thinks and acts upon is mistaken.

He can see it was wrong to do that to those good people.

Everybody thinks what he did is wrong.

Making a study of how people in power have good repute even as they do evil.

I am identified as one of them,  and what they are doing is horrible.

Mass consciousness about doing that is mistaken.

He contemplates what he is doing about the wrong people being in power.

He is doing this for his family;  it is the wrong thing to do for himself.

I am still a good citizen or person;  I just do bad things.

This is a crime you can do and still be one of the good guys.

He sees he is making a mistake being one of these people.

Getting married was his big mistake.

I think these people are wrong to do that.


Hate Perspective

The kind of people who think you are a bad person when you do what they hate.

You know good people hate it when this is done.

He did it because he hates his spouse/his family.

The majority or consensus of the people hate what what is being done: They know.


Harm Being Done Perspective

They are ruining or destroying his country or his people on purpose.

Group consciousness about grievances are acted upon.

Ugly thoughts about what the big companies are doing.

The corporations do great harm to a private person.

Government does great harm to private citizens.

Watch him harming his own party,  making a bad name for his own kind.



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Three of these Tarot citizens are multi-meaninged or ambiguous ones.  The one that is precise is the Magician,  which simply means to act and a male who acts,  and any form of the verb ‘do.’


The reason for all the negative political language is,  of course,  the Devil card in combination with the Magician which means to do,  to act –  hence an evil or wrong or mistaken action;  and then the other two cards together meaning mass or group (Four of Wands) consciousness (Page of Pentacles);  or a person’s being (Page of Pentacles) a member of a group or family (Four of Wands).  So, the evil deeds (Devil) of a group (Four of Wands) in reference to consciousness (Page of Pentacles).


Lighthearted messages are hard to come by when these four get together.

There are some even darker things you could make of this spread which I have ignored, such as black magic (Devil and Magician), such as identifying with evil (Page of Pentacles and Devil), such as incest (Devil as lust or sex and Four of Wands as family) and so on.




Devil is being limited to the lowest form of.  The phrases it makes here today –  It is a very ambiguous card and not all its meanings are distasteful.  –  are:

black sheep,




ruining or destroying,




bad things,


abuse or punish,


bad person,

what they hate,



do harm,



bad name. Its illustration shows a nude couple wearing the Devil’s horns and loose –  hence voluntary –  chains around their necks which ‘attach’  them to the Devil. Occult symbols of the devil and black magic are on this card too.


Magician,  as I said,  is a very precise-meaninged card.  Male.  Male who does,  and conjugate the whole ‘to do’  verb.  Act,  action.  The card represents the male principle of ‘active’  as opposed to the female principle of ‘receptive.’


Page of Pentacles can represent a male (most often) or female.  It can represent a thought or thinking or a study of.  It can represent identity or being identified as,  or identifying oneself as.  Those are its main focus.  The illustration in Rider Waite is a young person who intently examines the held-aloft pentacle.


Four of Wands depicts a wedding,  in Rider Waite Tarot,  of two leading families –  say a noble or royal wedding.  This is a public display,  which brings community life into its meaning.  It stands for group,  for powerful groups of families (companies, corporations).  It obviously refers to a marriage or family or spouse.

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  1. jules

    Politics uglier and more hateful than I’ve ever seen.
    Fear and hate as the dominating message instead of
    information and problem solving. People who surprise me with comments
    that make me wonder if we live in the same world at all.
    I think this spread addresses my dismay at where “we” are headed.

    • Emily

      Yes, I think it does. I am ‘not ready’ for this political material. I sit down to talk to people here about their lives. But, politics is our lives, isn’t it? I am with you, Jules.

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