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Advice is making the distinction between being right and being moral, between being of good repute and doing right by others, giving everyone his due. In the same way, it makes the distinction between the pay scale for the work and the actual work done for the actual pay. Such disparities are the norm, we say. They don’t pay you for doing what you are supposed to. Doing the accepted thing isn’t doing the right thing.





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Tell the visitors here something useful and meaningful to them.


Doing the right thing

Doing the accepted thing isn’t doing the right thing.

Hypocritical acts involve avoiding doing right by others.

Giving to a church isn’t the right thing to do.

Avoid doing the conventional actions and do right by the people whom you owe.

They avoid doing the right thing that they owe their fellow human and instead do the morally accepted thing.

Ducking out on paying these bills is doing the right thing.

You do what is appropriate when you don’t have the money to pay.


Financial Perspective; Getting Paid

They aren’t paying you for doing what you are supposed to.

Ducks out on doing what entitles ___ to be paid.

Did not do what would entitle (him) to be paid.

The official pay scale isn’t what they are practicing.

Paid not to do it the way it would be approved.

He does it according to accepted practice for approval, not just to get paid.

Get paid for doing it but not in the right amount.

He did not get to do what they paid him to do, but that’s okay.

He is supposed to get paid before he does the job.

This is the kind of thing you do and they don’t have to pay you for it.

You are still entitled to be paid if you skip doing that.

He wasn’t present when it was done but is entitled to payment.



That would be paying a bill that is not legitimate!

Not getting the attention he deserves for what he does.

What he does is avoid paying in full: He feels so entitled.

She was gone before you could give her what she truly deserved so you did not get to.



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Right away, we have a contrast between doing right by people and/or being treated right by them in the Six of Pentacles story, and the appearance of doing right in Hierophant story.


Since Six of Pentacles is getting paid for work done, and Eight of Cups suggests incompletion, we have a financial theme too.


Magician tells us this spread will be about doing, about actions. Eight of Cups tells us the story is about action not being completed, something being avoided or ducked out on or walked away from.


So in the middle we have getting paid. To the left, appropriately and according to the paperwork. To the right, something isn’t finished or doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen fully. Above, something is done.




Hierophant is the show of religion. That is the pope in his regalia and the priests in theirs, so it is about church, but can refer to the show of any religion, or religiosity or hypocrisy. (And you don’t have to be Christian to be a hypocrite!) It means the accepted moral conventional whatever, and also means ordinary, normal and ‘no harm.’ ‘For appearance’s sake’ is a good key phrase for this Rider Waite Tarot card. Hierophant is about respectability, about looking clean (‘having a clean nose’). It is a nice normal decent-looking whatever. It is the accepted whatever, is approved, is official.


Six of Pentacles, on the other hand is doing right by others, giving others their due, paying the appropriate attention to anything. It is getting paid fairly or paying a fair price, illustrated literally by an employer weighing the coins he is paying the workers.


Eight of Cups abruptly is off the designated route – in this case because the road could go no other way. It means incompletion, detour, re-routing, dropping out, not finishing whatever.


Magician is the active principle, the male principle. It is the act of, doing – any tense of the verb ‘do’ and most tenses of ‘make,’ and also means ‘to bring about. No planning or thinking is involved per se in this card’s meaning, just as no action meanings are involved in the female principle, High Priestess.


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  1. Anna

    I offered to pay someone’s bill today as they were short of being paid in full for our womens retreat.

  2. Sue

    Interesting. I’ll keep this in mind as the day goes by.

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