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Advice is about wielding the kind of influence,  having the kind of air about yourself,  that nips opposition in the bud.  She can handle anything,  she pets lions who want to eat her.  A spiritual adept is seldom opposed face-on in ‘the real world’  in the same way that a gorgeous sexy woman tends to get her way no matter how a fellow fights the influence.  But there are people that this drives crazy and they mouth off.






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Eight of Pentacles

Empress,  Seven of Wands,  Strength




She gets him to do what she wants him to do

One after another sexy woman he hits on gets him to do what she intends.

One after another babe influences him against his will.

She has what he wants so she gets him to do what she wants when he is demanding.

These uppity women get to him every time.

No matter how he resists,  sex workers overcome his resistance.

She makes a lot of money deftly overcoming sales resistance.

Every time he hollers,  she gets the best of him because she is so totally relaxed.

He keeps resisting her feminine wiles but she’s got him.

He is overwhelmed by sexually dominant females every time.

Professional dominatrix overcomes the man’s resistance with her sexy beauty.

All these sexy ladies keep beating his door down,  making him do their will.

He protests doing a woman’s job but she gets him to do it.


He is Antagonistic to Women

He hollers at females that are sexually attractive,  every one of them that has that influence on him.

He sexually harasses female superiors at work.

Putting uppity women in their female place is his job.

He is not ready for such an attractive woman to be his superior at work.


Employment Perspective

In a glamor job,  a girl has to handle the pressure.

She is so easygoing she can handle the demands of this job.

She shows him how to handle the pressures of his job;  she makes it look easy.

She handles every challenge comfortably,  easily.

Laid back dame handles angry complaints at work.

These women are breaking into his profession and forcing the issue.

He is breaking into a job that is women’s work,  and they handle that without a hitch.

She handles this so smoothly but it gets to him every time.


His View of Her

The most beautiful woman in the world deftly puts down,  and is not harmed by,  each and every detractor who intrudes on her space or interferes with her good life.



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We have two women who are ‘winners’  in different ways.  Empress is sitting pretty,  has got it made,  is gorgeous,  is comfortable,  relaxed (‘laid back’),  life is easy and things are easy for her.  (Well of course they are:  She is the fertility goddess.) Strength is skilled at influencing,  particularly influencing whatever would get in her way.  She defuses conflict while it is still a spark in the eye of the predator.


Right in the middle of these two dames,  who do we have?  The mouthy pushy Seven of Wands teenybopper hellraiser,  the guy who feels his turf is intruded upon.  He’s mad as hell and won’t take it anymore,  whatever it is.  Then comes Eight of Pentacles saying this happens all the time and/or is happening at work.  This story has latitude,  can spread out.




Empress is the stereotype of the laid-back southern white trash barfly (and I mean that in a nice way) who calls all the guys ‘honey.’  She could be the barkeep,  too.  As the fertility goddess,  she can be the ideal woman or on the slutty side,  or both.  She is spoiled,  is living the rich life of leisurely luxury there on her many cushions.  ‘The blond goddess,’  Leonard Cohen says in one of his wonderful songs.


Seven of Wands is the stereotypical pushy loudmouth anything.  He doth protest.  It also means to defend yourself,  you are under some sort of attack,  and the fight is against the odds for you to win … but you will.  This is a teenager of any age.  This is the ‘in your face’  person.  In Tarot Verbatim™  the action and the person are interchangeable,  so it can be any part of this experience.  It can be you who is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  Pictured is a fellow defending his position for all he’s worth against several neighbors.


Strength is the person who has ‘the touch,’  has the skill to shut down opposition before it is raised.  The symbols on this Rider Waite Tarot card indicate a spiritually skilled person influences the environment in such a way that opposition does not occur ‘in the real world.’  So Seven of Wands is up against his master.  That lion is not purring because he wants to,  he is purring because he has to.


Eight of Pentacles shows up a lot,  doesn’t he?  This means it happens over and over,  and/or it happens at work.  That carpenter is at his work bench making the same object over and over.



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