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Advice contrasts conformity with progress and success. It contrasts the strategists with the people who accept things as they are. The strategists get ahead because they use factors that impede their progress to further it,  hence they succeed in a hostile atmosphere. A driven man breaks up with his too-decent woman who loves and admires him,  but there’s a gal who looks sweet and good who is a cutthroat strategist.



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Chariot,  Three of Swords,  Queen of Cups




He Breaks Up with Her

He decides to break up with her for being a good religious woman.

He is antagonistic to organized religion, and to women who are believers.

He decides to break the heart of a decent woman who believes in him.

He gets ahead by all means fair and foul,  he is against behaving himself,  which is what she is all about.

He is at war with her notion of him behaving himself.

He decides she is too good for him and breaks up with her.


Her View of Him

He is at war with the status quo,  and she knows that.

She thinks it is a decent responsible man who broke her heart.

She thinks he is okay even if he did damage her vehicle.

Everything is against it,  but she has in mind a moral and ambitious man.

She is an ordinary woman who has her heart set on a successful man who is a heartbreaker.

She sizes him up as a prime candidate for a probable heart attack.

This candidate in the competition meets with her approval –  he is the winner.

She knows he is a driven hostile guy but is a good man.

His is a very competitive nature; hers is about being nice,  being approved of.

She has in mind to break up with Mr. Successful and have a normal life.

Now that her divorce is official,  she has her heart set on this go-getter.

Nice Gal with an Iron Fist

She knows how to succeed against the odds by appearing very ordinary.*

She is a driven and cutthroat competitor who appears to be a sweet good gal.

Thinking only sanctioned thoughts and being loyal,  she gets ahead in a cutthroat atmosphere.

She feels this is just normal-level stress that she can handle.

She has in mind to win over these hateful people by being middle-of-the-road.

She know her etiquette,  she can handle opposition.

She sees him as the enemy and she is gonna be the official winner.



Vehicle damage but no harm to her.


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We have the good loyal woman or wife,  the believer,  the nice decent girl,  Queen of Cups.  She thinks, dreams, believes, has faith in her dude.  Then we have Hierophant which is decency,  faith and niceness.


Chariot is about being a winner,  getting ahead by any means,  succeeding;  and Three of Swords is about hostile atmosphere,  breaking up,  enmity or war.


It is easy to see the contrast going on here between conforming and succeeding.




Chariot is the driven man,  the strategist,  the go-getter,  the ambitious person who gets ahead,  the winner,  succeeding.  It isn’t a malefic card,  it’s objective in its stance.  A skilled charioteer has magic sphinxes hitched to his wagon on this Rider Waite Tarot card.  He uses his wand to control them –  This is about life,  not vehicles.  One goes only left and the other goes only right:  the tendencies of the environment.  He has hitched them so they have to move him forward:  the one that goes left is on the right,  and vice-versa:  balancing out the tendencies of the environment.  This card is about not only taking full advantage of the factors that favor your progress but also using the factors that are against your progress for your purpose as well.  Tacking against the wind, mariners call it. They don’t teach this in college.


Three of Swords is heartbreak,  breaking up,  hostile atmosphere,  being against or at war with,  hating,  rivalry and heart ailments.  It also means damage.  The illustration –  a heart with three swords stuck in it,  and storm clouds with rain behind it –  gets its point across.


Queen of Cups is the nice girl,  the good woman,  the believer,  has faith in her man (and usually in God).  She is prosaic (love that word’s nuances!) and old-fashioned and ever so well-behaved.  She means to think and to have an opinion about.  Illustration shows a blond (the vanilla concept) dreamily contemplating some funky-looking object d’art.  The water around her throne means emotion,  as she is a placid (another one of those words!) emotional dame.


Hierophant is the concept of what the public is shown versus what is actual.  It’s the official story,  the church’s ritual that keeps the peons’ minds to the grindstone. It stands for toeing the line,  being well-behaved and middle-of-the-road and ordinary,  being acceptable to others and polite.  As you can see, he plays well with Queen of Cups –  or she with him,  but would be very much at odds with Chariot.  Illustration is the pope in regalia with priests or monks kneeling to him.


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  1. Me

    I’m lost by this woman,
    and “him”

  2. Anna

    The cards are a day behind for me, this was yesterday for me.

  3. Lori

    Tuesday and Wednesday present an interesting theme of strong women.

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